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Round 23
Fri-Sat-Sun, August 26-27-28
1 Friday (night) Subiaco, 8.40 Fremantle v Collingwood
2 Saturday MCG, 2.10 Hawthorn v West.B'dogs
3 Saturday Kardinia Park, 2.10 Geelong v Sydney
4 Saturday (night) Docklands, 7.10 St Kilda v North Melb
5 Saturday (night) Gabba, 7.10 Brisbane v West Coast
6 Sunday Football Park, 1.10 Adelaide v Richmond
7 Sunday MCG, 2.10 Melbourne v Gold Coast
8 Sunday (night) Docklands, 4.40 Essendon v Port Adelaide



all times shown are Eastern
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 Thursday, August 25

First Brownlow draws $170,000 at auction
Australian football's first Brownlow medal was sold at auction on Wednesday night in Melbourne but failed to reach the hoped-for price.

Yahoo! Sport reports: The medal – awarded in 1924 to Geelong's Edward "Carji" Greeves – sold for $170,000, well below market expectations.

With the commission added in, the successful bidder paid $203,600.

A spokeswoman for Leski Auctions said there were only two bidders, one in the room and one on the phone, who eventually won.

The medal, awarded to the AFL's best and fairest player, had been sold by Greeves' daughter in 2008, and expectations were that it would go for as much as $250,000.

Another Brownlow Medal, won by Richmond's Stan Judkins, was sold for $30,000 with the commission taking it to $35,940.

Leski Auctions sports expert Max Williamson said the tough economic conditions may have played a part in the medal failing to reach expectations.

Bulldogs re-sign eight of their younger players
The Western Bulldogs announced Wednesday they have re-signed eight of the club's younger players to new deals.

Easton Wood, Liam Picken, Tom Williams, Jarrad Grant, Jayden Schofield, Jason Tutt and father-son recruits Tom Liberatore and Mitch Wallis have all agreed to terms with the club.

However, ABC Sport notes Callan Ward was not among them, amid speculation the midfielder is likely to accept a huge offer to join Greater Western Sydney.

Bulldog veterans Ben Hudson and Mitch Hahn have announced their retirements, to take effect at the end of the season.

Ruckman Hudson, 32, played more than 140 matches for the Bulldogs and Adelaide and has been the former's number one ruck option since arriving from the Crows for the 2008 season.

Forward Hahn has played 181 matches for the Bulldogs.

But the 30-year-old has not played a match this season.

Hip surgery for Matthew Pavlich
Fremantle skipper Matthew Pavlich will undergo surgery today to fix a hip complaint that has been nagging him for the past few seasons.

Pavlich, who had already been ruled out of the final two rounds this year with a calf injury, said the surgery would not affect his 2012 preseason.

The Dockers are set to make at least six changes for Friday night's clash with Collingwood in Perth, with Greg Broughton (ribs), David Mundy (ankle), Alex Silvagni (concussion), Hayden Ballantyne (hamstring) and Adam McPhee (foot) joining Pavlich on the sidelines.

Bombers lose Crameri for rest of the season
Essendon have suffered a blow ahead of Sunday's game with Port Adelaide, losing forward Stewart Crameri for the rest of the season.

The 23-year-old, who leads the Bombers' goal-kicking with 34 goals from 20 games this year, will have surgery after dislocating his right shoulder against West Coast on Saturday.

Essendon had been considering whether Crameri could play through the pain, then have an operation at the end of the season, but decided not to risk it.

Baby Bombers of 1993, sixth in 2011
With the completion of 20 matches played by all clubs in 2011 it is possible to make some comparisons with the final home and away ladder in 1993 when Essendon – Kevin Sheedy’s “Baby Bombers” – topped the list and won the flag.

This season they would be distant in sixth place. Using a number of criteria, it is already clear that this season is the most lop-sided on record with the gap between the top three or four sides and the bottom three or four the most ever.

A study of the ladders of the two seasons illustrates the stark contrast between the seasons.




Col W L D For Agst % Pts   Ess W L D For Agst % Pts
Col 19 1 – 2407 1345 179.0 76    Ess 13 6 1 2333 1959 119.1 54
Gee 18 2 – 2313 1467 157.7 72    Car 13 6 1 2315 1968 117.6 54
Haw 16 4 – 2136 1470 145.3 64    NM 13 7 – 2597 2150 120.8 52
WCE 15 5 – 2001 1584 126.3 60    Haw 13 7 – 2166 1858 116.6 52
Car 14 5 1 2093 1536 136.3 58    WCE 12 8 – 1912 1651 115.8 48
StK 10 9 1 1670 1541 108.4 42    Ade 12 8 – 2168 1840 117.8 48
Syd 10 9 1 1679 1582 106.1 42    Gee 12 8 – 2354 2109 111.6 48
Ess 10 9 1 2020 1970 102.5 42    Col 11 9 – 2086 2060 101.3 44
NM 9 11 – 1932 1856 104.1 36    Fsc 11 9 – 1978 1997 99.0 44
Fre 9 11 – 1678 1916 87.6 36    Fit 10 10 – 1903 1936 98.3 40
WB 8 12 – 1886 1981 95.2 32    StK 10 10 – 2040 2166 94.2 40
Rch 7 12 1 1857 2193 84.7 30    Bri 4 16 – 1886 2504 75.3 16
Mel 7 12 1 1758 2121 82.9 30    Rch 4 16 – 1753 2480 70.7 16
Ade 7 13 – 1593 1927 82.7 28    Syd 1 19 – 1837 2901 63.3 4
Bri 4 16 – 1666 2032 82.0 16                  
GC 3 17 – 1355 2508 54.0 12                  
PA 2 18 – 1493 2439 61.2 8                  


  W L D For Agst % Pts
Col, 2011 19 1 – 2407 1345 179.0 76
Gee, 2011 18 2 – 2313 1467 157.7 72
Haw, 2011 16 4 – 2136 1470 145.3 64
WCE, 2011 15 5 – 2001 1584 126.3 60
Car, 2011 14 5 1 2093 1536 136.3 58
Ess, 2011 13 6 1 2333 1959 119.1 54
Car, 1993 13 6 1 2315 1968 117.6 54
NM, 1993 13 7 – 2597 2150 120.8 52
Haw, 1993 13 7 – 2166 1858 116.6 52
WCE, 1993 12 8 – 1912 1651 115.8 48
Ade, 1993 12 8 – 2168 1840 117.8 48
Gee, 1993 12 8 – 2354 2109 111.6 48
Col, 1993 11 9 – 2086 2060 101.3 44
Fsc, 1993 11 9 – 1978 1997 99.0 44
StK, 2011 10 9 1 1670 1541 108.4 42
Syd, 2011 10 9 1 1679 1582 106.1 42
Ess, 2011 10 9 1 2020 1970 102.5 42
Mel, 1993 10 10 – 2026 1775 114.1 40
Fit, 1993 10 10 – 1903 1936 98.3 40
StK, 1993 10 10 – 2040 2166 94.2 40
NM, 2011 9 11 – 1932 1856 104.1 36
Fre, 2011 9 11 – 1678 1916 87.6 36
WB, 2011 8 12 – 1886 1981 95.2 32
Rch, 2011 7 12 1 1857 2193 84.7 30
Mel, 2011 7 12 1 1758 2121 82.9 30
Ade, 2011 7 13 – 1593 1927 82.7 28
Bri, 2011 4 16 – 1666 2032 82.0 16
Bri, 1993 4 16 – 1886 2504 75.3 16
Rch, 1993 4 16 – 1753 2480 70.7 16
GC, 2011 3 17 – 1355 2508 54.0 12
PA, 2011 2 18 – 1493 2439 61.2 8
Syd, 1993 1 19 – 1837 2901 63.3 4

This is a must – please see this link

Michael presents an absorbing display showing the top 4 teams in 2011 after 20 matches have a combined match-points total equal to the most by a top 4 after 22 matches –
Top 12 combined results by the top 4 and top 2 teams – more ...

2011, Round 23
Friday-Saturday-Sunday, August 26-27-28
(subject to selection, injury or suspension)
200 – MICHAEL S GARDINER (StK 2007-10, WCE 1997-2006)
    181 premiership, 19 pre-season

200 – QUINTEN LYNCH (West Coast, 2002-11)
    184 premiership, 16 pre-season
100 – MARK BLAKE (Geelong), 2005-10
100 – HAMISH McINTOSH (North Melb), 2005-10

  50 – BEN REID (Collingwood), 2007-11
  50 – JAMIE BENNELL (Melbourne), 2009-11
  50 – JARRYN GEARY (St Kilda), 2008-11
  50 – JESSE WHITE (Sydney), 2008-11
  50 – CHRIS MASTEN (West Coast), 2008-11
  50 – KEPLER BRADLEY (Fremantle), 2008-11; also 49 Ess 2004-07
100 – DAVID RODAN (Port Adelaide), 2007-11; also 65 Rch 2002-06
500 – JONATHAN BROWN (Bri) 498 goals, 210 games
250 – MARK L WILLIAMS (Ess+Haw) 247 goals, 115 games
300 – CAMERON MOONEY (Gee+NM) 297 goals, 221 games
250 – DANIEL GIANSIRACUSA (WB) 248 goals, 211 games
200 – DREW PETRIE (NM) 197 goals, 197 games

100 – SHANNON BYRNES (Gee) 98 goals, 102 games
100 – BRETT DELEDIO (Rch) 99 goals, 148 games
100 – TOM HAWKINS (Gee) 98 goals, 74 games
100 – GRAHAM JOHNCOCK (Ade) 98 goals, 204 games
100 – CYRIL RIOLI (Hawthorn) 97 goals, 79 games
100 – BRENT STAKER (Bri+WCE) 98 goals, 138 games
100 – DALE THOMAS (Col) 99 goals, 129 games
100 – LEIGH MONTAGNA (StK) 98 goals, 166 games
100 – RYAN GRIFFIN (WB) 96 goals, 141 games
100 – ROBBIE GRAY (PA) 95 goals, 66 games

BRAD GREEN (Mel) has kicked 199 goals at the MCG.

Port Adelaide defender Jackson Trengove has snubbed offers to return to his home city of Melbourne by signing a new contract with the Power.

Trengove's re-signing raised expectations at the Power that full-back Alipate Carlile and 20-year-old forward John Butcher will both re-commit to the club.

Trengove, 20, is the youngest member of the Power's leadership group and had been wooed by Melbourne clubs, including Richmond – ABC Sport

Sydney are supporting their co-captain Jarrad McVeigh, as he and his wife cope with the death of their four-week old baby daughter.
Daughter Luella, who was born on July 25 with serious heart complications, died in hospital on Wednesday.
McVeigh will not play against Geelong on Saturday – ABC Sport

The AFL took another step towards its goal of making a mark in western Sydney by officially signing its 10,000th Greater Western Sydney club member on Wednesday.

Yahoo! Sports notes the Giants announced the milestone with their first game in the senior competition still seven months away.

The boundary umpire who missed Eagle Josh Kennedy twice holding the ball out of bounds on Saturday at Subiaco has been banished for the finals.
In the process of pushing off Essendon's Mark McVeigh with his left arm, Kennedy held the ball about half a metre over the line not once, but twice, just metres in front of the boundary umpire, who had a clear view of the incident.
With the margin still close in the first half, Kennedy then ran into an open goal as McVeigh protested next to the boundary line.

Did you know? ... the longest streak by a central umpire in VFL+AFL ranks is 177 matches and is held by Scott McLaren who posted his lengthy reign with the whistle between 1998-R13 to 2006-R13.
Umpire Brett Allen had a streak of 116 matches between 2000-R4 and 2005-R9.
Third on the slate is Brett Rosebury who recently ended a run of 115 games, 2006-R14 to 2011-R18.
The info is part of
the AFL Umpires' Association website.

Catching up:
The crowd of 52,052 at Docklands last Friday night was the 5th-biggest AFL attendance at the venue ... 9.4-58 by Adelaide against Gold Coast last Saturday at Carrara is the biggest opening by the Crows of their 484 AFL matches ... North's 98-point win over Fremantle last Saturday night ranks 15th of the all-time best victories at Docklands ... just 14,169 attended Footy Park on Sunday for the Port-Bulldogs match; only one other crowd is lower, 14,113 versus West Coast last season in Round 20 ...


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 Wednesday, August 24

MRP, Tribunal
Tribunal confirms Hocking suspension
Other cases concluded with early guilty pleas

Heath Hocking was determined to stop Daniel Kerr breaking clear of his tackle, but the AFL Tribunal has ruled he went too far.

ABC Sport reports the jury took less than five minutes on Tuesday night to find the Essendon onballer guilty of rough conduct against his star West Coast opponent.

The one-match ban rules Hocking out of Sunday's game against Port Adelaide, which the Bombers must win to make the finals.

In other charges from the weekend, Colin Sylvia's season at Melbourne is over after he accepted a two-match ban for striking Richmond's Jayden Post.

Team-mate Aaron Davey will miss this week's match against Gold Coast at the MCG after accepting a one-match ban for striking Richmond's Mitch Morton.

Richmond's Dean Polo and Fremantle's Clayton Hinkley have both accepted reprimands for their respective tripping and forceful contact charges, while Jack Riewoldt and Jordie McKenzie took their $900 fines for wrestling each other, and Sydney's Jude Bolton ($900) accepted his fine for contact with umpire Ray Chamberlain.

Reports from Round 22 –
refer Tribunal for each charge

Worth attention ...
MCG to punt live odds off ground
Greg Baum
in The Age details in what can be seen as a stance against the growing gambling culture in AFL football, the MCG has banned the promotion of live odds on its scoreboard.
     MCG Trust chairman John Wylie said the trust had become increasingly concerned at what he called a sharp increase in advertising of gambling agents and products, especially up-to-date odds during matches. In the trust's annual report, Wylie writes: ''We see this as a poor development for the ground, for the sporting codes and for the community.''
     Elaborating yesterday, Wylie said: ''We just think it's inconsistent with what football at the MCG should be all about, which is the football, as opposed to the promotion of gambling on matches during matches. Our policy as a trust is that we would like to see the promotion of live gambling odds at the ground finished.''
     Betfair has a contract to show live odds on the scoreboard screen at the MCG and Etihad Stadium before matches, and at each break. This deal expires at the end of the season, and Wylie said it would not be renewed at the MCG – more ...

Brady Rawlings to retire
North Melbourne champion Brady Rawlings has announced his retirement, effective at the end of the 2011 season.

Regarded as one of the club’s most competitive and spirited players, the 30-year old carved out a reputation as one of the league’s elite taggers before taking on a new role in the backline under new coach Brad Scott in 2010.

Rawlings has won three club best and fairest awards and currently sits on 243 games averaging 18 disposals.

Born and raised in Tasmania, the deputy-vice captain was selected by the Kangaroos with pick 15 in the 1998 draft. He made his debut in 1999 and had a career high in disposals with 39 recorded against Fremantle last season.

Top finalists are all recent premiers
This season’s top four are all recent premiers:

Collingwood – 2010
Geelong – 2007 and 2009
Hawthorn – 2008
West Coast – 2006

The next group in the top eight, apart from Sydney, last won a flag more than a decade ago:

Carlton – 1995
St Kilda – 1966
(the Saints have had plenty of recent Grand Final experience,
                                having participated in three in the last two seasons)

Sydney – 2005
Essendon – 2000

Outside the top eight:

North Melbourne – 1999
Fremantle – never
W Bulldogs – 1954
Richmond – 1980
Melbourne – 1964
Adelaide 1998
Brisbane – 2003
Gold Coast – never
Port Adelaide – 2004.

Cam Mooney confirms retirement
Retiring Geelong forward Cameron Mooney says he expects more Cats to announce in the coming weeks that this will be their final AFL season.

Mooney confirmed yesterday this will be his last year in the AFL, after being heavily restricted by a chronic knee injury this season.

But he says he has felt good over the past few weeks and believes he can play a significant role in the second-placed Cats' finals campaign – Big Pond Sport

First Brownlow for auction

The first Brownlow Medal won by Geelong legend Edward 'Carji" Greeves goes to auction tonight in Melbourne through Charles Leski Auctions' at Hawthorn.

Expectations are the footy icon will fetch at least $250,000.

Also up is the 1930 Brownlow won by Richmond's Stan Judkins.

Round 22 –
Alex Fasolo

Collingwood small forward Alex Fasolo has won the AFL's round 22 Rising Star nomination.

Fasolo was consistent over four quarters for the Magpies during their win against Brisbane on Saturday night at the MCG, with 19 disposals and two goals.

The promising rookie has played nine AFL games since making his debut in the round 12 clash against Melbourne, where he gathered 15 disposals and kicked a goal.

In his last four matches Fasolo has averaged 16 disposals and kicked nine goals including five against Essendon in round 19, where he also had 18 touches and used the ball with 100 per cent efficiency.
Full details and history of the AFL-NAB Rising Star award ... more

Melbourne coach Todd Viney has lashed out at 'sinister' media reports questioning the future of skipper Brad Green with the Demons.

Green became the first AFL captain to start a game sitting on the bench wearing the substitute's vest as Viney attempted to nurse the forward through the match despite a back problem.

Yahoo! Sport notes Viney, who is caretaker coach for the remainder of the 2011 season following the sacking of Dean Bailey, said he has been having discussions as normal with the out-of-contract Green regarding the 30-year-old's playing future.

'The only murmurings have been through some sinister media work, that because he's played as a sub, that is the end of Brad Green,' Viney said on Tuesday.

'That is a load of rubbish. I presume he will be with the Melbourne footy club next year.'

 Tuesday, August 23

Match Review Panel – Round 22
Hocking, Sylvia, Davey face suspension

Essendon midfielder Heath Hocking was hit on Monday by a suspension from the Match Review Panel for a sling tackle on West Coast's Daniel Kerr at Subiaco last Saturday.

If he accepts the ban, he will miss the Bombers' last home-and-away match against Port Adelaide at Docklands on Sunday and faces two weeks without football as the Bombers have the bye the week before the finals.

Guy Hand for Yahoo! Sport reports West Coast's Beau Waters escaped punishment for the hit which concussed and bloodied the Essendon skipper Jobe Watson – the MRP believing the high contact was accidental.

But the season looks over for Melbourne midfielder Colin Sylvia, who faces a two-match ban.

Sylvia was charged with rough conduct over his high hit on Richmond defender Jayden Post during the Demons' seven-point loss on Sunday.

He cannot reduce the ban with a guilty plea.

Sylvia's team-mate Aaron Davey has been offered a one-match ban if he makes an early guilty plea to striking Richmond's Mitch Morton.

Fremantle's Clayton Hinkley and St Kilda's Dean Polo can accept reprimands.

Richmond's Jack Riewoldt and Melbourne's Jordie McKenzie have been fined $900 for wrestling, with Sydney veteran Jude Bolton slugged $900 for contact with umpire Ray Chamberlain.

All players have until lunchtime on today to decide whether to fight their penalties at the tribunal.

Worth attention ...
Seven, 3AW in talks over simulcast deal
Jon Pirak
of The Age suggests Channel Seven's broadcast of Saturday night football could be simulcast on 3AW next season, as the television network begins preparations to televise four matches per round.
     Seven and 3AW officials have held a preliminary discussion about a joint venture in a move that could be a win for both parties.
     Saturday night traditionally can be difficult to attract strong ratings on radio, and a partnership with Seven may not only boost the number of listeners but also save costs for the radio network.
     There is speculation that popular commentator Brian Taylor, currently contracted to Fox Sports and 3AW, could join Seven next year and anchor the Saturday night slot. Taylor already heads up 3AW's two most important AFL timeslots – Friday night and Saturday afternoon – more ...

Dockers lose seven to injury
What was hoped would be a Friday night blockbuster in Perth is almost certain to be a fizzer, with seven top-line Fremantle players ruled out of the clash with defending premier Collingwood. TAB Sportsbet on Monday had Collingwood at $1.03 and Fremantle $10.

ABC Sport report Dockers skipper Matthew Pavlich (calf), Hayden Ballantyne (hamstring), David Mundy (ankle) and Adam McPhee (foot) are unlikely to play again this season, while Alex Silvagni (concussion) and Greg Broughton (ribs) will also be absent against the Magpies.

Defender Antoni Grover (soreness) is also unlikely to front up after a big season in which he has missed just one game.

Fremantle coach Mark Harvey denied this week's selection choices were related to the team's ladder position, saying those same seven players would have been ruled out against the 'Pies even if Fremantle was still in the finals mix.

Harvey predicted he would have just 25 fit players to choose from this week, but admitted even some of those were underdone due to recent injuries.

Concerns over playing surface at Homebush
The surface at Sydney's Olympic Stadium at Homebush has again been labelled unacceptable by AFL players ahead of a potential Sydney home final at the venue.

Jon Ralph in Melbourne's Herald Sun reports several who played in the Sydney-St Kilda clash on Sunday condemned the slippery, patchy surface.

St Kilda coach Ross Lyon was caustic about the surface, mocking the ground condition unprompted in his post-match press conference.

The AFL Players Association wants action to see the turf coverage improve quickly given the Swans play a week-one home final there if they qualify.

Chief executive Matt Finnis said last night he was waiting for a copy of the latest ground report from the AFL.

"The AFL Players Association has completed its weekly survey of players views on ground conditions over Round 22," Finnis said.

"We have received very strong feedback, in addition to the survey, from a number of members who played at ANZ, indicating the stadium surface was not up to the standard they expect of an AFL venue – more ...

Cats gunning for 100 from 116
When Geelong hosts the Sydney Swans this week the Cats will have the chance of claiming their 100th victory from just 116 matches. This run started in Round 6, 2007. The previous benchmark was Collingwood’s 100 from 121 matches in 1925-31. The Melbourne team of 1954-59 needed 124 matches to notch 100 wins. The Hawks of 1985-89 took 125 matches to claim 100 victories.

Since the Cats’ amazing run began they have performed as follows:

Matches decided by 40 points or more – won 53 lost 3
Matches decided by 50 points or more – won 44 lost 1
Matches decided by 60 points or more – won 34 lost 1
Matches decided by 100 points or more – won 9 lost 0

Matches decided by one point – won 3 lost 0
Matches decided by six points or fewer – won 11 lost 4
Matches decided by nine points or fewer – won 15 lost 6
Matches decided by 12 points or fewer – won 19 lost 7

Here is how the other clubs have performed against Geelong during the period:
  W L Points
Perc. Perc
CARLTON 2 3 457 486 94.0 40.0
COLLINGWOOD 3 6 766 777 98.6 33.3
ST KILDA 3 6 651 818 79.6 33.3
ESSENDON 1 5 406 807 61.5 16.7
WEST COAST 1 6 521 876 59.5 14.3
HAWTHORN 1 7 748 777 96.3 12.5
ADELAIDE 1 7 597 807 74.9 12.5
WEST.B'DOGS 1 7 640 969 66.0 12.5
BRISBANE 1 7 599 941 63.7 12.5
PORT ADELAIDE 1 7 550 996 55.2 12.5
FREMANTLE 1 8 671 971 69.1 11.1
SYDNEY 0 8 572 874 65.4 0.0
NORTH MELB 0 7 510 860 59.3 0.0
RICHMOND 0 7 463 973 47.6 0.0
MELBOURNE 0 6 376 851 44.2 0.0
GOLD COAST 0 2 111 327 33.9 0.0

Some observations during the period:

Adelaide – its highest score against Geelong is 91 points. The Cats have exceeded that total on six occasions.
Brisbane – is 1-5 in matches decided by 40 points or more. Managed tallies of only 5.5-35 and 5.3-33 in matches at Kardinia Park in 2007 and 2009 – the lowest scores against the Cats.
Carlton – has played fewer games against Geelong than all other clubs during the period. Maybe the Cats are thankful for that.
Collingwood – kicked the highest score against Geelong – 134 points – and defeated them by the greatest margin – 86 points. The Cats have only twice kicked a century against the Magpies.
Essendon – has conceded a century score in every match. The Bombers booted their first century in defeating the Cats this season.
Fremantle – has booted one century against Geelong – 125 points – giving the Dockers their sole win against the Cats. That score is the second highest against Geelong during the period.
Gold Coast – unfortunate to cop the Cats in their most devastating mood in the Suns’ first season.
Hawthorn – all matches have been close. The Hawks are an extraordinary 0-6 in games decided by 12 points or fewer. Will the wheel turn when the clubs meet in the finals this season?
Melbourne – would be grateful that they have only had to meet Geelong six times. Geelong has exceeded the century each time they have met. Melbourne’s highest score is 82 points.
North Melbourne – defeated Geelong in Round 5, 2007, a loss that sparked the Cats’ run.
Port Adelaide – have conceded a century total in each game against the Cats.
Richmond – have continued to take the brunt of the Cats’ firepower. But it is the Tigers’ attack that has let them down – six totals of 71 points or lower.
St Kilda – have not recorded a century score against the Cats. From 2009 the Saints are 3-3 and a percentage of 98.4.
Sydney – arguably the club to have suffered most at the hands of Geelong, and here they are venturing to Kardinia Park in Round 23. Also have not reached 100 points in games v the Cats.
West Coast – another team that hasn’t reached three figures against Geelong. Was 234 points in deficit in their two games against the Cats in 2008.
Western Bulldogs – Bulldog fans probably hate the Cats more than any other side. The Cats cost the Dogs a Grand Final spot in 2008 and severely dented their prospects in the 2009 Qualifying Final.

Thank you also for the contribution from Michael Rogers for the compilation of the above.

Round 22, published attendances: 247,357.
Progressive: 5,976,468.

Sydney's 10.23 against the Saints on Sunday was made up of single goalkickers – the 10th occasion this has happened this season –
6 – Melbourne v WCE, R6-Sub
6 – Melbourne v Car, R10-MCG
8 – Adelaide v Bri, R10-FP
7 – St Kilda v Col, R11-MCG
6 – Sydney v Ade, R15-FP
6 – Gold Coast v StK, R19-C
6 – Fremantle v Haw, R19-Sub
5 – Port Adelaide v Haw, R21-MCG
6 – Fremantle v NM, R22-Dok
10 – Sydney v StK, R22-Hom.

North Melbourne played and won its 1800th League match on Saturday night ... Richmond beat Melbourne for the 100th time.

The Western Bulldogs have called on former club champion Chris Grant and dual Geelong premiership skipper Tom Harley to help find their next coach.

The Sportal website reports Grant and Harley feature on a five-man coaching sub-committee that also includes chief executive officer Simon Garlick, football manager James Fantasia and board director Geoff Walsh.

Adelaide midfielder Scott Thompson collected a remarkable 51 disposals at Carrara on Saturday afternoon against Gold Coast.

He was two shy of the all-time high recorded by Carlton's Greg Williams in 1989 versus St Kilda, and just headed the 50 touches posted by Collingwood's Tony Shaw in 1991 against Brisbane.

Fledgling AFL club Greater Western Sydney has stood down head recruiter Neville Stibbard over claims he acted aggressively to a rival club staff member.

GWS confirmed a football department official had been stood down on full pay pending an investigation into complaints lodged by North Melbourne.

The Giants say it is alleged he "acted in an unprofessional and aggressive manner to an employee of another club" – ABC Sport

Catching up with Footystats
A computer glitch flattened the Diary over the past three days. We apologise for the interruption and predict all updates will be in place before the start of the next round on Friday.

 Friday, August 19

Round 22 – selected teams
Jamison back for Blues; Waite not ready
Dogs in re-vamp will debut Cordy and Tutt
Nathan Ablett gets first game with Suns

selected teams for Round 22 – more ...

Carlton defensive linchpin Michael Jamison will make a timely return to combat an in-form Hawthorn attack in tonight's blockbuster at Docklands.

Jamison has been out since round 14 with a left knee injury, but the Blues decided to rush their fullback in for the top-four encounter, rather than ease him back through the VFL.

It was the only change for either side.

Sam Lienert notes for Yahoo! Sport: Key forward Jarrad Waite, out with a hip injury since round 16, was not ready, meaning with the Blues having the bye next weekend, his only chance for a pre-finals tune-up will come against St Kilda in round 24.

Essendon's chances of upsetting West Coast in Saturday's big clash in Perth shrunk with the loss of key defenders Tayte Pears and Michael Hurley, both out with soreness.

That will help West Coast's talented big men in attack and the Eagles' defence was strengthened by the return of experienced pair Darren Glass and Beau Waters.

The Western Bulldogs revamped their side, under caretaker coach Paul Williams, naming 2008 father-son recruit Ayce Cordy for a long-awaited AFL debut, along with Jason Tutt, while former Sydney forward Patrick Veszpremi could play his first Bulldogs game.

Veteran ruckman Ben Hudson, 32, was dropped, in a possible pointer to the future, while defender Dale Morris (broken right leg) was forced out, and the Dogs confirmed midfielder Adam Cooney's chronic right knee injury means he will not play again this year.

Their opponents Port Adelaide dumped premiership midfielder Kane Cornes, bolstering speculation this will be his last year with the Power.

Ninth-placed Fremantle welcomed back reigning best and fairest David Mundy from a right leg injury for his first match in 10 weeks, against North Melbourne at Docklands on Saturday night.

Utility Adam McPhee returns from suspension, further strengthening a Dockers outfit bolstered by ruckman Aaron Sandilands' comeback last weekend.

Kangaroos elevated rookie Aaron Mullett will make his AFL debut in the must-win clash, while Lachie Hansen returns from illness, but Robbie Tarrant (left knee) was forced out.

Collingwood lost skipper Nick Maxwell (thumb), fellow veteran Ben Johnson (soreness) and midfielder Sharrod Wellingham (groin) for Saturday night's MCG meeting with Brisbane.

But reliable defender Alan Toovey will return and NSW scholarship player Tom Young becomes the Magpies' fifth debutant this year.

The Lions regained Daniel Rich.

The Swans dropped struggling 30-year-old premiership player Tadhg Kennelly and lost key backman Lewis Roberts-Thomson (calf) for Sunday's crunch ANZ Stadium clash with St Kilda.

Three players will represent Gold Coast for the first time against Adelaide at Carrara on Saturday, including Geelong 2007 premiership player Nathan Ablett.

Joel Tippett is another of their debutants, named to play on his brother, Crows star forward Kurt Tippett, who returns from injury, along with fullback Ben Rutten.

Melbourne captain Brad Green returns for Sunday's MCG meeting with Richmond.

Eade exits Bulldogs; Paul Williams is caretaker
Sacked Western Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade will devote his attention towards chasing the vacant jobs at Melbourne and Adelaide, after deciding not to see out the season.

ABC Sport noted, told on Wednesday his Bulldogs contract would not be renewed, the 14-season coach of 314 matches had initially toyed with the idea of staying at the helm for the final three matches.

Instead, his senior assistant Paul Williams will take over, freeing up Eade, who has stated his intention to be a career coach, to concentrate on gaining a senior job elsewhere.

Williams played 306 games for the Magpies (1991-2000, 189 games) and the Swans (2001-06, 117 games) in a career that also included two best and fairest awards and an All-Australian selection in 2003.

A 2005 Swans premiership player, he announced his retirement in 2006 and moved quickly to pursue a career in coaching.

Eagles learn from McGinnity sledge

West Coast coach John Worsfold says his whole team is wiser following the Patrick McGinnity sledging controversy.

The Eagles handed McGinnity a one-match ban and ordered him to undergo counselling after the midfielder said he would rape the mother of Melbourne's Ricky Petterd in a disturbing on-field sledge last week.

Worsfold said McGinnity was remorseful for the comment and the incident had served as a learning point for the whole playing group.

"They understand what happened, why it happened, what action was taken and they're fully supportive," Worsfold said Thursday.

"(We move on) by addressing it like we have with various issues over my whole time in football.

"You are upfront and honest about it with your playing group and we're all wiser for it.

"Paddy understands very clearly what he did wrong and he understands the penalty and he's forever remorseful, so he just wants to train well and be available to play next week.

"It's important that he just learns from it and that's happened; he'll undergo the counselling.

"He's learnt what the rules are. He's a lot more clear on all that. I think from the moment he uttered the words he was remorseful and in the heat of the moment he'd made a mistake" – Yahoo! Sport

The 512 day break
MWB was sparked by the piece in Melbourne's Herald Sun on Thursday when Jon Anderson noted it will be 512 days on Sunday since the Saints and Swans last played each other.

The clubs clashed in Round 1 last season which makes it one of the longest breaks since the AFL abandoned the scheduling of each team playing each other once in the first 15 rounds of the season.

The long break has rankled Saints supporters, who expressed their feelings on the club's fans site.

"New-born babies have learnt to walk and talk, but we haven't played Sydney,'' one said.

Fans also pointed out that St Kilda had played several teams four times in the past two home and away seasons.

The Saints have played Collingwood six times – including two Grand Finals – since they last met the Swans.

In fact, up to today (August 19), 874 days have passed since they last met in Melbourne – in Round 1 2009 –


04-R11-SCG Su-June 6 36,039 Syd 17.10-112 d StK 11.10-76 36pts
04-2SF-MCG Fr(N)Sep 10 50,671 StK 16.11-107 d Syd 8.8-56 51pts
05-R10-Dok Sa(N)May 28 37,014 StK 15.11-101 d Syd 8.10-58 43pts
05-1PF-MCG Fr(N)Sept 16 73,344 Syd 15.6-96 d StK 9.11-65 31pts
06-R11-SCG Sa(N)June 10 31,146 StK 7.10-52 d Syd 7.8-50 2pts
07-R7-Dok Sa(N)May 12 37,816 StK 15.7-97 d Syd 11.5-71 26pts
07-R20-Hom Sa(N)Aug 11 63,369 Syd 12.10-82 d StK 9.11-65 17pts
08-R1-Dok Sa(N)Mar 22 36,614 StK 6.15-51 d Syd 6.13-49 2pts
08-R12-SCG Sa(N)June 14 25,996 Syd 14.18-102 d 9.13-67 35pts
09-R1-Dok Sa(N)Mar 28 32,442 StK 12.8-80 d Syd 9.11-65 15pts
09-R18-SCG Sa(N)Aug 1 27,805 StK 13.16-94 d Syd 13.15-93 1 pt
10-R1-Hom Sa(N)Mar 26 31,330 StK 15.6-96 d Syd 13.10-88 8pts

Interestingly their last 11 meetings have been at night (with the last 8 on a Saturday) – 2,632 days will have passed since they last met on a Sunday - back in Round 11 of 2004.


Adelaide pair Bernie Vince and Andy Otten have signed new contracts with the club.

Vince, 25, the Crows' 2009 best and fairest, was believed to be the subject of interest from Victorian clubs.

Otten, 22, was runner-up in the AFL's Rising Star award in 2009, after making his debut in 2008, but was sidelined by a knee injury for the entire 2010 season – he has played 13 games so far this year – Yahoo! Sport

Sydney, Thursday, August 25, 2011

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DRAW 2011

All times are Eastern
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*(n)* = night match

Thursday, March 24
Car 14.20-104 v Rch 13.6-84
Friday, March 25
Gee 6.12-48 v StK 6.11-47
Saturday, March 26
Col 24.11-155 v PA 12.8-80
Ade 16.9-105 v Haw 12.13-85
Bri 14.8-92 v Fre 13.16-94
Sunday, March 27
Ess 16.17-113 v WB 8.10-58
Mel 11.18-84 v Syd 11.18-84
WCE 13.14-92 v NM 13.10-88
Bye: Gold Coast

Friday, April 1
StK 13.17-95, Rch 14.11-95
Saturday, April 2
NM 7.14-56 v Col 21.17-143
PA 15.8-98 v WCE 16.20-116
GC 7.10-52 v Car 26.15-171
Fre 10.18-78 v Gee 13.11-89
Sunday, April 3
WB 19.9-123 v  Bri 6.9-45
Syd 14.14-98 v Ess 13.15-93
Haw 16.26-122 v Mel 12.5-77
Bye: Adelaide

Friday, April 8
Col 15.12-102 v Car 11.8-74
Saturday, April 9
WB 18.14-122 v GC 7.9-51
Ade 7.12-54 v Fre 11.13-79
Rch 6.16-52 v Haw 17.13-115
WCE 13.10-88 v Syd 15.11-101
Sunday, April 10
Mel 12.10-82 v Bri 11.5-71
Gee 17.20-122 v PA 6.7-43
StK 12.12-84 v Ess 21.10-136
Bye: North Melbourne

Friday, April 15

Rch 13.12-90 v Col 24.17-161
Saturday, April 16
Haw 10.12-72 v WCE 9.11-65
Car 11.13-79 v Ess 11.13-79
Syd 7.12-54 v Gee 11.15-81
PA 14.14-98 v Ade 9.12-66
Sunday, April 17
GC 9.15-69 v Mel 23.21-159
Fre 18.19-127 v NM 14.14-98
Bye: Bri, StK, WB

ROUND 5 (Easter & Anzac)
Thursday, April 21

Bri 11.10-76 v StK 13.11-89
Saturday, April 23
PA 15.11-101 v GC 15.14-104
Car 11.19-85 v Ade 12.7-79
Sunday, April 24
NM 14.19-103 v Rch 17.10-112
Monday, April 25
Ess 11.11-77 v Col 16.11-107
Fre 12.13-85 v WB 11.12-78
Tuesday, April 26
Haw 15.8-98 v Gee 17.15-117
Bye: Mel, Syd, WCE

Thursday, April 28

WCE 15.16-106 v Mel 6.16-52
Friday, April 29
Syd 10.11-71 v Car 12.15-87
Saturday, April 30
NM 18.25-133 v PA 10.13-73
Rch 18.16-124 v Bri 14.14-98
Ade 13.12-90 v StK 9.17-71
Sunday, May 1
Ess 31.11-197 v GC 8.10-58
Col 15.15-105 v WB 8.9-57
Bye: Fre, Gee, Haw

Friday, May 6
PA 10.12-72 v Haw 15.14-104
Saturday, May 7
WB 10.5-65 v Syd 10.13-73
Gee 19.13-127 v NM 9.7-61
Rch 23.10-148 v Fre 14.15-99
GC 18.16-124 v Bri 17.14-116
Sunday, May 8
Ess 16.10-106 v WCE 12.18-90
Mel 22.17-149 v Ade 8.5-53
Monday, May 9
StK 12.9-81 v Car 11.18-84
Bye: Collingwood

Friday, May 13
Gee 8.17-65 v Col 9.8-62
Saturday, May 14
NM 19.10-124 v Mel 12.11-83
Ade 20.10-130 v GC 9.19-73
Bri 9.12-66 v Ess 15.12-102
Syd 18.13-121 v PA 9.5-69
Sunday, May 15
Haw 14.15-99 v StK 10.9-69
WB 23.15-153 v Rch 18.10-118
WCE 14.12-96 v Fre 9.9-63
Bye: Carlton

Friday, May 20
Car 14.16-100 v Gee 15.12-102
Saturday, May 21
StK 16.10-106 v Mel 13.8-86
PA 14.6-90 v Fre 21.16-142
Bri 10.13-73 v NM 8.11-59
Rch 16.9-105 v Ess 13.11-89
Sunday, May 22
Col 20.15-135 v Ade 14.8-92
Syd 8.12-60 v Haw 15.16-106
WCE 26.19-175 v WB 8.4-52
Bye: Gold Coast

Friday, May 27
Mel 6.10-46 v Car 13.15-93
Saturday, May 28
NM 9.17-71 v Syd 10.12-72
Fre 7.14-56 v StK 15.12-102
GC 10.13-73 v Gee 21.13-139
Rch 10.14-74 v PA 13.11-89
Sunday, May 29
Ade 8.13-61 v Bri 15.11-101
Col 16.9-105 v WCE 7.11-53
WB 9.8-62 v Haw 13.13-91
Bye: Essendon

Friday, June 3
Ess 10.8-68 v Mel 15.11-101
Saturday, June 4
Gee 23.10-148 v WB 13.9-87
WCE 13.7-87 v GC 10.7-67
Bri 7.9-51 v Syd 17.14-116
Col 16.12-108 v StK 7.9-51
Sunday, June 5
Haw 17.9-111 v Fre 13.11-89
NM 18.7-115 v Ade 10.8-68
PA 7.7-49 v Car 16.15-111
Bye: Richmond

ROUND 12 (Queen's Birthday)
Friday, June 10
StK 12.9-81 v WB 8.9-57
Saturday, June 11
Ade 10.8-67 v WCE 15.16-106
GC 9.9-63 v NM 18.14-122
Gee 13.10-88 v Haw 13.5-83
Sunday, June 12
Car 19.10-124 v Bri 9.9-63
Syd 9.21-75 v Rch 9.11-65
Fre 15.8-98 v Ess 9.10-64
Monday, June 13
Mel 6.5-41 v Col 19.15-129
Bye: Port Adelaide

Friday, June 17
WB 14.16-100 v Ade 10.10-70
Saturday, June 18
Haw 19.15-129 v GC 8.10-58
Ess 12.18-90 v NM 17.9-111
Bri 14.10-94 v Rch 18.17-125
StK 11.6-72 v Gee 15.10-100
Sunday, June 19
Mel 22.17-149 v Fre 8.12-60
Car 15.10-100 v Syd 10.6-66
WCE 15.20-110 v PA 13.10-88
Bye: Collingwood

Friday, June 24
Haw 23.8-146 v Ess 12.9-81
Saturday, June 25
GC 13.10-88 v WB 17.8-110
Rch 13.13-91 v Mel 17.16-118
Syd 14.9-93 v Col 13.21-99
Fre 12.16-88 v Bri 10.5-65
Sunday, June 26
Gee 19.11-125 v Ade 10.13-73
Car 10.7-67 v WCE 15.13-103
PA 14.7-91 v NM 21.10-136
Bye: St Kilda

Friday, July 1

WB 19.13-127 v Mel 8.15-63
Saturday, July 2
Rch 12.9-81 v Car 28.16-184
Fre 17.10-112 v GC 9.8-62
Ess 18.7-115 v Gee 16.15-111
Ade 8.9-57 v Syd 6.14-50
Sunday, July 3
Bri 15.9-99 v PA 13.10-88
Col 15.16-106 v Haw 9.11-65
NM 10.10-70 v StK 12.7-79
Bye: West Coast

Friday, July 8

WCE 14.12-96 v Gee 13.10-88
Saturday, July 9
Haw 16.9-105 v Bri 9.9-63
GC 4.12-36 v Syd 15.16-106
Ess 15.15-105 v Rch 9.12-66
Sunday, July 10
Col 22.15-147 v NM 3.12-30
PA 8.5-53 v StK 17.7-109
WB 14.12-96 v Car 9.15-69
Byes: Ade, Fre, Mel

Friday, July 15

Ade 10.13-73 v Ess 12.12-84
Saturday, July 16
Rch 9.16-70 v GC 12.13-85
Car 11.13-79 v Col 13.20-98
StK 13.4-82 v WCE 9.7-61
Mel 17.11-113 v PA 14.8-92
Sunday, July 17
Syd 13.9-87 v Fre 15.8-98
Bri 15.14-104 v Gee 20.13-133
NM 21.16-142 v WB 17.9-111
Bye: Hawthorn

Friday, July 22

StK 19.13-127 v Ade 3.6-24
Saturday, July 23
NM 17.20-122 v Bri 11.11-77
Syd 16.18-114 v WB 11.9-75
GC 11.9-75 v Col 19.15-129
Ess 12.7-79 v Car 24.9-153
Sunday, July 24
Gee 17.13-113 v Rch 7.9-51
Mel 12.6-78 v Haw 20.12-132
Fre 9.10-64 v WCE 8.17-65
Bye: Port Adelaide

Friday, July 29

NM 9.8-62 v Car 11.14-80
Saturday, July 30
WB 15.5-95 v WCE 15.13-103
Gee 37.11-233 v Mel 7.5-47
GC 6.18-54 v StK 10.14-74
Fre 6.8-44 v Haw 13.17-95
Sunday, July 31
Col 25.16-166 v Ess 14.8-92
Ade 16.15-111 v PA 11.13-79
Byes: Bri, Rch, Sydney

Friday, August 5

StK 16.17-113 v Fre 10.12-72
Saturday, August 6
Car 21.8-134 v Mel 7.16-58
Gee 29.14-188 v GC 6.2-38
Ess 15.10-100 v Syd 14.15-99
PA 3.3-21 v Col 23.21-159
Sunday, August 7
Bri 16.9-105 v Ade 16.14-110
Haw 15.13-103 v NM 13.8-86
WCE 22.15-147 v Rch 14.6-90
Bye: Western Bulldogs

Friday, August 12

StK 10.10-70 v Col 14.5-89
Saturday, August 13
Haw 31.11-197 v PA 5.2-32
Fre 12.13-85 v Car 16.19-115
WB 15.11-101 v Ess 23.12-150
Bri 18.15-123 v GC 8.13-61
Sunday, August 14
Mel 9.8-62 v WCE 16.14-110
Rch 14.15-99 v Syd 7.14-56
Ade 12.13-85 v Gee 14.12-96
Bye: North Melbourne

Friday, August 19
Car 8.18-66 v Haw 10.18-78
Saturday, August 20
GC 9.10-64 v Ade 18.17-125
WCE 20.14-134 v Ess 11.11-77
NM 21.17-143 v Fre 6.9-45
Col 14.18-102 v Bri 13.6-84
Sunday, August 21
Syd 10.23-83 v StK 10.8-68
PA 15.7-97 v WB 24.13-157
Mel 17.8-110 v Rch 17.15-117
Bye: Geelong

Friday, August 26

Fre v Col, Subi(n), 8:40pm
Saturday, August 27
Haw v WB, MCG, 2:10pm
Gee v Syd, KP, 2:10pm
StK v NM, Dok(n), 7:10pm
Bri v WCE, BCG(n), 7:10pm
Sunday, August 28
Ade v Rch, FP, 1:10pm
Mel v GC, MCG, 2:10pm
Ess v PA, Dok(n), 4:40pm
Bye: Carlton

Friday, Sept 2
Gee v Col, MCG(n), 7.40
Saturday, Sept 3
GC v Haw, C, 1.10
WB v Fre, Dok, 2.10
Syd v Bri, SCG, 4.10
Car v StK, MCG, 7.10
WCE v Ade, S, 7,10
Sunday, Sept 4
PA v Mel, AO, 2.10
Rch v NM. Dok, 4.40
Bye: Essendon

Week 1, Sept 9-10-11
Week 2, Sept 16-17
Week 3, Sept 23-24
Week 4, October 1


All times Eastern


Friday, February 11
at Football Park

Ade 0.3.6-24 v Mel 0.5.4.-34
Mel 0.5.6-36 v PA 1.2.6-27
Ade 0.6.4-40 v PA 0.1.2-8
Saturday, February 12
at Docklands Stadium
Car 0.6.5-41
v Rch 0.3.5-23
Rch 0.1.1-7 v Col 0.7.8-50
Car 0.3.8-26 v Col 0.5.3-33
Sunday, February 13
at Subiaco Oval
WCE 0.5.1-31
v Haw 0.4.5-29
Haw 1.4.4-37 v Fre 0.3.5-23
WCE v Fre, 9.55pm
Friday, February 18
at Docklands Stadium

Ess 0.5.8-38 v Bri 0.2.2-14
Bri 0.2.3-15 v StK 1.5.5-44
Ess 0.5.8-38 v StK 0.6.2-38
Saturday, February 19
at Blacktown Olympic Park

GWS 0.0.4-4 v Syd 0.13.5-83
Syd 0.3-4-22 v GC 0.4.1-25
GWS 0.4.3-27 v GC 0.8.5-52
Sunday, February 20
at Kardinia Park
Gee 0.4.8-32
v NM 0.2.2-14
NM 1.2.2-23 v WB 0.8.6-54
Gee 0.7.4-46 v WB 0.4.1-25
Mel 1.11.7-82 v Ess 1.17.10-121
Col 1.12.12-93
v Syd 1.10.10-79
Gee 1.6.6-51  v StK 1.15.7-106
WCE 0.12.15-87 v GC 1.5.11-50
Friday, March 4
Ess 0.12.12-84 v StK 0.6.9-45
Saturday, March 5
WCE 0.8.8-56 v Col 1.9.17-80
Friday, March 11
Ess 0.13.8-86 v Col 1.15.9-108

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by John Devaney
* Encyclopedia of Australian Football Clubs
* SA Football Companion
^ WA Football Companion
* Tasmanian Football Companion

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Retirements, 2011

Scott Stevens

James Charman
Tom Hunter
Darcy Daniher
Mark L Williams
Marcus Drum
Cameron Mooney
Daniel Harris

Brady Rawlings


Chad Cornes
Craig Bolton
Daniel Bradshaw
Mitch Hahn
Barry Hall
Ben Hudson


Body Graffiti – players noted
Claye Beams (Bri)
Dayne Beams (Col)
Mitch Clark (Bri)
Travis Cloke (Col)
Adam Cooney (WB)
Lynden Dunn (Mel)
Lance Franklin (Haw)
Jeremy Howe (Mel)
Nathan Jones (Mel)
Jake King (Rch)
Dustin Martin (Rch)
Ash McGrath (Bri)
Harry O'Brien (Col)
Ricky Petterd (Mel)
Jared Rivers (Mel)
Dane Swan (Col)
Chris Yarran (Car)

2011 W-L-D performance

R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 F1 F2 F3 GF Fin
ADELAIDE W B L L L W L W L L L L L L W B L L W W L W x x            
BRISBANE L L L B L L L L W W L L L L W L L L B L W L x x            
CARLTON W W L D W W W B L W W W W L W L L W W W W L B x            
COLL'WOOD W W W W W W B L W W W W B W W W W W W W W W x x            
ESSENDON W L W D L W W W L B L L L L W W W L L W W L x B            
FREMANTLE W L W W W B L L W L L W L W W B W L L L L L x x            
GEELONG W W W W W B W W W W W W W W L L W W W W W B x x            
GOLD COAST B L L L W L W L B L L L L L L L W L L L L L x x            
HAWTHORN L W W W L B W W W W W L W W L W B W W W W W x x            
MELBOURNE D L W W B L W L L L W L W W L B W L L L L L x x            
NORTH MELB L L B L L W L W L L W W W W L L W W L L B W x x            
PORT ADEL L L L W L L L L L W L B L L L L L B L L L L x x            
RICHMOND L D L L W W W L W L B L W L L L L L B L W W x x            
ST KILDA L D L B W L L L W W L W L B W W W W W W L L x x            
SYDNEY D W W L B L W W L W W W L L L W L W B L L W x x            
WEST COAST W W L L B W L W W L W W W W B W L W W W W W x x            
WEST.B'DOGS L W W B L L L W L L L L W W W W L L L B L W x x            


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