Footystats Diary, footy's best kept secret, Wizard Cup 2004

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Wizard Home Loans Cup, 2004
Highest, Lowest, Margins, Best Quarters, Goalkickers of the series


Wizard Cup
Rules of 2004 competition
The following are the major rule changes which will be trialled in the Wizard Cup –

bull5.gif - 0.9 K The team which kicks the most goals will host the Grand Final.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Any player taking a mark or free kick within the goal square will be lined up from the middle of the goals for his shot at goal, rather than being placed on an angle from the centre of the goals.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Any ball hitting the goal or behind posts during play that does not cross the goal or the boundary line will be play on.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K The boundary umpire will move in 10 metres from the boundary line to return the ball to play at all throw-ins.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K A 10 metre outer circle for ruckmen to begin their contests for the centre bounce.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K The capacity for umpires to check video replays on whether or not a goal was a 'nine-point" goal.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Each team will be restricted to one runner who is allowed to deliver five messages per quarter of each match.

February 14, 2004


The AFL posted the following at 4:27:54 PM on Thursday, February 26 –

Wizard Rules clarified

The AFL umpiring department has sent an advisory note to the eight clubs remaining in the 2004 Wizard Home Loans Cup to clarify instructions provided to the umpires on how they should interpret two of the competition’s trial rules.

These are as follows:

Centre Bounces – Outer Centre Circle
The trial rule states that ruckmen must commence their approach to the centre bounce from within the 10m outer centre circle and also states that ruckmen must have both feet inside the outer circle.

Additionally, clubs have now been advised:

* Ruckmen must have both feet inside the centre circle at all times until they contest the bounce or until the umpire calls play on due to an 'off line bounce'. Ruckmen must not step outside the circle after the ball is bounced, so as to gain a longer run-up.

* If there is an 'off line bounce', the umpire will call play on which enables the ruckmen to move in any direction without restriction to contest the ball.

Explanation: The rule was introduced to attempt to reduce the force of contact between ruckmen at centre bounces by restricting the length of each ruckman's run-up. Allowing ruckmen to step outside the circle during their run-up would increase the momentum of the ruckmen.

Ball Hitting Goal or Behind Post Before Going Out of Bounds
If the ball hits the goal post on the full and rebounds over the boundary line on the full without crossing the scoring line, it will be out of bounds on the full and a free kick paid.

Wizard Home Loans Cup 2003
Pre-season rules

The pre-season knockout series in 2003 introduced a number of trial rules —

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Nine points for a goal kicked from 50 metres or more ...
bull5.gif - 0.9 K Centre square increased from 45 metres to 50 metres ...
bull5.gif - 0.9 K Immediate kick into to play after a behind is scored ...
bull5.gif - 0.9 K Deliberately rushed behind by a defender in control of the ball is 3 points ...
bull5.gif - 0.9 K Kicking backwards outside attacking 50 metre zone is play on ...

diam6.gif - 0.9 K The goal umpires used three different-coloured flags.

Two orange flags were waved to signal nine points when for a goal scored outside 50m, one black to signal three points for a deliberately rushed behind, while the traditional white flags are used for a goal and behind.

Nine-point goals – the field umpire holds up nine fingers to a goal umpire, who will raise both hands above his head and wave orange flags.

Deliberately rushed behind – the field umpire swings an arm by his side like an under-arm bowling motion before the goal umpire raises one hand and waves a black flag.

The signals for normal six-point goals and behinds remain the same.

Four goal umpires – two at each end – used in games in case there are behinds kicked while umpires are still waving their flags.

diam6.gif - 0.9 K Match duration – 17 and-a-half minutes, plus time-on.

Winners progressed; losing clubs played AFL-arranged practice matches in the Wizard Regional Challenge series.

February 26, 2003

WIZARD CUP 2004, WEEK ONE, Friday-Saturday-Sunday, February 20-21-22
Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Match 7 Match 8
Docklands (n)
7.40pm EDT
Darwin (n)
8.40pm EDT
Manuka Oval
1.10pm EDT
Cairns (n)
8.10pm EDT
Subiaco (n)
8.40pm EDT
York Park
1.10pm EDT
3.45pm EDT
Football Park
5.10pm EDT
West.B'dogs - 81
2.13-1.6 - 105
Essendon - 107

Fremantle - 99
Kangaroos - 91
Melbourne - 113
Port Adelaide - 65
Geelong - 85
West Coast - 131

Collingwood - 26
Hawthorn - 40
Brisbane - 77
Sydney - 48
Carlton - 150
Adelaide - 80
St Kilda - 93

WIZARD CUP, 1st ROUND, Fri-Sat-Sun, February 20-21-22

Friday, February 20, 2004

The 2004 Wizard Home Loans Cup for the first time in AFL history featured matches in each of Australia's eight states and territories –

Melbourne – Western Bulldogs v Richmond
Darwin – Essendon v Fremantle
Canberra – Kangaroos v Melbourne
Cairns – Port Adelaide v Geelong
Perth – West Coast v Collingwood
Launceston – Hawthorn v Brisbane
Sydney – Sydney v Carlton
Adelaide – Adelaide v St Kilda

Monday, February 23

Wizard Cup
Records tumble in two century-plus victories

For the first time in 44 seasons of the VFL-AFL pre-season *night* series since 1956, matches resulted in two 100-plus victories in the same round.

On Saturday night at Subiaco Oval —
<||> West Coast's 59pts (–59) was the biggest opening quarter of all pre-season competition matches played since the first in 1956.

<||> The Eagles kicked–131 points, its highest score of 38 pre-season matches, topping their 19.15-129 against the Western Bulldogs in 2000 at Subiaco.

<||> Collingwood posted its lowest score in their 62nd pre-season contest. The–26 scoreline replaces the 5.5.35 scored against Essendon in 1984s Quarter Final at Waverley Park.

On Sunday afternoon at Stadium Australia, Homebush —
<||>–150 by Carlton against Sydney in club terms is second-best only to 27.9-171 versus Fitzroy, 1991-1R-NHO.

<||> Carlton's 102 point margin is their best, topping the 88-point victory against Collingwood, 2000-G2-M1 at the MCG.

<||> The Blues' 55pts (–55) is their biggest last quarter finish of 87 matches in the pre-season *night* series since 1956.

<||> Carlton's Brendan Fevola showed his continued improvement kicking 8.5 across four quarters – he now has 45 goals from his 12 pre-season games, including 12.3 against Collingwood in 2000.

<||> Hawthorn played its 100th pre-season *night* series match – losing for the 34th time. The Hawks have won 66 times.

<||> 100-points-plus margins in the pre-season *night* series now number 15 –
186 SD 4.4-28 v Rch 33.16-214 1982-QF-P
147 NM 5.6-36 v Ade 27.21-183 1993-1R-FP
125 SF 3.5-23 v Car 22.16-148 1976-1R-Nor
115 SF 3.5-23 v Syd 24.16-160 1982-2R-P
110 ACT 7.10-52 v NM 24.18-162 1979-2R-Man
108 Tas 4.14-38 v Fsc 21.20-146 1983-1R-G'orchy
108 WCE 5.10-40 v Ess 22.16-148 1987-SF-P
107 Mel 4.11-35 v Ade 22.10-142 2002-3R-FP
106 Car 5.10-40 v Nor 22.14-146 1976-2R-Nor
105 EF 4.11-35 v Haw 20.20-140 1980-3R-P
105 Col–26 v WC–131 2004-1R-S
102 EP 4.16-40 v Cla 22.10-142 1980-1R-L'ville
102 Ess 6.11-47 v Haw 22.17-149 1991-SF-P
102 Car–150 v Syd–48 2004-1R-Hom
100 Mel 6.7-43 v Haw 21.17-143 2001-6R-Dok

Abbreviations used above: Cla=Claremont; EF=East Fremantle; EP=East Perth; G'orchy=Glenorchy; L'ville=Leederville; Nor=Norwood; SD=Swan Districts; SF=South Fremantle.


West Coast and Brisbane are the only non-Victorian clubs through to the
Quarter Finals after both kept Collingwood and Hawthorn goalless in their
first halves.

The different scoring methods have created great confusion. One site has
even reported the score 1.8.5(65) for Port Adelaide.

Officially, there were six rushed behinds (three-pointers) in the 1st Round —

Richmond v Bulldogs, 1st quarter, conceded by Rohan Smith (WB)
Kangaroos v Melbourne, 3rd quarter, conceded by Peter Walsh (Mel)
Collingwood v West Coast, 4th quarter, conceded by Andrew Embley (WC)
Port Adel v Geelong, 2nd quarter, conceded by Jarad Rooke (Gee)
St. Kilda v Adelaide, 1st quarter, conceded by Nathan Bassett (Ade)
Hawthorn v Brisbane, 4th quarter, conceded by Luke Power (Bri)

Race for the right to host the Grand Final – most goals...
23 - Carlton
19 - West Coast
15 - Richmond, Essendon, Melbourne
13 - St.Kilda
12 - Geelong, Brisbane

For the first time there have been 2 games in the same round with no goals
in a half.

Halves without goals (16)...
1958-1R-AP   – 1H – Haw 7.9-51 v SM 0.11-11
1977-1R-P    – 1H – Haw 5.4-34 v Gee 0.2-2
1978-GR-P    – 2H – Fit 10.13-63 v NM 0.3-3
1982-1R-P    – 2H – Rch 4.4-28 v Ess 0.5-5
1984-QF-P    – 1H – Ess 5.7-37 v Col 0.2-2
1985-QF-P    – 1H – Car 3.5-23 v Rch 0.4-4
1986-GF-P    – 1H – Haw 2.3-15 v Car 0.3-3
1987-1R-P    – 2H – WCE 10.11-71 v Fsc 0.4-4
1987-SF-P    – 1H – Ess 11.6-72 v WCE 0.1-1
1990-1R-P    – 1H – NM 7.4-46 v WCE 0.11-11
1992-QF-P    – 2H – Fit 6.8-44 v Syd 0.1-1
1993-1R-FP   – 1H – Ade 13.11-89 v NM 0.3-3
1999-GF-P    – 1H – Haw 6.6-42 v PA 0.2-2
2000-G4-M4-P – 1H – Haw 9.8-62 v WCE 0.5-5*
2004-1R-S    – 1H – WCE v Col
2004-1R-YPL   – 1H – Bri v Haw

*Hawthorn lead at 3-Qtr time 13.10-88 to WCE 0.10-10


Thank you also, to Darren O'Shaughnessy for his contribution.


After a very hot day, the roof at Docklands remained open on Friday night for the start of the Wizard Cup. Richmond downed the Bulldogs by 24 points, but not without a scare, SAMANTHA LANE reported for the AFL website. The Tigers held a comfortable lead in the first half but the Dogs came back with three quick goals in the third term to make the contest more interesting.

The Bulldogs change of fortune came with the move of debutant Farren Ray, the fourth pick of the 2003 national draft, to the centre. The 17-year-old was influential, nailing a clever snap goal that spurred his side. Nathan Brown was prominent early for Richmond against his old side, starting in the middle and rotated in attack throughout the night. Brown clashed heavily with former teammate Rohan Smith in the first quarter and looked a little proppy after that incident but still collected 21 disposals for the night.

The Dogs trailed by as much as 43 points midway through the second term, but kicked the next five goals either side of half time and were down only four points late in the third term. Andrew Kellaway booted a steading goal for the Tigers late in the third term. To start the last, former Lion Shane Morrison kicked two goals within three minutes and the Tigers were back into control.

Richmond's top possession winner was Greg Tivendale with 23 touches, while Brad Johnson kicked three goals for the Bulldogs in an even duel with Chris Newman. Former Hawk Jade Rawlings kicked a goal in his first outing with the Dogs and looked promising, despite coming off late in the second term after a collision with an opponent. Former Fremantle defender Stephen Koops after being one of the best afield the Bulldogs, dislocated an elbow late in the match.
The game also marked the debut to senior umpiring ranks of former Collingwood and Essendon player Mark Fraser.
Western Bulldogs v Richmond
Friday (n), February 20, 2004
Docklands, 7.40pm EDT, crowd: 22,257
Ground conditions: Good, Roof open
Weather: Warm and humid
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
WB - 7 - 29 - 62 - 81
RCH - 36 - 58 - 71 - 105
Goals: Richmond: 9pts Kayne Pettifer, Aaron Fiora. 6pts: Richmond: Ty Zantuck 2, David Rodan 2, Shane Morrison 2, Nathan Brown, Greg Stafford, Brad Ottens, Andrew Kellaway, Jay Schultz, Greg Tivendale. West.B'dogs: 6pts: Brad Johnson 3, Matthew Boyd 2, Sam Power 2, Daniel Bandy, Jade Rawlings, Farren Ray, Scott West, Patrick Bowden.
Best: Richmond: Greg Tivendale, Andrew Kellaway, Mark Coughlan, Nathan Brown, Brad Ottens, Aaron Fiora, West.B'dogs: Matthew Boyd, Brad Johnson, Sam Power, Rohan Smith, Adam Cooney, Robert Murphy.
Umpires: Scott McLaren, Stephen McBurney, Matt Stevic, Mark Fraser.

A vintage display from JAMES HIRD and four goals from MATTHEW LLOYD secured Essendon an eight-point win over Fremantle on Friday night at Marrara Oval in Darwin – 13,196 attended. In a high-quality game, Hird booted four goals including one nine-pointer and was a clear best afield as the Bombers withstood a fierce Fremantle opening and eventually weathered the sapping humidity. Both teams fielded strong line-ups but took the opportunity to experiment as well.

Apart from standouts Hird and Lloyd, Essendon were well served by Justin Murphy (now with his fourth AFL club, Rch-Gee-Car-Ess), Adam McPhee and centre half-back Scott Lucas while several youngsters stood out with Jason Winderlich, Brent Stanton and Nathan Lovett-Murray all showing promise. Fremantle midfielders Paul Hasleby, Peter Bell and Matthew Carr were busy, while Des Headland, Paul Medhurst and Clive Waterhouse all booted three goals each, while promoted Docker Daniel Gilmore showed good signs.

Just as Hird led Essendon brilliantly, Fremantle skipper Peter Bell was tireless and tried to lift his side back into the match with a last-quarter screamer in the goal square. The frenetic last quarter looked more like a desperate home-and-away tussle than a pre-season match but a goal by Justin Murphy two minutes from the end sealed it for the Bombers.
Essendon v Fremantle
Friday (n), February 20, 2004
Marrara Oval, Darwin, 8.40pm EDT, crowd: 13,196
Ground conditions: Very good
Weather: Hot and humid
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
ESS - 27 - 43 - 88 - 107
FRE - 29 - 45 - 78 - 99
Goals: Essendon: 9pts James Hird, Scott Lucas. 6pts: Matthew Lloyd 4, James Hird 3, Jason Winderlich 2, David Hille, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Justin Murphy, Scott Lucas. Fremantle: 9pts: Des Headland. 6pts: Paul Medhurst 3, Clive Waterhouse 3, Peter Bell 2, Des Headland 2, Troy Longmuir, Troy Simmonds, Byron Schammer.
Best: Essendon: James Hird, Matthew Lloyd, Scott Lucas, Andrew Welsh, Marc Bullen, Brent Stanton. Fremantle: Paul Hasleby, Peter Bell, Matthew Carr, Paul Medhurst, Clive Waterhouse, Des Headland, Daniel Gilmour.
Umpires: Michael Avon, Hayden Kennedy, Brett Rosebury, Derek Woodcock.

The Kangaroos and Melbourne withstood a blistering day in Canberra where the mercury on Saturday afternoon peaked at 37 degrees and stayed there for most of the match. The Demons put aside their much-publicised off-field problems and led from start to finish to post a 23-point victory. KAREN LYON noted for The Age, it was never going to be pretty on such an oppressive day. The Demons and Roos took the unusual step of retreating to the change rooms at the first and three-quarter time intervals away from the heat and a buffeting wind.

Barry Levinson
for the AFL web report noted: Melbourne midfielder Cameron Bruce was almost as hot as the temperature, leading his team to victory with three goals – including the game-sealing nine-pointer in the final quarter. The Demons won the contest due to a more efficient forward line and a superior running game off the half-back line, with Brad Green, Adem Yze, Scott Thompson and Daniel Ward prominent, while Jeff White dominated the ruck, giving his small men first use of the ball.

Kangaroos' leadership trio Adam Simpson, Brent Harvey and Shannon Grant worked hard all afternoon, with Harvey and Grant the pick of the Roos' players, booting three goals each, and working hard around the ball.

The Dees established a 33-point lead by the 23-minute mark of the first quarter and used their clean skills and better decision-making to hold control for the rest of the match. The Roos worked hard to reduce the margin to 11 points half-way through the third quarter following goals to Saverio Rocca and Brent Harvey, but replies from Yze and Paul Wheatley gave the Demons breathing space and they were never again seriously challenged.
Kangaroos v Melbourne
Saturday, February 21, 2004
Manuka Oval, 1.10pm, crowd: 3,227
Ground conditions: Good
Weather: Hot, 37 degrees
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
KAN - 23 - 52 - 69 - 91
MEL - 35 - 78 - 94 - 113
Goals: Melbourne: 9pts: Cameron Bruce, Paul Wheatley, Jeff White, Alistair Nicholson. 6pts: Cameron Bruce 2, Travis Johnstone 2, Peter Vardy 2, Jeff White, Paul Wheatley, Aaron Davey, Russell Robertson, Adem Yze. Kangaroos: 9pts: Brent Harvey Michael Stevens. 6pts: Shannon Grant 3, Brent Harvey 2, Anthony Stevens 2, David Hale, Jeremy Clayton, Saverio Rocca.
Best: Melbourne: Cameron Bruce, Peter Walsh, Adem Yze, Alister Nicholson, Jeff White, Brad Green. Kangaroos:: Brent Harvey, Troy Makepeace, Jeremy Clayton, Shannon Grant, David Hale, Jess Sinclair.
Umpires: Matthew Head Stefan Grun, Simon Meredith, Martin Ellis.

Port Adelaide wore its new "lightning-bolt" jumpers, but it was Geelong's young Cats and a rejuvenated BEN GRAHAM who found the second-half spark to win a hard-running duel in humid Cairns conditions on Saturday night – 7,645 attended. On the billiard-table surface, Graham finished with four goals – including a thumping nine-pointer in the last quarter – and proved to be the genuine match-winner when the game needed to be won.

The AFL report noted: Geelong midfielders James Bartel, who looms as one to watch in 2004, Cameron Ling, Joel Corey and running defender Brenton Sanderson were all among the possession winners, notching up more than 20 touches each. Matthew Scarlett and Cameron Mooney were impressive down back, while veteran Peter Riccardi and Tasmanian recruit Cameron Thurley were handy with two goals each.

Port Adelaide's Chad Cornes, who was particularly impressive in defence in the first half, was among his side's best, while younger brother Kane was also a solid performer. Midfielders Josh Carr, Domenic Cassisi and Adam Kingsley were among the Power's leading ball-winners. As Port was held scoreless in the final quarter, the game was never in doubt for the Cats.
Port Adelaide v Geelong
Saturday (n), February 21, 2004
Cazaly Oval, Cairns, 8.10pm EDT, crowd: 7,645
Ground conditions: Good
Weather: Hot and humid
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
PA - 32 - 43 - 65 - 65
GEE - 22 - 31 - 62 - 85
Goals: Geelong: 9pts: Darren Milburn, Ben Graham. 6pts: Ben Graham 3, Cameron Thurley 2, Peter Riccardi 2, Joel Corey, James Bartel, Henry Playfair. Port Adelaide: 9pts: Adam Kingsley. 6pts: Warren Tredrea 2, Shaun Burgoyne, Kane Cornes, Matthew Primus, Damon White, Josh Mahoney, Brendon Lade.
Best: Geelong: Cameron Mooney, Joel Corey, James Bartel, Ben Graham, Peter Riccardi, Cameron Ling. Port Adelaide: Adam Kingsley, Chad Cornes, Matthew Primus, Josh Carr.
Umpires: Michael Vozzo, Justin Schmitt, Shaun Ryan, Corin Rowe.

Records tumbled on Saturday night at Subiaco Oval when West Coast belted Collingwood by 105 points. PETER KER noted in The Age the Magpies looked disinterested from the outset, taking until the 17th minute of the third quarter to score their first goal, by which stage the Eagles already had 14 goals on the board.

MIC CULLEN reported for the AFL website – West Coast completely outclassed the Pies and once again it was the midfield that ignited the win, with skipper Ben Cousins, youngster Chris Judd and Daniel Kerr doing as they liked. Young forward Andrew McDougall shone early and ended with three goals, as did pocket dynamo Phillip Matera.

If Collingwood were not severely embarrassed, then their supporters around Australia would have been – the final scoreline of 26 points was the lowest the black-and-white had kicked in 44 seasons of the pre-season *night* series. Collingwood coach Mick Malthouse, watched by an ashen-faced club president Eddie McGuire, was philosophical at the post-beating media conference, commenting "getting beat by 100 points in not something which you aim for."
West Coast v Collingwood
Saturday (n), February 21, 2004
Subiaco Oval, 8.40pm EDT, crowd: 24,101
Ground conditions: Good
Weather: Hot and humid
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
WCE - 59 - 68 - 94 - 131
COL - 1 - 7 0.1.0-11 - 17 - 26
Goals: West Coast: 9pts: Josh Wooden. 6pts: Andrew McDougall 3, Phillip Matera 3, Ashley Sampi 2, Damien Adkins 2, Mark Nicoski 2, Mark Seaby, Daniel Chick, Paul Johnson, Jaymie Graham, Ben Cousins, Chad Morrison. Collingwood: 6pts: Dane Swan, Stephen McKee.
Best: West Coast: Ben Cousins, Ashley Sampi, Daniel Kerr, Chris Judd, Andrew McDougall, Mark Nicoski. Collingwood: Richard Cole, James Clement, Anthony Rocca, Alan Didak Steven McKee, Dane Swan.
Umpires: Darren Goldspink, Craig Hendrie, Dean Margetts, Kieron Nicholls. 

In the days before, Hawthorn coach PETER SCHWAB proclaimed his side would win this year's premiership. On Sunday afternoon at York Park in Launceston, the Hawks received their reality check of where they stand from the hat-trick professionals, the Brisbane Lions. At half-time, with 11 members of their 2003 flag side missing, the Lions had kicked a modest eight goals – Hawthorn were goalless, with five behinds.

The eventual 37-point defeat came against a side lacking not only captain Michael Voss, but 10 other premiership players: Simon Black, Clark Keating, Brad Scott, Chris Scott, Justin Leppitsch, Alastair Lynch, Blake Caracella, Craig McRae, Chris Johnson and Beau McDonald. It was a ridiculously easy victory.

Emma Quayle noted in The Age: While Hawthorn's second half showed much greater intensity than the first, it struggled to find scoring options all day. After Mark Williams missed an early set shot, the Hawks' first goal came only when Richard Vandenberg ran into an open goal two minutes into the third quarter. Key forwards Nathan Thompson and Nick Holland were shut down by Mal Michael and Daniel Bradshaw, the likes of Peter Everitt, Angelo Lekkas and Ben Dixon were also well held, and Brisbane forward Jonathan Brown could not be quelled. Brown, kicked three of the Lions' five first-quarter goals, added another two for the match and was far too commanding for returning Hawk Trent Croad.
Hawthorn v Brisbane Lions
Sunday, February 22, 2004
York Park, 1.10pm EDT, crowd: 12,443
Ground conditions: Good
Weather: Cloudy, occasional sunshine
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
HAW - 2 - 5 - 21 - 40
BRI - 31 - 52 - 65 - 77
Goals: Brisbane: 6pts: Jonathan Brown 5, Jamie Charman 2, Luke Power 2, Robert Copeland, Jason Akermanis, Tim Notting. Hawthorn: Richard Vandenberg, Kris Barlow, Tim Clarke, Angelo Lekkas.
Best: Brisbane: Jonathan Brown, Luke Power, Jamie Charman, Daniel Pratt, Jason Akermanis, Mal Michael. Hawthorn: Joel Smith, Luke Hodge, Richard Vandenberg, Simon Beaumont, Harry Miller,
Umpires: Stephen McBurney, Kieron Nicholls, Scott Jeffery, Matt Stevic.

Carlton emulated West Coast to bring twin 100-plus victories for the first time in the same weekend of the pre-season *night* series since it started in 1956. The new-look Blues, who changed virtually half of their senior list over summer, with 19 of 43 players (including rookies) brought to the club. Not even coach DENIS PAGAN could have expected his new material to shine as brightly as it did on Sunday afternoon at Stadium Australia in a 102-point demolition of Sydney.

ROHAN CONNOLLY writing in The Age noted: Sure, Carlton was up against an undermanned Swans outfit, one fielding only six players who were part of the side that contested the preliminary final against Brisbane last year. But the Blues would have pushed even the very best line-ups in the AFL, such was their attack on the football and slickness of execution when they inevitably won it.

The tone was set right right from the moment former Port Adelaide star Nick Stevens won the first possession of the match, banging the ball inside 50 the first of seven times for the game. By the 10th minute, he had kicked one of Carlton's three goals and spoon-fed another to Brendan Fevola. By quarter-time, he had had eight touches, and with fellow new arrival Heath Scotland, had been responsible for more than 25 per cent of the Blues' 60-odd disposals.

This was not just a new-look Carlton, but one barely recognisable from the rabble of the past two seasons. In every part of the field, the new faces (11 new players) made a significant difference. Up forward, Fevola too, could barely wipe the smile from his own dial. The key forward responded with 8.5, giving evidence, after his much-improved 2003, that his performance will continue to curve upward.
Sydney v Carlton
Sunday, February 22, 2004
Stadium Australia, 3.45pm EDT, crowd: 6,196
Ground conditions: Soft and slippery
Weather: Warm, overcast
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
SYD - 17 - 25 - 41 - 48
CAR - 44 - 69 - 95 - 150
Goals: Carlton: 9pts: Digby Morrell. 6pts: Brendan Fevola 8.5, Scott Camporeale 4, Daniel Harford 2, Ryan Houlihan, Nick Stevens, Digby Morrell, Darren Hulme, Barnaby French, Brad Fisher, Stephen Kenna, David Clarke. Sydney: 9pts: Craig Bolton, Luke Ablett. 6pts: Adam Schneider 2, Barry Hall, James Meiklejohn.
BEST: Carlton: Brendan Fevola, Nick Stevens, Scott Camporeale, Digby Morrell, Heath Scotland, Matthew Lappin. Sydney: Jarrad McVeigh, Adam Schneider, Barry Hall, Adam Goodes.
Umpires: Gavin Dore, Shane McInerney, Wayne Hoskins, Adam Davis.

St Kilda amplified its final-eight credentials for this year with a creditable 13-point win against reigning Wizard Cup premier Adelaide in a thrilling finish on Sunday afternoon at Football Park. The super-slick Saints always had the Crows' measure, until the Crows staged a rousing revival in the last quarter.

JASON PHELAN noted for the AFL website: St Kilda put on a polished display that will give Saints fans reason for optimism this year and star-in-the making Luke Ball put in an eye-catching performance with his 27-disposal and one-goal effort earning him best-on-ground honours.

The Saints held the advantage throughout the match and led by 33 points into the last quarter when the home side suddenly found top gear and kicked four quick goals as the margin was reduced to five points. The late charge included a nine-pointer to Kris Massie, but the Crows never took the lead. Adelaide was not without its good players. Mark Ricciuto, Simon Goodwin and Tyson Stenglein were prominent enough in the midfield and Tyson Edwards and James Gallagher were nippy defenders.

ALAN SHIELL for The Age reported: Collectively, St Kilda looked a better side than its 13-point win suggested, with Luke Ball, Robert Harvey, Austinn Jones and Lenny Hayes piling up more than 20 disposals each. Nick Riewoldt, Xavier Clarke, Nick Dal Santo, Stephen Powell and Brendon Goddard also contributed regularly.
Adelaide v St Kilda
Sunday, February 22, 2004
Football Park, 5.10pm EDT, crowd: 13,905
Ground conditions: Good
Weather: Sunny and 19 degrees at the start
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
ADE - 13 - 32 - 45 - 80
STK - 38 - 58 - 77 - 93
Goals: St Kilda: 9pts: Stephen Powell. 6pts: Nick Riewoldt 3, Stephen Milne 2, Fraser Gehrig 2, Robert Harvey, Xavier Clarke, Andrew Thompson, Lenny Hayes, Luke Ball. Adelaide: 9pts: Kris Massie. 6pts: Brent Reilly 2, Hayden Skipworth 2, Scott Welsh 2, Ben Rutten, Graham Johncock, Tyson Stenglein, Mark Ricciuto, Brett Burton.
Best: St Kilda: Luke Ball, Robert Harvey, Austinn Jones, Stephen Powell, Nick Riewoldt, Lenny Hayes. Adelaide: Simon Goodwin, James Gallagher, Mark Ricciuto, Tyson Edwards, Tyson Stenglein, Trent Hentschel.
Umpires: Colin Rowston, Brett Allen, Ryan Worthington, Tony Dey.

WIZARD CUP 2004, WEEK TWO, Friday-Saturday-Sunday, February 27-28-29
Friday (Match #9)
Docklands (n)
7.40pm EDT
Saturday (Match #10)
Princes Park
2.10pm EDT
Saturday (Match #11)
Docklands (n)
7.10pm EDT
Sunday (Match #12)
5.10pm EDT
West Coast - 75
Melbourne - 87
Geelong - 86
Carlton - 66
Essendon - 90
Brisbane - 79
St Kilda - 119
Richmond - 57

Friday-Saturday-Sunday, February 27-28-29

Melbourne advanced to the Wizard Cup semi-finals when they outlasted West Coast by 12 points in a tight contest played under the open roof at Docklands on a fine Friday night – a modest 8,753 were there.

Cameron Bruce
had an outstanding night for the Demons, collecting 25 touches – 13 kicks and 12 handballs. He combined well with Simon Godfrey, Scott Thompson and Daniel Ward. Melbourne posted five goals to two to lead by 23 at the first change. An even second term produced just two goals to each side for the Demons to take a 22 point lead in at half-time.

Melbourne upped the ante after the long break, adding three quick goals to go out to lead by 40 points, six minutes into the second half. The Eagles kept chipping away, and in the last quarter after booting four goals narrowed the margin but couldn't overtake the Demons.
West Coast v Melbourne
Friday (n), February 27, 2004
Docklands, 7.40pm EDT, crowd: 8,753
Ground conditions: Good; Roof: open
Weather: Fine
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
WCE - 14 - 28 - 49 - 75
MEL - 37 - 50 - 76 - 87
Goals: Melbourne: 9pts: Paul Wheatley. 6pts: Adem Yze 2, Cameron Bruce, Aaron Davey, Simon Godfrey, Brad Green, Brad Miller, David Neitz, Scott Thompson, Peter Vardy, Jeff White. West Coast: 6pts: Andrew McDougall 2, Sam Butler, Callum Chambers, Dean Cox, Chad Fletcher, Paul Johnson, Chris Judd, Daniel Kerr.
BEST: Melbourne: Cameron Bruce, Daniel Ward, Brad Green, Simon Godfrey, Scott Thompson, Jeff White. West Coast: Dean Cox, Andrew Embley, David Wirrpunda, Chad Fletcher, Ben Cousins.
Umpires: Martin Ellis, Scott Jeffrey, Michael Vozzo.
Report: DANIEL KERR (WCE) for striking Paul Wheatley (Mel) in the last quarter by field umpire Scott Jeffrey. Kerr pleaded guilty and was suspended for one match.

Geelong kicked away to grab its second 20-point Wizard Cup victory when they comfortably defeated Carlton in fine and sunny conditions at Princes Park on Saturday afternoon. The Cats showed great character by finishing all over the home side in the final quarter despite having come off a debilitating first round win in the heat and humidity of Cairns last week.

The Cats had most of it players in fine form – Cameron Ling and Matthew Scarlett were outstanding. Scarlett held Brendan Fevola goalless in the first half and then shut Lance Whitnall out of the game after half-time after he proved a major threat with four first-half goals for the Blues. Geelong dominated an under-sized Carlton defence, and should have won by more, but many chances went begging in the first half with a tricky wind.

Geelong are just one win away from playing for its first trophy in 40 years. They have never won the pre-season competition – they were losing grand finalists in 1988, 89 and 97 – with their last major trophy being their 1963 premiership win.
Carlton v Geelong
Saturday, February 28, 2004
Princes Park, 2.10pm, crowd: 11,682
Ground conditions: Good
Weather: Fine and sunny, 27 degrees
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
GEE - 27 - 41 - 62 - 86
CAR - 15 - 40 - 52 - 66
Goals: 6pts: Matthew McCarthy 3, Cameron Ling 3, Peter Riccardi 2, Kent Kingsley 2, Ben Graham, James Kelly, Darren Milburn. Carlton: 9pts: Digby Morrell. 6pts: Lance Whitnall 5, Daniel Harford 2, Brett Johnson 2, Brendan Fevola.
Best: Geelong: Henry Playfair, Kent Kingsley, Peter Riccardi, David Spriggs, Matthew McCarthy, Cameron Ling. Carlton: Daniel Harford, Matthew Lappin, Lance Whitnall, Heath Scotland, Nick Stevens, Brett Johnson.
Umpires: Darren Goldspink, Matthew Head, Shaun Ryan.

Essendon led at every change and looked to be in a comfortable position after kicking to a four goal lead before the last break of the Wizard Cup quarter-final played on Saturday night at Docklands Stadium. But after MATTHEW LLOYD kicked the opening goal of the final term to extend the lead to 29 points, the Brisbane Lions charged home.

Samantha Lane
reported for the AFL website: Brisbane was characteristically fierce throughout the frenetic final quarter, and in the 16th minute drew to within nine points of their tiring opponents. Nigel Lappin and Shaun Hart provided the impetus for the Lions in the middle, but the intensity of the entire side resembled that of a home-and-away game rather than an ultimately meaningless match in February.

Bomber captain James Hird was best on ground after accumulating 24 disposals and taking six marks. Jarad Brennan, Daniel Bradshaw and Ashley McGrath strung together consecutive goals, and reduced the difference, but despite some persistent peppering, the Lions could not find the winning scores. The match saw young Bomber midfielder Adam Ramanauskas return to football after battling cancer throughout last year. He kicked the opening goal of the match in what was a dream start, but spent the remainder of the game playing on and off the bench.
Essendon v Brisbane Lions
Saturday (n), February 28, 2004
Docklands, 7.40pm EDT, crowd: 19,120
Ground conditions: Good; Roof: closed
Weather: Fine
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
ESS - 25 - 46 - 82 - 90
BRI - 22 - 42 - 58 - 79
Goals: Essendon: 9pts: Scott Lucas. 6pts: Matthew Lloyd 4, Mark Johnson 3, David Hille, Ted Richards, Justin Murphy, Adam Ramanauskas, Mark Bolton. Brisbane: 9pts: Clark Keating, Daniel Pratt. 6pts: Jared Brennan 3, Alastair Lynch 2, Ashley McGrath, Richard Hadley, Daniel Bradshaw.
Best: Essendon: James Hird, Mark Johnson, Joe Misiti, Matthew Allan, Kepler Bradley, Matthew Lloyd. Brisbane: Luke Power, Chris Johnson, Tim Notting, Jared Brennan, Shaun Hart, Daniel Pratt.
Umpires: Scott McLaren, Corin Rowe, Justin Schmitt, Stephen McBurney.

St Kilda may at long last be poised to deliver their long-suffering fans a season of excitement, if their first two outings in the 2004 Wizard Cup is any guide. On Sunday night at Docklands, the Saints powered into the semi's by running all over a disappointing Richmond by 62 points.

Paul Gough
noted for AFL News: While Nick Riewoldt was goalless, his dominant first quarter got the Saints off to a great start. And then after Richmond threatened a revival in the second term, it was time for Aaron Hamill to put his stamp on the game with two third quarter goals which helped the Saints regain the momentum. And if one of the three key forwards (Hamill, Riewoldt and Fraser Gehrig) weren't taking marks then it was livewire Stephen Milne doing the damage at ground level with three goals.

Richmond which had looked impressive in beating the Bulldogs in the first round, their backline looked inadequate against the Saints powerful attack. The Tigers did not help their cause through continual turnovers with even Mark Chaffey, normally one of the best users of the ball, costing his side a goal in the third term through a bad turnover in defence. The Saints also had other winners in midfielder Nick Dal Santo and veteran defender Austinn Jones and considering the side went into this game without two of their best players in Justin Koschitzke and Max Hudghton then the Saints fans certainly have plenty to look forward to.
St Kilda v Richmond
Sunday, February 29, 2004
Docklands, 5.10pm EDT, crowd: 18,177
Ground conditions: Good; Roof: closed
Weather: Fine
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
STK - 34 - 43 - 67 - 119
RCH - 9 - 24 - 39 - 57
Goals: St Kilda: 9pts: Brent Guerra, Aaron Hamill. 6pts: Fraser Gehrig 4, Stephen Milne 3, Aaron Hamill 3, Nick Dal Santo, Xavier Clarke, Brett Voss, Stephen Powell, Brendon Goddard. Richmond: 9pts: Nathan Brown. 6pts: Matthew Richardson 3, Brad Ottens 3, Andrew Krakouer.
BEST: St Kilda: Nick Dal Santo, Fraser Gehrig, Lenny Hayes, Aaron Hamill, Nick Riewoldt, Austinn Jones. Richmond: Brad Ottens, Matthew Richardson, Tim Fleming, Mark Chaffey.
Umpires: Brett Allan, Shane McInerney, Simon Meredith, Kieron Nicholls.

Wizard Cup 2004 (Week 2)
Regional Challenge series
The captains of both sides made their return on Friday night at Football Park – Matthew Primus for Port and Chris Grant for the Bulldogs. Grant was a force at centre half-back for the first three quarters. The other good news for the Dogs was the early form of Jade Rawlings who kicked three of the Dogs' first five goals. Though Port were without eight top-ranked players – Wanganeen, Tredrea, Schofield, James, Brogan, Hardwick, Dew and Francou – they has enough to get them over line.

Port Adelaide
15.14-104 (Primus 2, K.Corns 2, Mahoney 2) best, Primus, Wilson, K.Cornes, West.B'dogs 13.8-86 (Rawlings 3, Bowden 3) best, Bowden, West, Smith – at Football Park, 6,851.

The Dockers jumped from the blocks and were too solid in warm Saturday afternoon conditions. With more than 10 of their best 22 out of action, Fremantle beat Adelaide by 31 points. Wayne Carey was just one of the Crows who played only half the match. Freo were pleased with efforts from 20-year-old Daniel Gilmore and teenagers Adam Campbell and Ryley Dunn.

Fremantle 12.4-76 (Cunningham 3, T.Longmuir 3) best, Hayden, Grover, Cunningham, Adelaide 6.9-45 (Stevens 2) best, Stevens, Welsh, Stenglein – Subiaco Oval, 7,095.

Around 5000 old Magpie diehards were at Victoria Park on Saturday afternoon to witness another display by Collingwood which would have disappointed many. Sydney, with a large squad of rookies and first-gamers finished too strongly over a Magpie unit trying many youngsters from their list. The Pies were thankful that captain Nathan Buckley shone in the third quarter, while Shane O'Bree and Brodie Holland were solid.

Sydney 12.8-80 (Goodes 2, Williams 2) best, Goodes, Fosdike, Kirk, Collingwood 6.11-47 (Didak 2) best, Buckley, Holland, O'Bree – at Victoria Park, about 5,500.

The practice match played at Morwell on Saturday afternoon was marred by the knee injuries suffered by two Hawthorn stars Kris Barlow and Steven Green. Both players are expected to miss four to six weeks and the start of the premiership season. Tied at 79 point apiece, nobody won anything – many injured stars were consigned to autograph duties for the day.

Kangaroos 11.13-79 (S.Harvey 3, B.Harvey 3) best, Grant, Motlop, Simpson, Hawthorn 11.13.79 (Thompson 4, Williams 3) best, Smith, Williams, Thompson – at Morwell, about 4,500.

WIZARD CUP 2004, SEMI-FINALS, WEEK THREE, Friday-Saturday, March 5-6

Friday (Match #13)
Docklands Stadium
7.40pm AEDT

Saturday (Match #14)
Docklands Stadium
7.40pm AEDT

Melbourne – 76
Geelong – 77

Essendon – 84
St Kilda – 126

Friday-Saturday, March 5-6

In one of the closest Wizard Cup matches of the series Geelong beat Melbourne by one point on Friday night at Docklands Stadium – 18,357 were on hand under the open roof. Rated as a sensationally even, free-flowing and fast-paced affair, the Cats held on to win a nail-biter.

Johnson said in The Age: Each team threatened to take the game in the final minutes and Melbourne skipper David Neitz seemed to have sealed it with three minutes to go when he scored a nine-point goal after being awarded a free-kick against Matthew Scarlett to put his side four points up. But Geelong's Kent Kingsley, on the end of a Peter Riccardi pass, marked strongly and goaled from 45 metres to give the Cats a one-point lead at the 23-minute mark. As Melbourne pressed forward for a last chance, they Cats held on to win.

Brad Green's development as a wingman continued as he had a game-high 25 touches and eight marks, and in the third quarter was the player that kept the Dees in the game. Cameron Mooney had a good game at centre-half back for the Cats, rookie Kane Tenace was under notice, while Kingsley gave the midfielders plenty of options and kicked three goals in the last term.
Melbourne v Geelong
Friday (n), March 5, 2004
Docklands, 7.40pm EDT, crowd: 18,357
Ground conditions: Good. Roof: Open
Weather: Fine and mild
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
MEL - 21 0.3-0.6 - 24 - 55 - 76
GEE - 19 - 37 - 53 - 77
Goals: Geelong: 9pts: David Haynes, Ben Graham. 6pts: Kent Kingsley 4, Haynes, Graham, Gary Ablett, Joel Corey. Melbourne: 9pts: David Neitz, Brad Green. 6pts: David Neitz 3, Aaron Davey 2, Brad Green 2, Russell Robertson, Travis Johnstone.
Best: Geelong: James Bartel, Cameron Ling, Kent Kingsley, Corey Enright, Matthew Scarlett, Joel Corey. Melbourne: Brad Green, David Neitz, Daniel Ward, Clint Bizzell, Luke Williams, Travis Johnstone.
Umpires: Michael Vozzo, Hayden Kennedy, Scott McLaren, Corin Rowe.
Report: JAMES BARTEL (Gee) reported by umpire Vozzo for attempting to trip JAMES McDONALD (Mel) in the last quarter. On Tuesday, the Tribunal found Bartel not guilty of the charge.

The St Kilda bandwagon continued to charge along nicely on Saturday night when they recorded a 42 point win over Essendon in the Wizard Cup semi-final at Docklands – the roof was closed to threatening weather – 29,536 attended, the biggest crowd of the series so far.

Brendan Goddard
kicked the Saints away with a nine-pointer in the opening minutes and they were never headed. St Kilda led by 31, 22 and 30 points at the changes as answered all challenges from the Bombers. Martin Blake (The Age) made the keen observation: The Saints' intensity has been the stand-out factor in their rise, with many of their younger recruits bulking up and growing into men. It was at the coalface that the likes of Heath Black and Luke Ball overcame Essendon's more experienced midfield bunch headed by skipper James Hird, the Johnsons, and Joe Misiti. Onballer Black was best afield, with spirited help from Nick Dal Santo and Robert Harvey.

In the end, the Saints saw the ball 80 more times, had it inside their 50 nine more times and took 22 more marks. They deserved their win and earn the right to contest their first pre-season grand final since their 58 point win in 1996 under coach Stan Alves.
Essendon v St Kilda
Saturday (n), March 6, 2004
Docklands, 7.40pm EDT, crowd: 29,536
Ground conditions: Good. Roof: closed
Weather: Overcast
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
ESS - 7 - 42 - 67 - 84
STK - 38 - 64 - 97 - 126
Goals: St Kilda: 9pts: Brendan Goddard, Andrew Thompson. 6pts: Fraser Gehrig 5, Nick Riewoldt 4, Stephen Milne 3, Aaron Hamill 2, Jason Blake, Luke Ball. Essendon: 9pts: Jason Johnson. 6pts: Jobe Watson 2, Jason Johnson, David Hille, Ted Richards, Adam McPhee, Matthew Lloyd, Dean Rioli, Mark Johnson, Mark Alvey, Dustin Fletcher.
Best: St Kilda: Heath Black, Luke Ball, Nick Riewoldt, Fraser Gehrig, Austinn Jones, Robert Harvey, Nick Dal Santo. Essendon: Joe Misti, Jason Johnson, James Hird, Dean Rioli, Jobe Watson, Marc Bullen.
Umpires: Shane McInerney, Brett Allen, Stephen McBurney, Martin Ellis.

Wizard Cup 2004 (Week 3)
Regional Challenge series
The 23-point win by the Kangaroos over Sydney late Friday afternoon at Princes Park was sobered by the loss of crack midfielder Daniel Motlop with a shoulder injury – he fell awkwardly in the second quarter. To balance the losses, Sydney are expected to without key defender Andrew Schauble for a month, with a hamstring strain. A plus for the Roos, was the debut of 19-year-old Chad Jones (from Claremont) who booted two goals and pulled in a spectacular mark in the second quarter.
Kangaroos 13.16-94
(Brown 2, Harris 2, Chad Jones 2, Corey Jones 2) best, Corey Jones, Chad Jones, Brown, Sydney 11.5-71 (Hall 3, Williams 2) best, Williams, Hall, James, at Princes Park, 4pm AEDT, crowd: about 1,500.

The Friday night game in dusty conditions in Alice Springs brought a 14-point win for Port Adelaide over Collingwood. Byron Pickett, Warren Tredrea and Kane Cornes were the force behind Port's win. The Pies were thankful that captain Nathan Buckley was predictably strong around the midfield, but elsewhere the Woods tendered to struggle.
Port Adelaide 15.15-105
(Surjan 3, Pickett 3, Tredrea 3) best, Pickett, Tredrea, Collingwood 14.7-91 (Fraser 2, Davis 2, Williams, Holland 2, Rocca 2) best, Fraser, R.Shaw, Buckley, at Traeger Park, Alice Springs, 8pm AEDT, est. crowd: 10,000. Report: Byron Pickett (PA) for striking Nathan Buckley (Col). This charge was withdrawn by the reporting umpire on Monday.

Following early season failures to St Kilda and Fremantle, the Crows were at the top of their game on Friday night at Football Park against a much-weakened West Coast who were without Cousins, Judd, Gardiner, Wirrpunda, Matera, Carroll, Embley and Chick. Things on the injury front are not in favour of the Eagles who lost Josh Wooden in the first term with a broken collarbone. Adelaide also suffered with the loss of Brent Reilly with a shoulder injury early in the second quarter.
Adelaide 17.16-118
(Carey 3, Goodwin 3) best, Goodwin, Ricciuto, McLeod, West Coast 4.6-30 (Johnson 2) best, Jakovich, Fletcher, Kerr, at Football Park, 8pm AEDT, crowd: 8,817.

Temperatures were in the mid-30s on Saturday afternoon at Shepparton in central Victoria. Bulldog captain Chris Grant survived the entire journey when he led the Dogs to a 16 point win over Carlton. Among the best players for the Bulldogs were Jade Rawlings, who was probably the difference between the sides, Darcy, Hahn, Bowden and top draft pick Adam Cooney. Carlton took the wise step of leaving Lance Whitnall out of the side, and also rested captain Anthony Koutoufides.
Western Bulldogs 20.13-133
(Rawlings 4, Bowden 4, Cooney 2) best, West, Darcy, Rawlings, Carlton 17.15-117 (Fisher 3, Camporeale 3, Kenna 3) best, Camporeale, Lappin, Stevens, at Deakin Oval, Shepparton, 2pm AEDT, crowd: about 3,000.

The Dockers were comfortable winners over Hawthorn on Saturday afternoon at Princes Park, but the good news for Hawk fans is that captain Shane Crawford returned from injury, though he cramped in the third term. The Hawks were looking good to claim their first victory but six goals in the third term gave the Dockers enough breathing space.
Fremantle 18,12-120
(Simmonds 3, J.Longmuir 3, Medhurst 3) best, Headlands, Simmonds, J.Longmuir, Hawthorn 15.4-94 (Crawford 3, Williams 2, Cox 2, at Princes Park, 2pm AEDT, about 2,500.

The Tigers looked as though they were on target on Saturday night at Coorparoo, after a dominating five goals in the first half by Matthew Richardson. Trailing by as much as 35 points in the third  quarter, Brisbane lifted their intensity and came home with a wet sail to win by nine points. The Lions welcomed back captain Michael Voss but were without Mal Michael (flu) and rested Nigel Lappin, Shaun Hart and Darryl WhiteRichard Hadley (wrist) also missed.
Brisbane Lions 13.9-87
(Lynch 4, Notting 2, McRae 2) best, Black, Akermanis, Brennan, Richmond 11.12-78 (Richardson 7) best, Richardson, Kellaway, Brown, at Coorparoo, 8pm AEDT, about 5,000.


Saturday, March 13, 2004

St Kilda comeback sinks Geelong

Geelong led for most of the first three quarters but were finally broken in the dying minutes of Saturday night's Wizard Cup grand final at Docklands Stadium before a big crowd of 50,533.

Going into the last quarter 11 points down, the Saints displayed their undoubted potential by steamrolling the Cats, 34 points to one, to win by 22 points.

St Kilda boosted its coffers, winning $200,000 in prize money. As runner-up Geelong received a purse of $100,000.

St Kilda lived up to pre-match expectations to win the Wizard Cup grand final by 22 points over Geelong on Saturday night before a packed crowd of 50,533 – the biggest pre-season crowd at Docklands Stadium. However the result was far from a runaway win as the Cats took control in the second and third terms with strong defensive work headed by full-back MATTHEW SCARLETT.

St Kilda were hard at the ball right from the start – Brent Guerra sent Geelong's Cameron Ling into another dimension in the first contest of the game and Ling's effectiveness was noticeably diminished – a wound to the left cheek required two staples. Geelong were at their best in the second quarter which they dominated, booting six goals to three, including a nine-pointer from Ben Graham, to lead by 11 at the major break. Kent Kingsley was the star with three goals in the quarter. He finished with five for the match and beat off three opponents – Troy Schwarze, Jason Blake and Brett Voss.

Jackie Epstein
reported for the Sunday Herald Sun, that the Saints, trailing from early in the second term, clawed their way back and were in front by the 12-minute mark of the final quarter. Aaron Hamill goaled after a clumsy high tackle by David Spriggs and Leigh Montagna's nine-pointer from a 50-metre penalty gave the Saints the sniff. Time and again they charged forward and when Fraser Gehrig snared two goals in as many minutes after being well held by Scarlett, the Cats' defence was well and truly overwhelmed.

The Saints added a third *night* series trophy to those won in 1958 and 1996. Geelong's grand final streak without a win extends to nine, with the club on the losing end in five premiership and now four pre-season deciders.

St Kilda veteran Robert Harvey was voted best and received the Michael Tuck Medal for his 16 kicks, 17 handballs and four marks in a vintage display.
Geelong v St Kilda
Saturday (n), March 13, 2004
Docklands, 7.45pm EDT, crowd: 50,533
Ground conditions: Good. Roof: Closed
Weather: Fine
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
GEE - 13 - 56 - 75 - 76
STK - 25 - 45 - 64 - 98
Goals: St Kilda: 9pts: Leigh Montagna. 6pts: Brent Guerra 4, Nick Riewoldt 2, Aaron Hamill 2, Fraser Gehrig 2, Stephen Milne, Austinn Jones, Lenny Hayes, Luke Ball. Geelong: 9pts: Ben Graham. 6pts: Kent Kingsley 5, Matthew McCarthy 2, David Haynes, Ben Graham, Gary Ablett.
Best: St Kilda: Robert Harvey, Brent Guerra, Nick Riewoldt, Aaron Hamill, Luke Ball, Austinn Jones. Geelong: Matthew Scarlett, Kent Kingsley, Cameron Ling, Corey Enright, Brenton Sanderson.
Michael Tuck Medal: Robert Harvey (St Kilda).
Umpires: Michael Vozzo, Scott McLaren, Shane McInerney, Corin Rowe.
Report: From video evidence, BRENT GUERRA (StK) for engaging in rough play against CAMERON LING (Gee) in the first quarter. On Tuesday, Guerra pleaded not guilty. However the Tribunal found Guerra guilty of making illegal head high contact with Ling and suspended him for three matches.

Wizard Cup 2004 (Week 4)
Regional Challenge series
Richmond's Matthew Richardson with six goals enjoyed another dominant game (7 versus the Lions last week) against the Blues late Friday afternoon. Carlton had a setback when the promising Laurence Angwin dislocated his right shoulder again after a marking contest. Carlton's revamped forward line turned it on with a promising future predicted for 21-year-old Adrian Deluca (ex Port Melb) who booted three goals.
Carlton 19.17-131
(Deluca 3, Fisher 3) best, Camporeale, Lappin, Deluca, v Richmond 14.12-96 (Richardson 6) best, Richardson, Rodan, Bowden, at Princes Park, 4pm AEDT, crowd: about 4,000.

Both sides tried their developing players when the Demons had a 16-point win over the Pies in what could be the last match at Victoria Park. Paul Wheatley and Travis Johnstone had good games for the Dees while Josh Fraser was a standout for the Magpies. Collingwood's James Clement received an accidental poke in his right eye and left the field in a serious condition in the third quarter.
Melbourne 9.12-66
(Miller 2, Robertson 2) best, Wheatley, Yze, Green, v Collingwood 7.8-50 (Fraser 2, Rocca 2) best, Fraser, Rocca, Buckley, at Victoria Park, 4pm AEDT, crowd: about 5,000.

The Eagles hammered the Hawks on Friday afternoon at Subi. Only when West Coast took their foot off the pedal in the last quarter did Hawthorn kick five goals to make the scoreboard look respectable.
West Coast 14.15-99
(McDougall 3) best, Judd, Lynch, Kerr, v Hawthorn 9.10-64 (Thompson 4) best, Hodge, Brown, Thompson, at Subiaco, 6pm AEDT (3pm WST), crowd: 3,345.

The Crows with the midfield run of Goodwin, Johncock, McLeod and Riccuito lasted the distance to win by seven points over Port before almost 9,000 people at Kadina on Saturday afternoon. Port claimed the lead briefly only twice in the third quarter when Shaun Burgoyne kicked four successive goals.
Adelaide 9.18-72
(Perrie 3. Skipworth 2) best, Goodwin, Johncock, McLeod, v Port Adelaide 10.5-65 (S.Burgoyne 4, Lade 2) best, S.Burgoyne, Lade, Bishop, at Kadina, 2.30pm AEDT (2pm CDT), crowd: 8,905.

A six-goal haul by Barry Hall paved the way for the Sydney Swans to hold out an Essendon side filled mainly with reserve grade players at Newcastle's No.1 Sportsground on Saturday afternoon. Michael O'Loughlin made his first appearance since suffering a hamstring injury in Sydney's win against Melbourne in Round 22 last August. Swan midfielder Nick Malceski suffered a season-ending injury when he ruptured ligaments in his left knee in the last quarter.
Sydney 17.14-116
(Hall 6, Powell 2) best, Hall, Fosdike, O'Keefe, Essendon 9.10-64 (Haynes 2) best, Haynes, Peverill, Bolton, at Newcastle, 1.30pm AEDT, crowd: 3405.

The Bulldogs and Lions fought out a tight battle at Carlton on Saturday afternoon – there was only five points in it as Brisbane came home strongly. The gap may have narrowed with Bulldogs looking much better with the addition of Grant, Rawlings and Street kicked seven goals (to two) in the second quarter to lead by as much as 35 points. It was a solid outing for both squads.
Brisbane 16.12-108
(Bradshaw 3) best, Lappin, Black, Hart, West.B'dogs 15.13-103 (Bowden, Giansiracusa 3, Rawlings 3) best, Giansiracusa, Rawlings, at Princes Park, 2pm AEDT, crowd: about 4,000.

The Roos scored a 22-point win over the Dockers on Saturday afternoon at Mandura, south of Perth. Freo, who lost star midfilder Des Headland to an ankle injury four minutes from the start, then Robert Hadrill and Steven Dodd to injuries in the second term were far from disgraced. At the end, the Dockers could not overcome the Roos' trademark spirit.
Kangaroos 18.12-120
(Harding 4) best, Harding Firitto, Archer, Fremantle 15.8-98 (Pavlich 4, Bell 3) best, Sandilands, Browne, Pavlich, at Mandurah, 6.30pm AEDT (3.30pm WST), crowd: 7,527.

The attendance for the Wizard Cup grand final took the total
to 259,128 people for the 15-match series.

2004 – 259,128 (average 17,275) 15 games
2003 – 267,016 (average 17,801) 15 games
2002 – 398,309 (average 14,752) 27 games

Pre-Season Ladder 2004
W L D F A % Total 2004
1 ST.KILDA 4 0 436 297 146.80 16 3 2
2 MELBOURNE 3 1 342 293 116.72 12 7 5
3 BRISBANE LIONS 3 1 351 311 112.86 12 2 1
4 GEELONG 3 1 324 305 106.23 12 4
5 KANGAROOS 2 1 1 384 361 106.37 10 10 5
6 CARLTON 2 2 464 363 127.82 8 11 5
7 ADELAIDE 2 2 315 264 119.32 8 12 5
8 WEST COAST 2 2 335 295 113.56 8 8
9 Fremantle 2 2 393 366 107.38 8 9
10 Port Adelaide 2 2 339 334 101.50 8 1 9
11 Sydney 2 2 315 355 88.73 8 5 6
12 Essendon 2 2 345 420 82.14 8 6 6
13 West.B'Dogs 1 3 403 434 92.86 4 14 1
14 Richmond 1 3 336 418 80.38 4 16 2
15 Hawthorn 0 3 1 277 375 73.87 2 15
16 Collingwood 0 4 214 382 56.02 0 13 3

1st Round (Week 1) match details
Quarter Finals (Week 2) match details

Semi-Finals (Week 3)
Grand Final (Week 4)

Best of Wizard Cup series 2004

Highest Scores


9, 6, 3, 1pt Final Scores Where
150 CARLTON v Sydney–48 1R-Hom
131 WEST COAST v C'wood–26 1R(n)-S
126 ST KILDA v Essendon–84 SF(n)-Dok
119 ST KILDA v Richmond 1.7.6–57 QF(n)-Dok
113 MELBOURNE v Kangaroos–91 1R-Man
107 ESSENDON v Fremantle 1.13.12–89 1R(n)-Mar
105 RICHMOND v West.B'dogs–81 R1(n)-Dok

Lowest Scores


9, 6, 3, 1pt Final Scores Where
26 COLLINGWOOD v WC–131 1R(n)-S
40 HAWTHORN v Brisbane–77 1R-YPL
48 SYDNEY v Carlton–150 1R-Hom
57 RICHMOND v St Kilda 2.15.11–119 QF(n)-Dok
65 PORT ADE v Geelong 2.10.7–85 1R(n)-Caz
66 CARLTON v Geelong–86 QF-PP
75 WEST COAST v Melbourne QF(n)-Dok
76 MELBOURNE v Geelong–77 SF(n)-Dok
76 1.10.7 GEELONG v St Kilda 1.14.5–98 GF(n)-Dok
77 BRISBANE v Hawthorn–40 1R-YPL
77 GEELONG v Melbourne 2.8-0.10–76 SF(n)-Dok
79 BRISBANE v Essendon 1.12.9–90 QF(n)-Dok
80 ADELAIDE v St Kilda–93 1R-FP
81 WEST.B'DOGS v Richmond–105 1R(n)--Dok
84 ESSENDON v St Kilda–126 SF(n)-Dok
85 GEELONG v Port Ade–65 1R(n)-Caz
86 GEELONG v Carlton–66 QF-PP
87 MELBOURNE v West Coast–75 QF(n)-Dok
91 KANGAROOS v Melbourne 4.11.11–113 1R-Man
93 ST KILDA v Adelaide–80 1R-FP
90 ESSENDON v Brisbane–79 QF(n)-Dok
98 1.14.5 ST KILDA v Geelong 1.10.7–76 GF(n)-Dok
99 FREMANTLE v Essendon–107 1R(n)-Mar

Greatest Winning Margins

105pts WEST COAST–131 v Col–26 1R(n)-S
102pts CARLTON–150 v Syd–48 1R-Hom
62pts ST KILDA 2.15.11–119 v Rch 1.7.6–57 QF(n)-Dok
42pts ST KILDA–126 v Ess–84 SF(n)-Dok
37pts BRISBANE–77 v Haw–40 1R-YPL
24pts RICHMOND–105 v WB–81 1R(n)-Dok
22pts MELBOURNE 4.11.11–113 v Kan 2.10.13–91 1R-Man
22pts ST KILDA 1.14.5–98 v Gee 1.10.7–76 GF(n)-Dok
20pts GEELONG 2.10.7–85 v PA–65 1R(n)-Caz
20pts GEELONG–86 v Car–66 QF-PP
13pts ST KILDA–93 v Ade–80 1R-FP
12pts MELBOURNE–87 v WC–75 QF(n)-Dok
11pts ESSENDON–90 v Bri–79 QF(n)-Dok
8pts ESSENDON 2.13.11–107 v Fre 1.13.12–99 1R(n)-Mar
1 pt GEELONG 2.8.18–77 v Mel–76 SF(n)-Dok

Most recent One-Pointer

There have been 19 one-point results since the first in 1964.

The most recent —

Geelong 14.13-97 v North Melb 14.12-96


Adelaide 78 – v Port Adelaide 77 –


Geelong–77 v Melbourne–76


Best Scores in Each Quarter, 2004



59pts WCE v Col 1 1R(n)-S 43pts MEL v Kan 29 1R-Man
44pts CAR v Syd 17 1R-Hom 43pts GEE v StK 20 GF(n)-Dok
38pts STK v Ade 13 1R-FP 35pts ESS v StK 26 SF(n)-Dok
38pts STK v Ess 7 SF)n)-Dok 29pts KAN v Mel 43 1R-Man
37pts MEL v WC 15 QF(n)-Dok 26pts STK v Ess 35 SF(n)-Dok
36pts RCH v WB 7 1R(n)-Dok 25pts CAR v Syd 8 1R-Hom
35pts MEL v Kan 23 1R-Man 25pts CAR v Gee 14 QF-PP
34pts STK v Rch 9 QF(n)-Dok 22pts WB v Rch 22 1R(n)-Dok
32pts PA v Gee 22 1R(n)-Caz 22pts RCH v WB 22 1R(n)-Dok
31pts BRI v Haw 2 1R-YPL 21pts BRI v Haw 3 1R-YPL
29pts FRE v Ess 27 1R(n)-Mar 21pts ESS v Bri 20 QF(n)-Dok
27pts ESS v Fre 29 1R(n)-Mar 20pts STK v Ade 19 1R-FP
27pts GEE v Car 15 QF-PP 20pts BRI v Ess 21 QF(n)-Dok
25pts ESS v Bri 22 QF(n)-Dok 20pts STK v Gee 43 GF(n)-Dok
25pts STK v Gee 13 GF(n)-Dok 19pts ADE v StK 20 1R-FP
23pts KAN v Mel 35 1R-Man 18pts GEE v Mel 3 SF(n)-Dok



45pts ESS v Fre 33 1R(n)-Mar 55pts CAR v Syd 7 1R-Hom
36pts ESS v Bri 20 QF(n)-Dok 52pts STK v Rch 18 QF(n)-Dok
33pts WB v Rch 13 1R(n)-Dok 37pts WC v Col 9 1R(n)-S
33pts FRE v Ess 45 1R(n)-Mar 35pts ADE v StK 16 1R-FP
33pts STK v Ess 25 SF(n)-Dok 34pts RCH v WB 19 1R(n)-Dok
31pts GEE v PA 22 1R(n)-Caz 34pts STK v Gee 1 GF(n)-Dok
31pts MEL v Gee 16 SF(n)-Dok 29pts STK v Ess 17 SF(n)-Dok
26pts WC v Col 10 1R(n)-S 26pts WC v Mel 9 QF(n)-Dok
26pts CAR v Syd 16 1R-Hom 24pts GEE v Car 14 QF-PP
26pts MEL v WC 21 QF(n)-Dok 24pts GEE v Mel 21 SF(n)-Dok
25pts ESS v StK 33 SF(n)-Dok 23pts GEE v PA 0 1R(n)-Caz
24pts STK v Rch 15 QF(n)-Dok 22pts KAN v Mel 19 1R-Man
22pts PA v Gee 31 1R(n)-Caz

Best in Goals – 2004 pre-season series

9-point goals









GRAHAM Ben Gee 1 x 1 1 3
MORRELL Digby Kan 1 1 x x 2
LUCAS Scott Ess 1 1 x x 2
WHEATLEY Paul Mel 1 1 x x 2
ABLETT Luke Syd 1 x x x 1
BOLTON Craig Syd 1 x x x 1
BROWN Nathan Rch x 1 x x 1
BRUCE Cameron Mel 1 x x x 1
FIORA Aaron Rch 1 x x x 1
GODDARD Brendan StK x x 1 x 1
GREEN Brad Mel x x 1 x 1
GUERRA Brent StK x 1 x x 1
HAMILL Aaron StK x 1 x x 1
HARVEY Brent Kan 1 x x x 1
HAYNES David Gee x x 1 x 1
HEADLAND Des Fre 1 x x x 1
HIRD James Ess 1 x x x 1
JOHNSON Jason Ess x x 1 x 1
KEATING Clark Bri x 1 x x 1
KINGSLEY Adam PA 1 x x x 1
MASSIE Kris Ade 1 x x x 1
MILBURN Darren Gee 1 x x x 1
MONTAGNA Leigh StK x x x 1 1
NEITZ David Gee x x 1 x 1
NICHOLSON Alistair Mel 1 x x x 1
PETTIFER Kayne Rch 1 x x x 1
POWELL Stephen StK 1 x x x 1
PRATT Daniel Bri x 1 x x 1
STEVENS Michael Kan 1 x x x 1
THOMPSON Andrew StK x x 1 x 1
WHITE Jeff Mel 1 x x x 1
WOODEN Josh WCE 1 x x x 1

6-point goals









GEHRIG Fraser StK 2 4 5 2 13
KINGSLEY Kent Gee x 2 4 5 11
FEVOLA Brendan Car 8 1 x x 9
LLOYD Matthew Ess 4 4 1 x 9
MILNE Stephen StK 2 3 3 1 9
RIEWOLDT Nick StK 3 x 4 2 9
HAMILL Aaron StK x 3 2 2 7
BROWN Jonathan Bri 5 x x x 5
GRAHAM Ben Gee 3 x 1 1 5
McCARTHY Matthew Gee x 3 x 2 5
McDOUGALL Andrew WCE 3 2 x x 5
WHITNALL Lance Car x 5 x x 5
CAMPOREALE Scott Car 4 x x x 4
DAVEY Aaron Mel 1 1 2 x 4
GUERRA Brent StK x x x 4 4
HARFORD Daniel Car 2 2 x x 4
JOHNSON Mark Ess x 3 1 x 4
NEITZ David Mel x 1 3 x 4
OTTENS Brad Rch 1 3 x x 4
RICCARDI Peter Gee 2 2 x x 4
BALL Luke StK 1 x 1 1 3
BRENNAN Jared Bri x 3 x x 3
BRUCE Cameron Mel 2 1 x x 3
GRANT Shannon Kan 3 x x x 3
GREEN Brad Mel x 1 2 x 3
HILLE David Ess 1 1 1 x 3
HIRD James Ess 3 x x x 3
JOHNSTONE Travis Mel 2 x 1 x 3
LING Cameron Gee x 3 x x 3
MATERA Phillip WCE 3 x x x 3
MEDHURST Paul Fre 3 x x x 3
RICHARDSON Matthew Rch x 3 x x 3
WATERHOUSE Clive Fre 3 x x x 3
JOHNSON Brad WB 3 x x x 3
VARDY Peter Mel 2 1 x x 3
YZE Adem Mel 1 2 x x 3
ABLETT Gary Gee x x 1 1 2
ADKINS Damien WCE 2 x x x 2
BELL Peter Fre 2 x x x 2
BOYD Matthew WB 2 x x x 2
CHARMAN Jamie Bri 2 x x x 2
CLARKE Xavier StK 1 1 x x 2
COREY Joel Gee 1 x 1 x 2
HARVEY Brent Kan 2 x x x 2
HAYES Lenny StK 1 x x 1 2
HAYNES David Gee x x 1 1 2
HEADLAND Des Fre 2 x x x 2
JOHNSON Brett Car x 2 x x 2
JOHNSON Paul WCE 1 1 x x 2
LYNCH Alastair Bri x 2 x x 2
MORRISON Shane Rch 2 x x x 2
MURPHY Justin Ess 1 1 x x 2
NICOSKI Mark WCE 2 x x x 2
POWER Luke Bri 2 x x x 2
POWER Sam WB 2 x x x 2
REILLY Brent Ade 2 x x x 2
RICHARDS Ted Ess x 1 1 x 2
ROBERTSON Russell Mel 1 x 1 x 2
RODAN David Rch 2 x x x 2
SAMPI Ashley WCE 2 x x x 2
SCHNEIDER Adam Syd 2 x x x 2
SKIPWORTH Hayden Ade 2 x x x 2
STEVENS Anthony Kan 2 x x x 2
THURLEY Cameron Gee 2 x x x 2
TREDREA Warren PA 2 x x x 2
WATSON Jobe Ess x x 2 x 2
WELSH Scott Ade 2 x x x 2
WHITE Jeff Mel 1 1 x x 2
WINDERLICH Jason Ess 2 x x x 2
ZANTUCK Ty Rch 2 x x x 2
AKERMANIS Jason Bri 1 x x x 1
ALVEY Mark Ess x x 1 x 1
BANDY Daniel WB 1 x x x 1
BARLOW Kris Haw 1 x x x 1
BARTEL James Gee 1 x x x 1
BLAKE Jason StK x x 1 x 1
BOLTON Mark Ess x 1 x x 1
BOWDEN Patrick WB 1 x x x 1
BRADSHAW Daniel Bri x 1 x x 1
BROWN Nathan Rch 1 x x x 1
BURGOYNE Shaun PA 1 x x x 1
BURTON Brett Ade 1 x x x 1
BUTLER Sam WCE x 1 x x 1
CHAMBERS Callum WCE x 1 x x 1
CHICK Daniel WCE 1 x x x 1
CLARKE David Car 1 x x x 1
CLARKE Tim Haw 1 x x x 1
CLAYTON Jeremy Kan 1 x x x 1
COPELAND Robert Bri 1 x x x 1
CORNES Kane PA 1 x x x 1
COUSINS Ben WCE 1 x x x 1
COX Dean WCE x 1 x x 1
DAL SANTO Nick StK x 1 x x 1
FISHER Brad Car 1 x x x 1
FLETCHER Chad WCE x 1 x x 1
FLETCHER Dustin Ess x x 1 x 1
FRENCH Barnaby Car 1 x x x 1
GODDARD Brendon StK x 1 x x 1
GODFREY Simon Mel x 1 x x 1
GRAHAM Jaymie WCE 1 x x x 1
HADLEY Richard Bri x 1 x x 1
HALE David Kan 1 x x x 1
HALL Barry Syd 1 x x x 1
HARVEY Robert StK 1 x x x 1
HOULIHAN Ryan Car 1 x x x 1
HULME Darren Car 1 x x x 1
JOHNCOCK Graham Ade 1 x x x 1
JOHNSON Jason Ess x x 1 x 1
JONES Austinn StK x x x 1 1
JUDD Chris WCE x 1 x x 1
KELLY James Gee x 1 x x 1
KENNA Stephen Car 1 x x x 1
KERR Daniel WCE x 1 x x 1
KRAKOUER Andrew Rch x 1 x x 1
LADE Brendon PA 1 x x x 1
LEKKAS Angelo Haw 1 x x x 1
LONGMUIR Troy Fre 1 x x x 1
LOVETT-MURRAY Nathan Ess 1 x x x 1
LUCAS Scott Ess 1 x x x 1
MAHONEY Josh PA 1 x x x 1
McGRATH Ashley Bri x 1 x x 1
McKEE Steven Col 1 x x x 1
McPHEE Adam Ess x x 1 x 1
MEIKLEJOHN James Syd 1 x x x 1
MILBURN Darren Gee x 1 x x 1
MILLER Brad Mel x 1 x x 1
MORRELL Digby Car 1 x x x 1
MORRISON Chad WCE 1 x x x 1
NOTTING Tim Bri 1 x x x 1
PLAYFAIR Henry Gee 1 x x x 1
POWELL Stephen StK x 1 x x 1
PRIMUS Matthew PA 1 x x x 1
RAMANAUSKAS Adam Ess x 1 x x 1
RAWLINGS Jade WB 1 x x x 1
RAY Farren WB 1 x x x 1
RICCIUTO Mark Ade 1 x x x 1
RIOLI Dean Ess x x 1 x 1
ROCCA Saverio Kan 1 x x x 1
RUTTEN Ben Ade 1 x x x 1
SCHAMMER Byron Fre 1 x x x 1
SCHULTZ Jay Rch 1 x x x 1
SEABY Mark WCE 1 x x x 1
SIMMONDS Troy Fre 1 x x x 1
STAFFORD Greg Rch 1 x x x 1
STENGLEIN Tyson Ade 1 x x x 1
STEVENS Nick Car 1 x x x 1
SWAN Dane Col 1 x x x 1
THOMPSON Andrew StK 1 x x x 1
THOMPSON Scott Mel x 1 x x 1
TIVENDALE Greg Rch 1 x x x 1
VANDENBERG Richard Haw 1 x x x 1
VOSS Brett StK x 1 x x 1
WEST Scott WB 1 x x x 1
WHEATLEY Paul Mel 1 x x x 1
WHITE Damon PA 1 x x x 1

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