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November 24, 2005
Week 498

... updated every day – last update: 08:00 AEST ...

Phil Matera retires ... 44 delisted players nominate for Saturday's draft ... Crows unveil new guernseys ... Highly-rated draft prospect diagnosed with meningococcal septicaemia ... United support expected for "The Long Walk" ...

u DRAW 2006 u


  Eastern Time

Round 1
Thursday, March 30
WC v StK, Subi(N), 8.40
Friday, March 31
WB v Rch, Dok(N), 7.40
Saturday, April 1
Gee v Bri, KP, 2.10
Ess v Syd, Dok(N), 7.10
PA v Kan, FP(N), 7.40
Sunday, April 2
Haw v Fre, YPL, 1.10
Mel v Car, Dok(N), 5.10
Monday, April 3
Col v Ade, Dok(N), 7.10

Round 2
Friday, April 7
Rch v StK, Dok(N), 7.40
Saturday, April 8
Gee v Kan, KP, 2.10
WB v Mel, Dok, 2.10
Bri v Ess, Gabba(N), 7.10
Fre v Car, Subi(N), 7.40
Sunday, April 9
Syd v PA, SCG, 1.10
Haw v Col, Dok, 2.10
Ade v WC, FP, 3.10

Round 3 (Easter)
Thursday, April 13
StK v Bri, Dok(N), 7.40
Saturday, April 15
Gee v Haw, KP, 2.10
Car v Syd, Dok(N), 7.10
WC v Rch, Subi(N), 7.40
Sunday, April 16
Mel v Ade, Carrara, 1.10
Ess v WB, Dok, 2.10
PA v Fre, FP(N), 4.40
Monday, April 17
Kan v Col, Dok, 2.10

Round 4 (Anzac Day)
Friday, April 21
Car v Haw, Dok(N), 7.40
Saturday, April 22
WB v Gee, Dok, 2.10
Bri v Rch, Gabba(N), 7.10
Fre v Ade, Subi(N), 7.40
Sunday, April 23
Kan v WC, Manuka, 1.10
Syd v Mel, SCG, 1.10
Monday, April 24
PA v StK, FP(N), 7.40
Tuesday, April 25
Col v Ess, MCG, 2.40

Round 5
Friday, April 28
Rch v Car, MCG (N), 7.40
Saturday, April 29
Mel v Kan, MCG, 2.10
Ade v WB, FP, 3.10
Syd v Gee, Hom(N), 7.10
WC v Bri, Subi(N), 7.40
Sunday, April 30
StK v Fre, YPL, 1.10
Col v PA, Dok, 2.10
Haw v Ess, MCG, 2.10

Round 6 (Rivalry Round)
Friday, May 5
Mel v Gee, MCG(N), 7.40
Saturday, May 6
StK v WB, Dok, 2.10
Fre v WC, Subi, 4.10
Ess v Rch, MCG(N), 7.10
Ade v PA, FP(N), 7.40
Sunday, May 7
Bri v Syd, Gabba, 1.10
Car v Col, MCG, 2.10
Kan v Haw, Dok, 2.10

Round 7 (Mother's Day)
Friday, May 12
StK v Gee, Dok(N), 7.40
Saturday, May 13
Mel v Fre, MCG, 2.10
Rch v Syd, Dok, 2.10
Haw v Bri, Carrara(N), 7.10
WC v Col, Subi(N), 7.40
Sunday, May 14
PA v WB, FP, 1.10
Car v Ess, MCG, 2.10
Kan v Ade, Dok, 3.10

Round 8
Friday, May 19
Haw v Mel, MCG(N), 7.40
Saturday, May 20
Rch v Ade, Dok, 2.10
Fre v Kan, Subi, 4.10
Col v Gee, MCG(N), 7.10
WB v Syd, SCG(N), 7.10
Sunday, May 21
PA v Bri, FP, 1.10
Car v StK, MCG, 2.10
Ess v WC, Dok, 2.10

Round 9
Friday, May 26
Col v WB, MCG(N), 7.40
Saturday, May 27
Gee v Rch, KP, 2.10
Ade v Car, FP, 3.10
Ess v PA, Dok(N), 7.10
Haw v Syd, MCG(N), 7.10
Sunday, May 28
Bri v Fre, Gabba, 1.10
StK v Kan, Dok, 2.10
WC v Mel, Subi, 4.40

Round 10
Friday, June 2
Ade v Ess, FP(N), 8.40
Saturday, June 3
Gee v WC, KP, 2.10
WB v Haw, Dok, 2.10
Col v Bri, MCG(N), 7.10
Fre v Rch, Subi(N), 7.40
Sunday, June 4
Kan v Syd, Manuka, 1.10
Car v PA, Dok, 2.10
Mel v StK, MCG, 2.10

Round 11
(Queen's Birthday)
Friday, June 9
Gee v Ess, Dok(N), 7.40
Saturday, June 10
Rch v Kan, MCG, 2.10
Bri v Ade, Gabba(N), 7.10
Syd v StK, SCG(N), 7.10
Sunday, June 11
PA v Haw, FP, 1.10
WB v Fre, Dok, 2.10
WC v Car, Subi, 4.40
Monday, June 12
Mel v Col, MCG, 2.10

Round 12 (Split Round)
Friday, June 16
StK v Ade, Dok(N), 7.40
Saturday, June 17
Fre v Gee, Subi, 4.10
Bri v WB, Gabba(N), 7.10
PA v WC, FP(N), 7.40
Sunday, June 18
Haw v Rch, YPL, 1.10
Ess v Mel, Dok, 2.10

Friday, June 23
Kan v Car, Dok(N), 7.40
Saturday, June 24
Syd v Col, Hom(N), 7.10

Round 13
Friday, June 30
Kan v Ess, Dok(N), 7.40
Saturday, July 1
Mel v PA, MCG, 2.10
StK v Haw, Dok, 2.10
Bri v Car, Gabba(N), 7.10
Syd v Fre, SCG(N), 7.10
Sunday, July 2
Ade v Gee, FP, 1.10
Rch v Col, MCG, 2.10
WC v WB, Subi, 4.40

Round 14
Friday, July 7
Fre v Ess, Subi(N), 8.40
Saturday, July 8
Car v Gee, Dok, 2.10
Haw v WC, MCG, 2.10
Mel v Bri, Gabba(N), 7.10
PA v Rch, FP(N), 7.40
Sunday, July 9
Syd v Ade, SCG, 1.10
StK v Col, Dok, 2.10
WB v Kan, MCG, 2.10

Round 15
Friday, July 14
Rch v Mel, MCG(N), 7.40
Saturday, July 15
Ess v StK, MCG, 2.10
Ade v Haw, FP, 3.10
Kan v Bri, Dok(N), 7.10
WC v Syd, Subi(N), 7.40
Sunday, July 16
Gee v PA, KP, 1.10
Car v WB, Dok, 2.10
Col v Fre. MCG, 2.10

Round 16
Friday, July 21
Ade v Kan, FP(N), 8.40
Saturday, July 22
Col v WC, Dok, 2.10
Ess v Car, MCG, 2.10
Bri v Haw, Gabba(N), 7.10
Syd v Rch, SCG(N), 7.10
Sunday, July 23
StK v PA, YPL, 1.10
Gee v WB, Dok, 2.10
Fre v Mel, Subi, 4.40

Round 17
Friday, July 28
Col v Haw, MCG(N), 7.40
Saturday, July 29
StK v Rch, MCG, 2.10
WC v Ade, Subi, 4.10
Ess v Bri, Dok(N), 7.10
PA v Syd, FP(N), 7.40
Sunday, July 30
Kan v Gee, Manuka, 1.10
Car v Fre, Dok, 2.10
Mel v WB, MCG, 2.10

Round 18
Friday, August 4
StK v WC, Dok(N), 7.40
Saturday, August 5
Car v Mel, Dok, 2.10
Rch v WB, MCG, 2.10
Syd v Ess, SCG(N), 7.10
Ade v Col, FP(N), 7.40
Sunday, August 6
Bri v Gee, Gabba, 1.10
Kan v PA, Dok, 2.10
Fre v Haw, Subi, 4.40

Round 19
Friday, August 11
Ess v Col, MCG(N), 7.40
Saturday August 12
Mel v Syd, MCG, 2.10
WC v Kan, Subi, 4.10
Rch v Bri, Dok(N), 7.10
WB v PA, Marrara(N), 7.40
Sunday, August 13
Ade v Fre, FP, 1.10
Gee v StK, Dok, 2.10
Haw v Car, MCG, 2.10

Round 20
Friday, August 18
PA v Col, FP(N), 8.40
Saturday, August 19
Gee v Syd, KP, 2.10
WB v Ade, MCG, 2.10
Ess v Haw, Dok(N), 7.10
Fre v StK, Subi(N), 7.40
Sunday, August 20
Bri v WC, Gabba, 1.10
Car v Rch, Dok, 2.10
Kan v Mel, MCG, 2.10

Round 21
Friday, August 25
WB v StK, Dok(N), 7.40
Saturday, August 26
Gee v Mel, KP, 2.10
Haw v Kan, YPL, 2.10
Rch v Ess, MCG(N), 7.10
Syd v Bri, Hom(N), 7.10
Sunday, August 27
PA v Ade, FP, 1.10
Col v Car, MCG, 2.10
WC v Fre, Subi, 4.40

Round 22
Friday, September 1
WB v Ess, Dok(N), 7.40
Saturday, September 2
Rch v WC, MCG, 2.10
Ade v Mel, FP, 3.10
Bri v StK, Gabba(N), 7.10
Fre v PA, Subi(N), 7.40
Sunday, September 3
Syd v Car, SCG, 1.10
Col v Kan, MCG, 2.10
Haw v Gee, Dok, 2.10

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
Ade 17 5 - 136 68
WCE 17 5 - 124 68
Syd 15 7 - 116 60
StK 14 8 - 133 56
Kan 13 9 - 99 52
Gee 12 10 112 48
Mel 12 10 - 96 48
PA 11 10 1 98 46

WB 11 11 101 44
Fre 11 11 100 44
Bri 10 12 99 40
Rch 10 12 92 40
Ess 8 14 92 32
Haw 5 17 82 20
Col 5 17 78 20
Car 4 17 1 76 18

after finals

Premiers Sydney
2nd West Coast
3rd St Kilda
4th Adelaide
5th Geelong
6th Port Adel
7th Kangaroos
8th Melbourne


after Round 22

W L D % Pts
PA 17 5 132 68
Bri 16 6 137 64
StK 16 6 128 64
Gee 15 7 120 60
Mel 14 8 112 56
Syd 13 9 107 52
WCE 13 9 104 52
Ess 12 10 102 48

Fre 11 11 101 44
Kan 10 12 100 40
Car 10 12 82 40
Adel 8 14 95 32
Col 8 14 91 32
WB 5 17 80 20
Haw 4 18 70 16
Rch 4 18 69 14

after finals

Premiers Port Adel
2nd Brisbane
3rd St Kilda
4th Geelong
5th Sydney
6th Essendon
7th Melbourne
8th West Coast


after Round 22

W L D % Pts
PA 18 4 127 72
Col 15 7 122 60
Bri 14 7 1 122 58
Syd 14 8 115 56
Fre 14 8 103 56
Ade 13 9 120 52
WCE 12 8 2 117 52
Ess 13 9 112 52

Haw 12 10 101 48
Kan 11 10 1 98 46
StK 11 11 96 44
Gee 7 14 1 90 30
Rch 7 15 81 20
Mel 5 17 81 20
Car 4 18 67 16
WB 3 18 1 75 14

after finals

Premiers Brisbane
2nd Collingwood
3rd Sydney
4th Port Adel
5th Adelaide
6th Essendon
7th Fremantle
8th West Coast


after Round 22

W L D % Pts
PA 18 4 132 72
Bri 17 5 137 68
Ade 15 7 115 60
Col 13 9 110 52
Ess 12 9 1 105 50
Mel 12 10 100 48
Kan 12 10 99 48
WCE 11 11 98 44

Gee 11 11 95 44
Haw 11 11 92 44
Syd 9 12 1 107 38
WB 9 12 1 104 38
Fre 9 13 88 36
Rch 7 15 83 28
StK 5 16 1 79 22
Car 3 19 73 12

after finals

Premiers Brisbane
2nd Collingwood
3rd Port Adel
4th Adelaide
5th Essendon
6th Melbourne
7th Kangaroos
8th West Coast

after Round 22

W L % Pts
Ess 17 5 134 68
Bri 17 5 128 68
PA 16 6 129 64
Rch 15 7 108 60
Car 14 8 129 56
Haw 13 9 105 52
Syd 12 10 116 48
Ade 12 10 103 48

Col 11 11 107 44
WB 10 12 94 44
Mel 10 12 90 40
Gee 9 13 94 36
Kan 9 13 91 36
WCE 5 17 66 20
StK 4 18 73 16
Fre 2 20 72 8

after finals

Premiers Brisbane
2nd Essendon
3rd Richmond
4th Hawthorn
5th Port Adel
6th Carlton
7th Sydney
8th Adelaide


after Round 22

W L D % Pts
Ess 21 1 159 84
Car 16 6 135 64
Mel 14 8 118 56
Kan 14 8 196 56
Gee 12 9 1 97 50
Bri 12 10 117 48
WB 12 10 104 48
Haw 12 10 98 48

Rch 11 11 93 44
Syd 10 12 102 40
Ade 9 13 96 36
Fre 8 14 72 32
WCE 7 14 1 92 30
PA 7 14 1 84 30
Col 7 15 86 28
StK 2 19 1 70 10

after finals

Premiers Essendon
2nd Melbourne
3rd Carlton
4th Kangaroos
5th Brisbane
6th Hawthorn
7th Geelong
8th West.B'dogs

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
Ess 18 4 126 72
Kan 17 5 116 68
Bri 16 6 145 64
WB 15 6 1 119 62
WCE 12 10 107 48
Car 12 10 103 48
PA 12 10 90 48
Syd 11 11 103 44

Haw 10 11 1 96 42
StK 10 12 98 40
Gee 10 12 95 40
Rch 9 13 91 36
Ade 8 14 85 32
Mel 6 16 81 24
Fre 5 17 82 20
Col 4 18 85 16

after finals

Premiers Kangaroos
2nd Carlton
3rd Essendon
4th Brisbane
5th West Coast
6th West.B'dogs
7th Port Adel
8th Sydney

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
NM 16 6 117 64
WB 15 7 116 60
Syd 14 8 106 56
Mel 14 8 103 56
Ade 13 9 123 52
StK 13 9 102 52
WCE 12 10 109 48
Ess 12 10 109 48

Rch 12 10 105 48
PA 9 12 1 96 38
Car 9 13 96 36
Gee 9 13 90 36
Haw 8 14 96 32
Col 7 15 91 28
Fre 7 15 76 28
Bri 5 16 1 76 22

after finals

Premiers Adelaide
2nd North Melb
3rd West.B'dogs
4th Melbourne
5th Sydney
6th St Kilda
7th West Coast
8th Essendon

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
StK 15 7 120 60
Gee 15 7 118 60
WB 14 8 102 56
Ade 13 9 122 52
WCE 13 9 111 52
Syd 12 10 116 48
NM 12 10 112 48
Bri 10 11 1 105 42

PA 10 11 1 92 42
Col 10 12 111 40
Car 10 12 97 40
Fre 10 12 92 40
Rch 10 12 84 40
Ess 9 13 92 36
Haw 8 14 87 32
Mel 4 18 61 16

after finals

Premiers Adelaide
2nd St Kilda
3rd West.B'dogs
4th North Melb
5th Geelong
6th West Coast
7th Sydney
8th Brisbane

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Thursday, November 24

West Coast: Injury forces Phil Matera retirement

reports in The West Australian –
Collingwood coach Mick Malthouse claims Phil Matera's shock retirement yesterday is further proof that air travel from WA shortens players careers by more than a year.

Matera stunned the Eagles hierarchy, telling first coach John Worsfold, then the players that he was quitting AFL football after 10 years because of a hip injury.

In paying tribute to Matera, who he described as a "privilege to coach", Malthouse cited the shortened careers of Tony Evans, Don Pyke, Karl Langdon, Craig Turley, John Worsfold, Guy McKenna, Glen Jakovich and Michael Brennan. Even if players could physically stand the travel, it was an drain mentally.

"It is the sheer nature of the travel," he said. "Phil Matera might have got another year and a half out of himself without it. It has a cumulative effect."

The claim was disputed by Worsfold, who believed most West Coast players who quit had specific injury problems rather than being worn down.

Matera will leave the club having won the Eagles leading goal-kicker award for the fourth time in five years, reaching the decision after talks with his wife and older brother Peter.

The Age notes: Matera, who turns 30 on Sunday, produced a supply of goals in the latter years of his career with West Coast. After being contracted for next season, he had been expected to continue, even though he finished this year with a groin complaint that ruled him out of the grand final.

Matera, an All-Australian in 2003, kicked 207 for the Eagles in his last four seasons at an average of better than 50 per season and kicked 389 over his entire 179 games with the Eagles.


Mitchell Clark takes first steps to recovery
CRAIG O'DONOGHUE reports from Perth for The Age that East Fremantle forward Mitchell Clark, the highly-rated draft hopeful who has contracted the potentially deadly meningococcal disease, took a significant step in his recovery yesterday when he walked around the hospital hallway with the aid of a crutch. It was the first time he had left his bed since falling ill.

The AFL is waiting for a full medical report and will distribute it to the clubs today, but most people diagnosed with the condition are able to resume regular activities within a month of finishing treatment.


Crows unveil new guernseys
ANDREW CAPEL reports in The Advertiser: Adelaide will join Collingwood in becoming an AFL trailblazer next season, yesterday announcing it will don innovative Clima Cool fabric and ForMotion guernseys as part of its new three-jumper set.

The lightweight jumpers, produced by the Crows' new on-field apparel sponsor adidas, are designed to keep players cool and allow greater freedom of movement. The new design was announced as Adelaide unveiled its new 2006 home-and-away guernseys as well as an alternative strip for the first time. There are some significant changes.

The home jumper used since the team's inaugural season in 1991 remains mostly intact but there are no longer red, gold and navy blue hoops surrounding the entire jumper. The hoops are now separated by a navy blue strip running down the side of the guernsey while the gold trim around the sleeves has been abandoned.

The new blue jumper replaces the predominantly red guernsey worn since the club first introduced an away outfit in 1999. The Crow emblem remains on the front with a red strip down the side and on the shoulders.

The new "clash" guernsey, predominantly red and incorporating the feathers of the Crow, will be worn just once during the 2006 premiership season – against Melbourne at Carrara on the Gold Coast in round three. It will be worn during the club's away games in the pre-season NAB Cup.

Collingwood will also wear the new addidas jumpers next year.



The League on Wednesday released names of the 44 delisted players who have nominated for Saturday's AFL draft – the following are noted at the above link –

Steven Armstrong
(Mel); John Baird (Kan); Marc Bullen (Ess); David Clarke (Car); Damian Cupido (Ess); Tom Davidson (Col); Ben Fixter (Syd); Stephen Gilham (PA); Kasey Green (WC); Steven Greene (Haw); Ben Haynes (Ess); David Haynes (Gee); Jeremy Humm (WC); Sam Hunt (Ess); Cameron Hunter (Mel); Brett Johnson (Car); Ben Kane (Haw); David D King (Col); Tom Logan (Bri); Matthew Lokan (Col); Brett Montgomery (PA); Digby Morrell (Car); Shane Morrison (Rch); Billy Morrison (Col); Bo Nixon (Haw); Luke Peel (PA); Dylan Pfitzner (StK); Lance Picioane (Kan); Leigh Ryswyk (Bri); Jacob Schuback (Ade); Brayden Shaw (Col); Kris Shore (Kan); Andrew Siegert (Fre); Will Slade (Gee); Dylan Smith (Fre); Matthew Smith (Ade); Llane Spaanderman (Bri); Michael Stevens (Kan); Toby Stribling (Fre); Jarrad Sundqvist (Syd); Iszac Thompson (WB); Ashley Watson (Kan); Shane Woewodin (Col); Ty Zantuck (Ess).

2006 NAB CUP DRAW (pre-season) ... more


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Wednesday, November 23

Draft prospect diagnosed with meningococcal disease

Craig O'Donohue reports in The West Australian –
One of the AFL's hottest draft prospects, East Fremantle's Mitchell Clark, is lucky to be alive after he was diagnosed yesterday with the deadly meningococcal disease.

Clark was taken to hospital on Sunday after being seriously ill for two days. The 17-year-old was on a weekend trip to Busselton with friends when he broke out in a rash, started vomiting, had a fever and experienced joint and muscle pain.

The key forward felt unwell on Friday night but was reluctant to get help. Clark's father, Dean, said his son may not have survived if his girlfriend hadn't demanded he get help.

Tests yesterday confirmed meningococcal septicaemia. The illness killed Perth rower Amanda Young in 1997. She competed in the WA state championships hours before being taken to hospital.

Fremantle Hospital staff are talking to those who were in contact with Clark during the past week in an effort to discover how he caught the bug and to prevent others from becoming infected. Meningococcal septicaemia poisons the bloodstream.

AFL clubs were informed of the drama yesterday and will be given a full medical report today. Doctors yesterday described Clark's condition as stable and said they expected him to make a full recovery.

Clark was expected to be selected in the top 10 of Saturday's national draft. Bombers recruiting manager Adrian Dodoro said there was no reason Clark's rating should change if doctors were confident the ailment would not damage his health.

Essendon enter the draft with pick seven. Sunday was a month since another top 10 key position prospect, Victoria's Beau Dowler, was also injured. Dowler fractured his pelvis in a car accident and spent several weeks in a wheelchair. Highly-rated West Australian Josh Kennedy and Victorian Beau Muston are also recovering from surgery.

Clark does not know how long he must spend on the sidelines but AFL Talent Manager Kevin Sheehan said clubs would not allow a quality player to slip down the order simply because he could not play from the start of the season.


2006 NAB CUP DRAW (pre-season) ... more


United support expected for "The Long Walk"
Aboriginal AFL legend, Michael Long, together with Cathy Freeman and other leading Indigenous and non-Indigenous sports and community identities, will re-inforce a statement of strength, leadership and inspiration at Carlton's Princes Park on Sunday, December 4.

In November 2004, Long and prominent Aboriginal Elders embarked on an historic and remarkable journey, walking from Melbourne to Canberra to meet with Prime Minister John Howard.

The support from Indigenous and non-Indigenous people was overwhelming, inspiring Long and others to re-create The Long Walk in 2005, but at a level which allowed the wider community to join in.

"We would like to see some 20,000 people join in The Long Walk, which is only about 3.5 km, on Sunday, December 4," Long said.

"It is an opportunity to walk shoulder to shoulder with all members of our community – whether they be Indigenous or non-Indigenous. We welcome people from all faiths and cultures to join in this event to support the vision for a united Australia."


They said it ...

Legends join Daniher's flock
MIKE SHEAHAN, Herald Sun, November 23, 2005

Melbourne coach Neale Daniher is assembling the most diverse support group yet seen at AFL level.

Former Melbourne captain Garry Lyon, former Fitzroy and Richmond centreman Paul Broderick and former North Melbourne rover Phil Krakouer are the latest additions to "Reverend" Daniher's group of part-time specialist coaches and mentors.

Lyon, Broderick and Krakouer join former Melbourne captain Robert Flower and former St Kilda captain Danny Frawley, with another two or three still to come. One of those will be a ruck coach.

While Frawley and Broderick will be hands-on until at least the start of the home-and-away season, probably longer, Flower, Lyon and Krakouer will fill mentoring roles.

Tuesday, November 22

Sydney return to the training track
The Swans started their premiership defence on Monday with a six-kilometre time trial around Centennial Park, won by midfielder Nic Fosdike.

One of Sydney's hopes that coach Paul Roos is aiming for is turning Ted Richards, the 22-year-old, 194cm ex-Bomber, into one of the AFL's top forwards. Richards played 10 games with Essendon this year, but Roos reckons he's a player with really good athletic ability and is a little bit like what Craig Bolton was three years ago, when he arrived from Brisbane. Roos sees Richards working well alongside Barry Hall, Nick Davis and Ryan O'Keefe.

Another hope is ex-Geelong ruckman Paul Chambers who Roos sees as a key player following the retirement of Jason Ball and Stephen Doyle who is coming back from knee surgery.

Both Richards and Chambers seem certain to be included for the exhibition match against the Kangaroos to be played in Los Angles on January 15.


Carlton: Jarrad Waite suffers another stress fracture
Jarrad Waite’s pre-Christmas training schedule with Carlton will be restricted after tests revealed he has a stress fracture of the fibula bone in his lower right leg.

Waite will have his right leg in a support boot (camwalker) for the next three weeks and it is anticipated that he will resume full training in six weeks.

“Jarrad's injury became apparent on his return to our pre-Christmas training following the International Rules Series.” said Grant Williams, Carlton's GM of football operations.

This is the second time Jarrad has suffered from a stress fracture. In March 2004 Jarrad had a stress fracture of the navicular bone in his left foot


Geelong president: "Stamp out family violence"
Frank Costa, the Geelong president believes Channel Nine's Footy Show should strongly consider turning their spotlight to the dark issue of family violence.

The Geelong Advertiser on Monday (21st) reported Mr Costa's compassionate call in response to a female victim of family violence who challenged Footy Show host Eddie McGuire to tackle the issue.

The woman said said when Collingwood was getting beaten, she was getting beaten.

She believes the show might be able to deliver a powerful message to abusive men strongly wrapped up in a football drinking culture.

Mr Costa said the persuasive powers of McGuire and AFL heroes might help to relay the right message.

"That lady put out a cry for help and we've got to listen to that, how we react is up to the individual person," Mr Costa said. He noted the AFL was attempting to stifle unfair tactics on the field through its video monitoring.

"Perhaps we should remind supporters just because they haven't got a video camera taking what they do in the home ... it's just important they play the game with a straight bat," Mr Costa said.

Mr Costa said the AFL and its clubs and players were sharply aware of their positions as community role models.



Permission to train
The list of players given permission to train with other clubs has been updated with the inclusion by Melbourne of ex-Roo and Docker Dylan Smith and Matthew Lokan training with the Kangaroos, while Ty Zantuck has been invited to train with the Brisbane Lions –

Adelaide – nil

Brisbane Lions

Ben Fixter (Sydney)
Joe Patfull (Norwood)
Matthew Smith (Adelaide)
Ty Zantuck (Ess, Rch)

Dylan McLaren (Brisbane Lions)
Sean Og O’hAilpin (Ireland)

Tom Davidson (Collingwood)

Jordan Doering (Bendigo, Carlton)
Ashley Eames (Springvale)
Stephen Gilham (Port Adelaide)
Steven Greene (Hawthorn)
Chris Heffernan (Mel, Ess)
Michael Rix (Coburg)

Paul Duffield (Fremantle)
Toby Stribling (Fremantle)

Andrew Siegert (Fremantle)
Will Slade (delisted player)

Tallan Aimes (Swan Districts)
Ryan Breese (Box Hill)
Richard Eva (Box Hill)
Stuart Hill (Box Hill)
John Holmes (Box Hill)
Josh Houlihan (Coburg)
Cameron Hunter (Melbourne)
Andrew Jansen (Box Hill)
Evan Johnson (Box Hill)
Paul Jolly (Box Hill)
Ben Kane (Hawthorn)
Nick Kane (Box Hill)
Roury Kirkby (Hawthorn)
Ben McGlynn (Box Hill)
Lachlan McKinnon (Box Hill)
Luke Peel (Port Adelaide)
Brendan Rinaldi (Box Hill)
Kain Robbins (Bendigo)
Brendan Weinert (Box Hill)
Damian Cupido (Essendon)
Matthew Lokan (Collingwood)
Kris Shore (Kangaroos)
Shane Woewodin (Collingwood)

Jordan Barham (Gisborne)
Ed Clarke (Sydney)
Alwyn Davey (South Adelaide)
Danny Hughes (Sandringham)
Brett Johnson (Carlton)
Bill Morrison (Collingwood)
Sean O'Keefe (Sandringham)
Brayden Shaw (Collingwood)
Brendon Van Shaik (Melbourne)

Port Adelaide
Tom Logan (Brisbane)
Jason Roe (North Adelaide)

Marc Bullen (Essendon)
Ben Haynes (Essendon)
Cam Howatt (Box Hill)
Alastair Neville (Box Hill)
James Rimington (Coburg)
Jarrod Silvester (Coburg)
Robert Young (Coburg)

St Kilda
Dylan Pfitzner (St Kilda)

Troy Bartlett (Wollongong)
Dean Davies (North Shore)
Trent Goodrem (East Coast Eagles)
Andrew Hayes (Sydney)

West Coast
Michael Embley (Swan Districts)

Western Bulldogs
Salim Hassain (Werribee)
David Haynes (Geelong)
Brett Montgomery (Port Adelaide)
Karl Norman (Carlton)
Chad O'Sullivan (Werribee)
James Podsiadly (Werribee)
Wayde Twomey (Werribee)



Port braces for a deficit
Andrew Capel reports in The Advertiser that Port Adelaide is bracing itself for a significant operating deficit after its worst season since 2000. A high payout to retired captain Matthew Primus may command as much as $300,000 for the final year of his contract.

Only the 2004 premiership, which sparked an $800,000 turnaround in club finances, saved Port from a $500,000 loss last year.


Carlton officials disappointed with Whitnall and Stevens
Club officials at Princes Park are surprised and frustrated by the return of both Lance Whitnall and Nick Stevens for summer training.

Michael Stevens reported in the Herald Sun (22nd) that Whitnall (said to be paid some $400,000 a year) weighed in at 108kg, at least 8kg above his playing weight last season. On-baller Stevens also reported for training two weeks ago showing clear evidence of a post-season paunch.

The newspaper noted while Whitnall's weight problems have been a recurring theme throughout his 179-game career, including some well-publicised trips to a Queensland "fat-farm", Stevens has a reputation as a hard-running midfielder with leadership potential. Stevens, 25, who enjoys a beer, was a regular at the Victorian spring racing carnival.

Coach Denis Pagan refused to be drawn on his players' fitness.


2006 NAB CUP DRAW (pre-season) ... more


They said it ...

Magpies' high farce
MARK ROBINSON, Herald Sun, November 22, 2005

AUSTRALIAN marathon runner Lee Troop has slammed Collingwood's altitude training camp in Arizona as a waste of time.

Troop's broadside at the two-week pre-season camp at the Centre for High Altitude Training, 2100m above sea level, comes as Troop prepares for a Japanese marathon in a fortnight.

While Troop supported the team-bonding aspect of an overseas trip, he said comments the Magpies would benefit from training at altitude were incorrect.

"For 10 days there's no effect, there's no benefit whatsoever in doing altitude training for that long," Troop said.

Thirty-five players plus staff joined the pre-season camp that included hikes to the 3850m summit of Mt Humphreys and a nine-hour trek at the Grand Canyon.

The players were based at Northern Arizona University, near the town of Flagstaff, where the oxygen content in the atmosphere was 15.5-16 per cent. At sea level, it is 20.9 per cent.

While the Magpies lauded the trip, Troop suggested the club had "more money than sense".

He said Collingwood's hikes at Mt Humphreys and the Grand Canyon were "challenging", much the same as when Hawthorn trekked the Kokoda Track last summer.

Troop said the altitude chamber at the Lexus Centre would be beneficial only for long-distance running midfielders.

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Monday, November 21

Tigers to expand football department
The improved financial situation for Richmond has brought the club to seek a new recruiting officer. Football director Greg Miller has been filling both roles.

The Sunday Herald Sun reported that Miller will select Richmond's new crop of players in the national draft on Saturday, then begin the process of luring another experienced recruiter to Punt Road.


AFL to heighten public relations
The Age reports AFL marketing and communications manager Colin McLeod will be joined next year by a senior public relations expert who will advise the competition how to handle difficult issues, and take over when damage control is required.

Previously senior AFL staff have relied on an outside public relations firm to advise them, however given the number of media faux pas in 2005 it has been decided that the AFL will benefit from a full-time PR advisor – Footygoss


Adelaide and Port think "close to home"
Andrew Capel reports in The Advertiser: Fergus Watts' decision to walk out on Adelaide – and speculation over John Meesen's long-term future – has the Crows thinking local at Saturday's AFL national draft.

While Adelaide is adamant it has not been "scared off" from recruiting interstate players, it seems increasingly likely it will take at least two home-grown players with its first three picks at a draft which recruiting manager James Fantasia says "could be significant for us".

"We will continue to stick to our best-player principle – you can't ignore talent from other states," Fantasia insisted. 'But if there is not much between players we will go with the South Australian kid."

With AFL scouts declaring little class difference between picks 10 and 25 and five Croweaters tipped to go in the top 20 – Central District's Shannon Hurn, Norwood's Darren Pfeiffer and Cleve Hughes, North Adelaide's Luke McEntee and Sturt's Tom Rischbieth – it points to the Crows taking SA-based players with their two first-round selections at No. 16 and 17.

Adelaide also has lost key players Kane Johnson (Richmond) and Tyson Stenglein (West Coast) to the go-home factor in recent years while hometown rival Port Adelaide has seen gun midfielders Nick Stevens (Carlton) and Josh Carr (Fremantle) depart.

Despite seeing Stevens and Carr move to rival clubs, Port seems less concerned about choosing home-grown players. "We've lost two in nine years, which isn't too bad," Power recruiting manager Mick Moylan said.

But Moylan could see the advantages in drafting locals. "Not only do you not have to worry about them settling into a new state but they already are established at an SANFL club, which makes their transition easier," he said.

Port and Adelaide are likely to take four players each at the draft, saving one selection for next month's pre-season draft.



2006 NAB CUP DRAW (pre-season) ... more


They said it ...

Our shootout win was soccer history
GEOFF McCLURE, Sporting Life, The Age, November 21, 2005

THE Socceroos' entry into the World Cup finals may not have been greeted in other countries with the same fanfare that occurred in Australia last week but we discover now that our name will be etched forever in the international history books regardless of how we perform in Germany next year. It's because of a stat that one of our resident statisticians, Martin Windsor-Black, stumbled across as he swapped his Australian football hat for that of the round-ball code and sifted through the World Cup history books in the wake of our great win in Sydney. Put simply, it appears that in beating Uruguay after scores were locked after extra time, Australia became the first nation to qualify for a World Cup by way of a penalty shootout. Now as incredible as this may seem, remember that penalty shootouts are a relatively recent innovation. For instance, in the 1954 qualifiers, Spain and Turkey were locked at 2-2 but Turkey eventually went through. Not via a shootout, though, but by way of a toss of the coin. Not that Australia is unfamiliar with World Cup games being decided on penalties. In 1994, we scored a 4-1 penalty win over Canada after the both legs were won by the the home side 2-1 (keeper Mark Schwarzer was the hero then, too, with two saves) but Australia failed to overcome Argentina in later matches and didn't qualify. Some other interesting World Cup stats unearthed by Windsor-Black include that fact that in 1930 there were no qualifiers as it was by invitation only and in 1934, Brazil and Argentina both qualified after the withdrawal of Peru and Chile.

Sunday, November 20

Sydney may have multiple captains
Premiership coach Paul Roos has not ruled out Sydney having multiple captains next season.

Sportal reports after Stuart Maxfield stepped down early in the 2005 season, that rotating captains in their record-breaking quest proved successful for the Swans.

Roos admits at first his preference was the "one leader" approach, but now he is canvassing opinions.

Across the 26 matches Sydney played this year, captains were –


TV package passed to Nine
Damian Barrett on Saturday (19th) reported in the Herald Sun that the AFL will take its broadcast package to Channel 9 and Foxtel this week following rejection on Friday of first rights by Seven and Ten.

The Seven-Ten alliance is understood to have told the AFL on Friday it would not accept terms of the first rights document, which placed the TV value of the game at $140 million per season.

AFL executives had been in heavy discussion with their Seven and Ten counterparts for the past month and had placed a deadline of yesterday afternoon for the contractually-offered first rights.

The move by the Seven-Ten consortium is considered standard in TV rights negotiations, as it also possesses the legal right to bid last, meaning it only has to match a rival's proposal for it to secure the deal.

Nine and Foxtel have formed a partnership for the rights to cover the AFL beyond 2006 and while their partnership will fail to meet some AFL aims it is more likely to bring the big dollars ... more


2006 NAB CUP DRAW (pre-season) ... more


Cricket 1, Bulldogs 0
The Western Bulldogs have lost one of their key fitness advisors to Cricket Australia.

Samantha Lane reports in The Sunday Age that just days after telling coach Rodney Eade of a job offer from Cricket Australia, Justin Cordy, has walked away from a contract with the Bulldogs, which has a year to run.

The Dogs have already begun seeking a replacement. Cordy, a former fitness adviser to Essendon and the Bangladesh cricket team, went to Whitten Oval before the start of the 2005 season at the recommendation of assistant coach Matthew Drain.

Cordy will stay with the Bulldogs until Christmas.


Rival takes two agents from Flying Start
A rival in player management has taken two agents from Ricky Nixon's Flying Start organisation.

Alex McDonald and Tom Petroro informed Nixon on Friday they are moving to Stride Sports Management, which operated as Career Sport under Ron Joseph before Anthony Stevens and Glenn Archer and two other partners bought into it.

Nixon told Damian Barrett of the Herald Sun: "I suppose I feel a bit like Kevin Sheedy. You train these guys up, you give them a chance, you help them and watch them develop and then they leave you," he said.

Nixon is expected to meet Joseph on Monday.


They said it ...

AFL versus soccer: end is far from nigh
Sunday Herald Sun, November 20, 2005

The AFL hit back yesterday at claims it could be overrun by soccer, citing statistics that illustrate its dominance over the round ball game in Victoria.

While the league remains wary of football's influence after the Socceroos' qualification for next year's World Cup, it is confident it will continue to attract an overwhelming majority of young talent in Victoria.

The AFL's prime lure will remain its ability to offer 600 footballers a professional wage averaging $200,000 a year, a figure soccer cannot hope to match.

AFL general manager of game development David Matthews said Australian football was growing at all levels, and crucially was able to keep junior players in the system at both amateur and professional levels as they became adults.

While Australian Sports Commission figures show both soccer and Australian football have about 500,000 national total participants, soccer's figures fall away badly in Victoria.

Total Victorian participants in AFL to this year were 210,297, compared to soccer's 29,106, with Australian football's participation growing by 100,000 people across the nation in the past five years.

The AFL hopes its newly announced Sydney scholarship scheme, in which AFL clubs will develop New South Wales teenagers into elite players, will go a long way to breaking through in the state's stronghold of rugby union and rugby league.

Saturday, November 19

Harvey confirmed as Fremantle assistant coach
Michael Gleeson reports today in The West Australian –
The pressure on Chris Connolly to make Fremantle a genuine contender grew yesterday when coach-in-waiting Mark Harvey was confirmed as the club's new senior assistant coach.

Harvey ended the relationship of a footballing lifetime with Kevin Sheedy at Essendon to join the Dockers, and in so doing increased the implied pressure on his superior.

Harvey said he had discussed the role with Connolly and also how the senior coach would receive the newcomer, who arrives with the stated intention of becoming a senior coach.

"I am not a guy that gets intimidated or worried about those circumstances and I know from a couple of meetings with Chris he does not feel uncomfortable with me coming at all," Harvey said.

Harvey went to Windy Hill as a 17-year-old in the under-19s in 1982 and played 206 senior games – including three premierships – for the Bombers from 1984-97. He began as an assistant coach the next season. Harvey said this was the first time he had actually pursued a coaching position.

Fremantle chief executive Cameron Schwab, in Melbourne for the AFL presidents and chief executives meeting on Thursday, finalised contract details with Harvey yesterday morning.

The Dockers boss remained in Melbourne to attend a National Asthma Foundation meeting today in his role as WA's branch president.





Fraser Gehrig: another two years with Saints
Last delistings confirmed
St Kilda announced Friday that Fraser Gehrig will play for another two seasons. This follows off-season corrective surgery for the dual Coleman medallist who turns 30 in March.

Essendon confirmed the retirement of Justin Murphy after 185 matches (1994-2005) with Richmond (12), Carlton (115), Geelong (18) and the Bombers (40). Essendon also delisted Paul Thomas.

Others to be delisted – Geelong: Cameron Thurley, Kangaroos: Michael Stevens.

Second list lodgement
Following the second club list lodgement on Friday (18th) selections number 76 for the National Draft –

Adelaide 5 16, 17, 32, 48, 62
Brisbane Lions 4 9, 25, 41, 56
Carlton 5 1, 4, 20, 36, 64
Collingwood 6 2, 5, 21, 23, 37, 52
Essendon 7 7, 19, 39*(J. Neagle), 50, 66, 72, 76
Fremantle 3 10, 26, 42
Geelong 5 15, 31, 35, 47, 61
Hawthorn 7 3, 6, 14, 18, 22, 38* (T. Tuck), 65
Kangaroos 5 28, 43, 45, 69, 73
Melbourne 4 12, 53, 60, 68
Port Adelaide 5 30, 44, 58, 70, 74
Richmond 4 8, 24, 40, 67
St Kilda 5 33, 49, 63, 71, 75
Sydney 3 51, 54, 59
West Coast 3 13, 29, 34
West.B'dogs 5 11, 27, 46, 55, 57




2006 NAB CUP DRAW (pre-season) ... more


Friday, November 18

Mark Harvey accepts Fremantle challenge
The Essendon website announced today that assistant coach Mark Harvey will be taking on an assistant coaching role with the Fremantle Dockers.

The move ends Harvey’s 24-year association with Essendon that began when he joined the club as a 17-year-old in 1982, playing in the under 19 side.


League reports net surplus of $6.513 million

Fox Sports carried the Sam Lienert AAP report that on Wednesday the AFL released its financial results for the 2005 season, reporting record revenue of more than $201 million.

The league made a net surplus of $6.513 million, after $94 million was distributed to the 16 AFL clubs and $3.6 million was set aside for legal fees related to the case involving pay-TV company C7.

AFL chairman Ron Evans said the league had reduced its debt to less than $30 million, and it expected to be debt free by the end of 2006.

Thirteen of the 16 AFL clubs recorded a profit for 2005, with the clubs' aggregate profit $11 million, up from $10.1 million last year, Evans said.



Michael Stevens will nominate for the National Draft after being delisted by the Kangaroos yesterday.

2006 NAB CUP DRAW (pre-season) ... more


Priority pick rules to change
The Age reports (18th) the extravagant reward for failure has been all but abolished under changes announced by the AFL yesterday.

Clubs winning no more than four games in a season from next year will be eligible for a priority pick taken after the completion of the first round of the national draft. If the club has successive poor years of no more than 16 points in each of those seasons – not averaged over the course of those seasons – the priority pick will be taken, as it is now, before the national draft.

The AFL was troubled by a range of factors about the current system, not the least of them being the widespread perception – even from within clubs – that some clubs deliberately lost games or "tanked" in order to secure a priority pick.

AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou said clubs also were concerned that the existing system, which gives the priority pick to clubs that win 20 premiership points or fewer in a season, unfairly disadvantaged middle-ranking clubs, over-compensated poorly performing clubs and unfairly advantaged clubs who endured only one poor year.

"The rationale behind this decision is a two-year time frame is more reflective of poor performance," Demetriou said. "Moving to a second round (priority pick) reduces the over-compensation effect. Thirdly, (we) will retain the quite significant compensation for two years' poor performance.


AFL now compliant with World Anti-Doping Agency
The website reports (17th) the AFL's new anti-doping code has been approved by the Australian Sports Commission and is now compliant with World Anti-Doping Agency regulations.

AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou made the announcement after briefing club presidents on the issue at a meeting held at Melbourne Park on Thursday.

Under the new drug code a player returning a positive result for cannabis in competition could be punished with anything from a reprimand right up to a one-year ban for a first offence. A second offence would see a two-year ban imposed, while a third offence is punishable with a life ban.

The adoption of the WADA-compliant code by the AFL was the subject of heated debate between the two parties earlier in the year. The main point of contention – the illicit drugs policy relating to use out of competition – is still the subject of discussion between the AFL and the AFL Players' Association.


John Northey returns to Ballarat
Mark Robinson reports in the Herald Sun John Northey at 62, has returned to the Ballarat Football League.

Northey will coach Ballarat and will also manage the club's new $1.2 million licensed sports club. A successful coach at many levels, Northey originally from Derrinallum in the Western Districts of Victoria played 103 matches for Richmond (1963-1970) when he was a member of the 1967 and 1969 Tiger premiership sides.

He went to coach Western Suburbs in the Sydney competition then to Ballarat, followed in 1978 by St Kilda Reserves. Appointed as Sydney coach in 1985 he was a casualty when the Swans changed ownership and was replaced by Tom Hafey in 1986. He was immediately appointed coach of Melbourne and succeedingly coached Richmond and Brisbane, before taking the reins at Broadbeach when he owned as bar and restaurant on the Gold Coast. A further stint for two years with South Fremantle in the WAFL followed.

His return to Ballarat in September, for his father's funeral, paved the way to his new appointment.


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Marrara Oval, Darwin
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Hawthorn v Richmond
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Carlton v Geelong
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Adelaide v Port Adelaide
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7 Sunday, 4.40pm AEDT
Collingwood v St Kilda
Docklands Stadium
8 Sunday, 7.10pm AEDT
West Coast v Fremantle
Subiaco Oval


Week 2 – weekend of March 3-4-5

Winner 1 v Winner 2

Friday(n), 7.40pm AEDT
Docklands Stadium
10 Winner 4 v Winner 6 Saturday(n), 6.40pm AEDT
York Park, Launceston
11 Winner 3 v Winner 5 Saturday(n), 8.45pm AEDT
Cazaly Oval, Cairns
12 Winner 7 v Winner 8 Sunday, 7.10pm AEDT
Subiaco Oval


Week 3 – weekend of March 10-11

Winner 9 v Winner 10

Friday(n), 7.40 AEDT
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