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December 16, 2004

Week 449

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Round 1 (Easter)
Thursday, March 24

Bri v StK, BCG (Night)
Saturday, March 26
Kan v Car, Dok
Fre v PA, Subi (Night)
Mel v Ess, MCG (Night)
Sunday, March 27
Syd v Haw, SCG (Early)
Ade v WC, FP
Rch v Gee, MCG
Monday, March 28
Col v WB, MCG

Round 2
Friday, April 1

Car v Ess, MCG (Night)
Saturday, April 2
Kan v Syd, Manuka Oval
WB v Mel, Dok
WC v Gee, Subi (Night)
PA v Bri, FP (Night)
Sunday, April 3
StK v Fre, YPL (Early)
Col v Ade, Dok
Haw v Rch, MCG

Round 3 (Rivalry Round)
Friday, April 8

Mel v Gee, MCG (Night)
Saturday, April 9
Car v Col, MCG
StK v Kan, Dok
Fre v WC, Subi (Night)
Bri v Syd, BCG (Night)
Sunday, April 10
Ade v PA, FP (Early)
Ess v Haw, MCG
WB v Rch, Dok

Round 4
Friday, April 15

Kan v Col, MCG (Night)
Saturday, April 16
Haw v Bri, MCG
WC v WB, Subi
Gee v Ess, Dok (Night)
PA v Car, FP (Night)
Sunday, April 17
Syd v Ade, SCG (Early)
Rch v Fre, MCG
StK v Mel, Dok

Round 5 (Anzac Day)
Friday, April 22

PA v Gee, FP (Night)
Saturday, April 23
Fre v Car, Subi
Kan v Haw, MCG
Syd v Mel, SCG (Night)
WB v Ade, Dok (Night)
Sunday, April 24
Bri v WC, BCG (Early)
StK v Rch, Dok (Night)
Monday, April 25
Ess v Col, MCG

Round 6
Friday, April 29

Car v Haw, Dok (Night)
Saturday, April 30
Ade v Kan, FP
Mel v Fre, MCG
WC v Syd, Subi (Night)
Ess v Bri, Dok (Night)
Sunday, May 1
Gee v WB, KP (Early)
Col v StK, MCG
Rch v PA, Dok

Round 7 (Mother's Day)
Friday, May 6

Mel v Ade, MCG (Night)
Saturday, May 7
Gee v StK, Dok
Rch v Car, MCG
Bri v WB, BCG (Night)
Syd v Ess, Hom (Night)
Sunday, May 8
Haw v WC, YPL (Early)
PA v Kan, FP
Fre v Col, Subi

Round 8
Friday, May 13

Car v Gee, Dok (Night)
Saturday, May 14
Haw v Mel, MCG
WC v StK, Subi
Ade v Bri, FP (Night)
Kan v WB, Dok (Night)
Sunday, May 15
Syd v PA, SCG (Early)
Col v Rch, MCG
Ess v Fre, Dok

Round 9
(Community Weekend)

StK v Ade, Dok (Night)
Saturday, May 21
Car v Mel, Princes Park
Col v WC, MCG
Bri v Rch, BCG (Night)
PA v Ess, FP (Night)
Sunday, May 22
WB v Syd, SCG (Early)
Gee v Kan, KP
Fre v Haw, Subi

Round 10
Friday, May 27

Mel v Rch, Dok (Night)
Saturday, May 28
Gee v Fre, KP
Haw v Col, MCG
Bri v Kan, BCG (Night)
StK v Syd, Dok (Night)
Sunday, May 29
Ade v Car, FP (Early)
Ess v WB, Dok
WC v PA, Subi

Round 11
Friday, June 3

Col v Gee, Dok (Night)
Saturday, June 4
Car v Syd, Dok
Rch v WC, MCG
Fre v Bri, Subi (Night)
Ade v Ess, FP (Night)
Sunday, June 5
Kan v Mel, Man (Early)
StK v PA, YPL (Early)
WB v Haw, Dok

Round 12
(Queen's Birthday)
Friday, June 10

WC v Ess, Subi (Night)
Saturday, June 11
Haw v StK, MCG
Car v Bri, Dok (Night)
PA v WB, FP (Night)
Sunday, June 12
Syd v Fre, SCG (Early)
Gee v Ade, KP
Kan v Rch, Dok
Monday, June 13
Mel v Col, MCG

Round 13 (Split Round)
Friday, June 17

PA v Haw, FP (Night)
Saturday, June 18
Mel v WC, MCG
Rch v Ade, Dok (Night)
WB v Car, Marrara (Night)
Sunday, June 19
Bri v Gee, BCG (Early)
Fre v Kan, Subi
Friday, June 24

Ess v StK, Dok (Night)
Saturday, June 25
Syd v Col, Hom (Night)

Round 14 (Family Round)
Friday, July 1

Col v PA, Dok (Night)
Saturday, July 2
Rch v Syd, MCG
WC v Car, Subi
Ess v Kan, Dok (Night)
Mel v Bri, BCG (Night)
Sunday, July 3
Ade v Fre, FP (Early)
Gee v Haw, Dok

Round 15
Friday, July 8

Kan v WC, Dok (Night)
Saturday, July 9
PA v Mel, FP
Rch v Ess, MCG
Bri v Col, BCG (Night)
Syd v Gee, SCG (Night)
Sunday, July 10
Haw v Ade, YPL (Early)
StK v Car, Dok
Fre v WB, Subi

Round 16
Friday, July 15

Col v Ess, MCG (Night)
Saturday, July 16
Gee v PA, KP
Rch v StK, MCG
WC v Bri, Subi (Night)
Mel v Syd, Dok (Night)
Sunday, July 17
Ade v WB, FP (Early)
Car v Fre, MCG
Haw v Kan, Dok

Round 17
Friday, July 22

StK v Col, Dok (Night)
Saturday, July 23
Haw v Car, MCG
WB v Gee, Dok
Bri v Ess, BCG (Night)
PA v Rch, FP (Night)
Sunday, July 24
Syd v WC, SCG (Early)
Kan v Ade, Dok
Fre v Mel, Subi

Round 18
Friday, July 29

Ess v Gee, Dok (Night)
Saturday, July 30
Mel v StK, MCG
WC v Haw, Subi
Ade v Syd, FP (Night)
WB v Bri, Dok (Night)
Sunday, 31st July
Kan v Port Adel, Man, 1.10pm
Car v Rch, Dok
Col v Fre, MCG

Round 19
Friday, August 5

StK v Gee, Dok (Night)
Saturday, August 6
Ade v Mel, FP
Fre v Rch, Subi (Night)
Ess v Syd, Dok (Night)
Sunday, August 7
Bri v Haw, BCG (Early)
Car v PA, MCG
Col v Kan, Dok

Round 20
(Heritage Round)
Friday, August 12

WC v Fre, Subi, 8.40
Saturday, August 13
Kan v StK, Dok, 2.10
Gee v Mel, KP, 2.10
Col v Car, MCG, 7.10
PA v Ade, FP, 7.40
Sunday, August 14
Syd v Bri, Hom, 1.10
Haw v Ess, MCG, 2.10
Rch v WB, Dok, 2.10

Round 21
Friday, August 19

Fre v StK, Subi (Night)
Saturday, August 20
Ade v Col, FP
Gee v WC, KP
Bri v PA, BCG (Night)
Mel v WB, MCG (Night)
Sunday, August 21
Syd v Kan, SCG (Early)
Ess v Car, MCG
Rch v Haw, Dok

Round 22
Friday, August 26

WB v Col, Dok (Night)
Saturday, August 27
Haw v Syd, MCG
WC v Ade, Subi
PA v Fre, FP (Night)
StK v Bri, Dok (Night)
Sunday, August 28
Gee v Rch, KP (Early)
Car v Kan, Dok
Ess v Mel, MCG

2005 Finals –
Week 1
Elimination & Qualifying
Fri-Sat-Sun, Sept 2-3-4

Week 2
September 9-10

Week 3
Preliminary Finals
September 16-17

Week 4
Grand Final
Saturday, Sept 24

MCG, 2.30pm

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
PA 17 5 132 68
Bri 16 6 137 64
StK 16 6 128 64
Gee 15 7 120 60
Mel 14 8 112 56
Syd 13 9 107 52
WCE 13 9 104 52
Ess 12 10 102 48

Fre 11 11 101 44
Kan 10 12 100 40
Car 10 12 82 40
Adel 8 14 95 32
Col 8 14 91 32
WB 5 17 80 20
Haw 4 18 70 16
Rch 4 18 69 14

after finals

Premiers Port Adel
2nd Brisbane
3rd Geelong
4th St Kilda
5th Sydney
6th Essendon
7th Melbourne
8th West Coast


after Round 22

W L D % Pts
PA 18 4 127 72
Col 15 7 122 60
Bri 14 7 1 122 58
Syd 14 8 115 56
Fre 14 8 103 56
Ade 13 9 120 52
WCE 12 8 2 117 52
Ess 13 9 112 52

Haw 12 10 101 48
Kan 11 10 1 98 46
StK 11 11 96 44
Gee 7 14 1 90 30
Rch 7 15 81 20
Mel 5 17 81 20
Car 4 18 67 16
WB 3 18 1 75 14

after finals

Premiers Brisbane
2nd Collingwood
3rd Sydney
4th Port Adel
5th Adelaide
6th Essendon
7th Fremantle
8th West Coast


after Round 22

W L D % Pts
PA 18 4 132 72
Bri 17 5 137 68
Ade 15 7 115 60
Col 13 9 110 52
Ess 12 9 1 105 50
Mel 12 10 100 48
Kan 12 10 99 48
WCE 11 11 98 44

Gee 11 11 95 44
Haw 11 11 92 44
Syd 9 12 1 107 38
WB 9 12 1 104 38
Fre 9 13 88 36
Rch 7 15 83 28
StK 5 16 1 79 22
Car 3 19 73 12

after finals

Premiers Brisbane
2nd Collingwood
3rd Port Adel
4th Adelaide
5th Essendon
6th Melbourne
7th Kangaroos
8th West Coast

after Round 22
W L % Pts
Ess 17 5 134 68
Bri 17 5 128 68
PA 16 6 129 64
Rch 15 7 108 60
Car 14 8 129 56
Haw 13 9 105 52
Syd 12 10 116 48
Ade 12 10 103 48

Col 11 11 107 44
WB 10 12 94 44
Mel 10 12 90 40
Gee 9 13 94 36
Kan 9 13 91 36
WCE 5 17 66 20
StK 4 18 73 16
Fre 2 20 72 8

after finals

Premiers Brisbane
2nd Essendon
3rd Richmond
4th Hawthorn
5th Port Adel
6th Carlton
7th Sydney
8th Adelaide


after Round 22

W L D % Pts
Ess 21 1 159 84
Car 16 6 135 64
Mel 14 8 118 56
Kan 14 8 196 56
Gee 12 9 1 97 50
Bri 12 10 117 48
WB 12 10 104 48
Haw 12 10 98 48

Rch 11 11 93 44
Syd 10 12 102 40
Ade 9 13 96 36
Fre 8 14 72 32
WCE 7 14 1 92 30
PA 7 14 1 84 30
Col 7 15 86 28
StK 2 19 1 70 10

after finals

Premiers Essendon
2nd Melbourne
3rd Carlton
4th Kangaroos
5th Brisbane
6th Hawthorn
7th Geelong
8th West.B'dogs

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
Ess 18 4 126 72
Kan 17 5 116 68
Bri 16 6 145 64
WB 15 6 1 119 62
WCE 12 10 107 48
Car 12 10 103 48
PA 12 10 90 48
Syd 11 11 103 44

Haw 10 11 1 96 42
StK 10 12 98 40
Gee 10 12 95 40
Rch 9 13 91 36
Ade 8 14 85 32
Mel 6 16 81 24
Fre 5 17 82 20
Col 4 18 85 16

after finals

Premiers Kangaroos
2nd Carlton
3rd Essendon
4th Brisbane
5th West Coast
6th West.B'dogs
7th Port Adel
8th Sydney

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
NM 16 6 117 64
WB 15 7 116 60
Syd 14 8 106 56
Mel 14 8 103 56
Ade 13 9 123 52
StK 13 9 102 52
WCE 12 10 109 48
Ess 12 10 109 48

Rch 12 10 105 48
PA 9 12 1 96 38
Car 9 13 96 36
Gee 9 13 90 36
Haw 8 14 96 32
Col 7 15 91 28
Fre 7 15 76 28
Bri 5 16 1 76 22

after finals

Premiers Adelaide
2nd North Melb
3rd West.B'dogs
4th Melbourne
5th Sydney
6th St Kilda
7th West Coast
8th Essendon

after Round 22
W L D % Pts
StK 15 7 120 60
Gee 15 7 118 60
WB 14 8 102 56
Ade 13 9 122 52
WCE 13 9 111 52
Syd 12 10 116 48
NM 12 10 112 48
Bri 10 11 1 105 42

PA 10 11 1 92 42
Col 10 12 111 40
Car 10 12 97 40
Fre 10 12 92 40
Rch 10 12 84 40
Ess 9 13 92 36
Haw 8 14 87 32
Mel 4 18 61 16

after finals

Premiers Adelaide
2nd St Kilda
3rd West.B'dogs
4th North Melb
5th Geelong
6th West Coast
7th Sydney
8th Brisbane

Thursday, December 16


A new rule, designed to cut down on the spate of knee injuries suffered by ruckman in recent years will be introduced for season 2005.

AFL football operations manager Adrian Anderson has announced all ruckmen will be limited to begin their run-up within a new 10 metre centre circle, with the ball to be bounced inside a smaller circle. The enlarged centre circle has been a feature of the Wizard Cup in recent years.

Research by the League shows 25 per cent of ruckmen have had a posterior cruciate ligament injury related to the centre bounce, including Sydney's Adam Goodes and West Coast's Michael Gardiner. There had been 18 posterior cruciate ligament injuries sustained by ruckmen in the past six years compared to just four from 1992-97.

Anderson noted, "the intention is to limit ruckmen meeting each other at high speed and making heavy impact, while still allowing them to jump at the ball", he said.

Anderson also said umpires will be asked to be stricter in policing the rule regarding blocking with the knees at the centre bounce.

"Umpires will be instructed to focus on blocking tactics at the centre bounce and will be told to penalise ruckmen who take their eyes off the ball and jump at their opponents with a raised knee," he said.

The full new ruck law reads as follows:

"The centre bounce or throw up shall be contested by one nominated player from each team. Such player shall be nominated to the field umpire prior to the bounce or throw of the football. The player contesting the centre bounce shall be positioned in his or her team's defensive half of the playing surface and with both feet within the 10-metre circle. The player may only enter the team’s attacking half after the football touches the ground in the act of bouncing or leaves the field umpire’s hand in the act of being thrown up. The player shall not be permitted to block an opponent's approach to the contest. Ruckmen must have both feet inside the centre circle at all times until they contest the bounce or until the umpire calls play-on due to an 'offline bounce'. No other player may enter the 10-metre circle until the football touches the ground in the act of bouncing or is thrown up by the field umpire."


Carlton president Ian Collins likens the AFL club's mission to turning around an ocean liner – something not done quickly.

The Blues' on-going battle to regenerate their finances took another twist when they announced a new deal with their long-time sponsor.

Sportal reports Collins when speaking on Wednesday said Optus in a new one-year deal had become the club's joint sponsor, along with Toshiba, for the 2005 season. The pair will share guernsey signage. The Blues' jumper will feature the Toshiba logo for home matches while the Optus logo will be in place for away matches.

The Carlton venue of Princes Park, where the Blues will play their final "home" game on May 21 against Melbourne in Round 9, has been commercially known as Optus Oval from the start of 1994, from the deal first inked in November 1993.


The West Australian reports the move of Port Adelaide's Jarrad Schofield to Fremantle has sparked an AFL draft-tampering investigation.

Schofield faces a $50,000 fine and his career is in jeopardy with claims he tampered with Tuesday's pre-season draft.

AFL investigations officer Ken Wood has been instructed to review Schofield's drafting when he had told other clubs he would retire if drafted by a club other than Fremantle, said: "I left that to my manager."

Schofield's father, Neil, contacted Kangaroos coach Dean Laidley to say Schofield would retire if picked by the Roos. The Roos had a pick before Fremantle and chose Lance Picioane.

AFL football operations manager Adrian Anderson said the investigation would start immediately.

The League has severe penalties for draft tampering, including:

<||> Fines of $50,000 for the player or $100,000 for a club
<||> The club losing the services of a player for up to three years
<||> The player being prevented from playing up to three years and excluded from upcoming drafts
<||> The club being precluded from up to four drafts.

Andrew McKay, Robert Pyman and Brett Chalmers were all found guilty of draft tampering in 1993. Chalmers was fined $30,000 and banned from playing for Collingwood for three years while McKay and Pyman received $10,000 fines. The trio all advised clubs they wouldn't play for them if drafted.

Fremantle football manager Stephen Icke said he did not know Neil Schofield and wasn't aware that he had contacted the Kangaroos until after the draft. Kangaroos football manager Tim Harrington and Carlton football manager Grant Williams said they had not spoken to Schofield's manager Ron Joseph.


The AFL website reports the League will consider establishing a sexual misconduct tribunal, after the release of a broad-ranging – and in parts radical – discussion paper on the matter of violence against women.

Emma Quayle reports today in The Age the discussion paper was sent to the 16 member clubs yesterday for feedback. The paper proposes the possible appointment of a sexual complaints officer and a new revised code of conduct for players, coaches and officials.

The working group was set up at the start of the 2004 season, after St Kilda pair Leigh Montagna and Stephen Milne were the subject of sexual misconduct allegations and several woman informed the League they had been assaulted by footballers.

The group was chaired by University of Melbourne law professor Jenny Morgan, and also features Lyn Walker, director of Victorian Health Promotion, Senior Sergeant Sue Clark from Victoria Police's sexual offences office and Pam O'Neill from the Centre against Sexual Assault.

About a dozen Western Bulldogs trialled the workshop that will be delivered to players next year and is set up like the racial vilification, anti-gambling and anti-drugs seminars they attend each year.

AFL official Tony Peek, another member of the working group, said interested groups had until February 11 to respond to the paper.


The Western Bulldogs have secured the future of Adam Cooney and Farren Ray. The top draft pair have been re-signed – Cooney until the end of 2007, and Ray through to the end of 2006.


Port Adelaide premiership player Byron Pickett pleaded guilty on Wednesday in the Port Adelaide Magistrates' Court to driving with excess blood alcohol, driving with a suspended licence and driving without due care when he crashed his car at Port Augusta on the morning of October 14.

He was fined $900 and had his licence suspended for 10 months.


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Wednesday, December 15

Pre-Season and Rookie Drafts
Only eight selections were on the table when the Pre-Season Draft was held in Melbourne on Tuesday morning. Of those available, Richmond chose not to take its last option and passed.

TRENT KNOBEL, who could not agree to terms with St Kilda was taken first by Richmond. BLAKE CARACELLA, the dual premiership player with both Essendon in 2000 and Brisbane in 2003 moves to Collingwood, where he signed a two-year contract on Monday.

Carlton used the third selection to take EDDIE BETTS, an 18-year-old Aboriginal 173cm forward, described by Blues' coach DENIS PAGAN as a super talent.

Hawthorn discard LANCE PICIOANE moves to Arden Street; Fremantle snapped up Port Adelaide's JARRAD SCHOFIELD who returns to the west and will play alongside his Power premiership teammate JOSH CARR.

TY ZANTUCK swapped his gold sash for a red one when the 22-year-old defender was named by Essendon. Port Adelaide opted for a local lad when it named ELIJAH WARE from the SANFL premiers Central District.

The loser of the day was JUSTIN BLUMFIELD. At 27, the former Essendon premiership player. who was discarded after two injury-racked seasons with Richmond attracted no club in spite of his experience of 148 games.

Also overlooked were MARK PORTER and STEVE KcKEE.

The key players and selections were –

1 Richmond TRENT KNOBEL (St Kilda)
2 Collingwood BLAKE CARACELLA (Brisbane)
3 Carlton EDDIE BETTS (Calder Cannons)
4 Kangaroos LANCE PICIOANE (Hawthorn)
5 Fremantle JARRAD SCHOFIELD (Port Adel)
6 Essendon TY ZANTUCK (Richmond)
7 Port Adel ELIJAH WARE (Central District)
8 Richmond pass

In the Rookie draft, 51 rookies between the ages of 18 and 23 were picked by the 16 clubs. Many of the names who were bypassed in the November draft found a new pathway toward their AFL careers.

All the details, club-by-club at the following link –
diam6.gif - 0.9 K 2004 TRADED, RETIRED, DELISTED, ACQUIRED ... more


The Magpies held their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday night at the new Lexus Centre at Olympic Park when their profit of $2,070,456 announced on November 15 was confirmed.

The Pies celebrated record membership, television ratings and the revenue of $35.5 million – up from $29 million last year.

Captain Nathan Buckley and president Eddie McGuire were awarded life membership of the club.

Tuesday, December 14


The focus will be on Melbourne this morning as the seven clubs participate in the Pre-Season draft, after which the Rookie draft will be held.

Richmond has two picks in the first eight – No.1 and No.8 – Collingwood is No.2, followed by Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon, Fremantle, Kangaroos and Port Adelaide – the seven clubs eligible for the Pre-Season draft.

Adelaide, Brisbane, Geelong, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Sydney, West Coast and the Western Bulldogs already have full lists for 2005.

St Kilda were ruled ineligible as they are near to the limit on total player payments and need to restrict themselves to 38 players, including veterans Robert Harvey and Justin Peckett.

Details tomorrow in the Diary.



The AFL Commission on Monday (13th) approved changes to the Constitution of the Sydney FC which now provides a framework and process for the election by members of two Directors to the Board.

No elections to the board has been carried out since the South Melbourne FC relocated to Sydney in 1982 and became the Swans.

The club will hold its AGM on March 14th. Nominations for the board will be called from the membership. Voting will take place between February 17 and March 8.


The Hawthorn squad returned on the weekend following their gruelling trek of the Kokoda Trail.

Scot Palmer revealed in his Punchlines feature in the Sunday Herald Sun that Peter Everitt and Ben Dixon recorded every agonising step and will turn their hazardous story into a book and CD which hopefully will be on the shelves before Christmas.

Everitt's partner Sheree Orchard who runs their company SPE, organised the publishing deal.


Sydney's tough tagger Jared Crouch, who fractured his collarbone playing for Australia during the International Rules series in Dublin on October 17 requires further surgery to the injury.

The 26-year-old had a titanium screw inserted into his collarbone after his returnn to Sydney but recovery has not gone according to plan as little bone growth has been observed.

Crouch will have a larger pin inserted on Friday and a bone graft from his hip into the fracture.

Jared has played 156 successive matches for Sydney since his debut in 1998 and is near to equalling or passing the record from debut of 158 matches set by Fitzroy's John Murphy between 1967 and 1974.



Howard Bulldogs uproar
MISCHA SCHUBERT, The Age, December 14, 2004

A furore has erupted over a Western Bulldogs proposal to name a hall of fame at the working-class club after Prime Minister John Howard.

Club members, supporters and local politicians have reacted angrily to the news, reported by The Age on Saturday, that the new complex could be named "the John W. Howard Sporting Hall of Fame – Heroes of the West".

Bulldogs chief executive Campbell Rose has written to Mr Howard seeking permission before formalising the naming rights proposal that followed an $8 million federal grant pledged during the election campaign. Mr Howard reaffirmed the arrangement in recent weeks. His office said last night he was considering whether to accept the naming tribute.
Please note: The Prime Minister declined the invitation on December 14th. Sportal noted that the facility instead will be named after an eminent sporting identity associated with Melbourne's western region.

Sunday, December 12

Former Hawthorn coach Peter Schwab was named on Friday as chairman of the AFL's three-person match review panel as part of the overhaul of the AFL Tribunal process.

The panel will assess all reports, whether laid by an umpire, video reports officer, AFL investigations or by the AFL Football Operations Manager. The review panel will issue set penalties which are currently being drafted.

The remaining two positions of the Match Review Panel are expected to be filled by a former umpire and a former player and named within weeks. AFL Football Operations Manager Adrian Anderson said a shortlist of candidates had been drawn up.

Schwab played 171 matches for Hawthorn (1980-91), including three premierships. He was an assistant coach with both the Hawks and Richmond before taking over the brown-and-gold as head coach for 114 games between 2000 and 2004. He was also head of the AFL umpiring department in 1998 and 1999.

Schwab's appointment is for season 2005, with the intention of being extended. His new role does not preclude him from involvement in the media.


Saturday, December 10


The Australian Rugby Union chose Perth over Melbourne as the location of Australia's fourth Super 14 franchise.

The announcement on Friday brought Victorian Premier Steve Bracks to withdraw $60 million in state funds from the planned $100 million to rebuild Olympic Park facilities for the rectangular configured stadium. The improvements  would have benefited the two rugby codes, union and league, as well as Victorian soccer.

The Herald Sun reported (11th) that improvements of were now likely to be severely scaled down.

The ARU boss Gary Flowers was adamant the decision to snub Melbourne was not an admission the AFL-dominated Victorian market was simply "too hard".


Maurie Hearn, one of the last surviving members of Fitzroy's 1944 premiership team died at Port Fairy on Monday, December 6th, aged 92.

Hearn, the vice-captain, was one of the best field in the grand final playing in the forward pocket when they beat the minor premiers Richmond for the flag at the Junction Oval, 9.12-66 to 7.9-51.

Maurie played 128 matches for Fitzroy between 1934 and 1944, and captained the side in 1942.

Clen Denning and Laurie Dickerton are the surviving members of the Maroons' 1944 side.


Friday, December 10

The Seven Network is seeking $480 million in monetary damages from pay-TV group Foxtel and others over the failure of its C7 pay-TV sports channel.

Jane Schulze in The Australian writes this was revealed for the first time yesterday in the Federal Court.

Seven's damages claim does not include the structural relief it has also sought. Seven alleges that Foxtel, its owners and others acted anti-competitively in a bid to "kill-off" C7.

Seven also wants the court to force News Limited and Kerry Packer's Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd to sell their 25 per cent stakes in Foxtel and for Foxtel to agree to carry two C7 pay-TV sports channels in its basic package.

Seven also wants the broadcast rights of the Australian Football League and National Rugby League handed over to its pay-TV channels and an order preventing Foxtel, News, PBL, Ten, Telstra and Fox Sports from bidding for the AFL or NRL broadcast rights.

Schulze notes that damages statements from the defendants' expert witnesses are due to be filed by the end of February.



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diam6.gif - 0.9 K All–Time League Match Records, 1897–2004

diam6.gif - 0.9 K Goalkickers, club-by-club history files
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Ade Bri Car Col Ess Fre Gee Haw
Mel NMK PA Rch StK Syd WC WB

diam6.gif - 0.9 K W-L-D sequence (win-loss-draw), club-by-club
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Ade Bri Car Col Ess Fre Gee Haw
Mel NMK PA Rch StK Syd WC WB

diam6.gif - 0.9 K Games – played, won, lost, drawn, 1897-2004
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diam6.gif - 0.9 K 200-Game Coaches, 1902-2004
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diam6.gif - 0.9 K Best of the Best, 1897–2004
diam6.gif - 0.9 K The Big Ladder of 2004
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diam6.gif - 0.9 K Tribunal – 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001
diam6.gif - 0.9 K Draw & Results – 2004, 2003, 2002
diam6.gif - 0.9 K 2003 Financial Results
diam6.gif - 0.9 K The Brownlow Medal, 1924-2004
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Other *Archive* files ...
Chronology of the Game, 1858-2004
Consecutive Wins and Losses
The One-Point Result, all 284
Drawn Matches, all 133
Behinds, 2 to 9
Behinds, 25 or more behinds
Cliffhangers, the closest games
Least Accurate
Premiers, 1897-2004
Minor Premiership, 1897-2004
All-Time Goalkickers, club-by-club
All-Time Goalkickers, venues
Tops in Goals, 1987-2004
Milestones, club-by-club
Milestones, (winning)
Milestones, (in defeat)
Best & worst in a season
Aussies in American football


Footystats Diary, December 10-16, 2004 — Week 449
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2004 Financial Forecasts and results

Profit (Loss)

Profit (Loss)
  Operating surplus of $114.7 million on revenue of
$170.9 million
Adelaide profit, $1,474,112
(Dec 7)
profit $1,837,000
Brisbane profit, $2.18 million
(Nov 15)
profit $2,200,000
Carlton $900,000, loss profit $191,469
Collingwood profit, $2,070,456
(Nov 15)
profit $2,300,000
Essendon profit, $649,000
(Nov 29)
profit $409,652
Fremantle profit, $1.2 million profit $711,223
Geelong profit, $1,220,00
(Nov 29)
profit $572,173
Hawthorn profit, $101,500
(Nov 18)
profit $104,347
Kangaroos profit, $140,000 profit $59,750
Melbourne profit, $25,000
(Nov 22)
loss $2,200,000
Port Adelaide profit, $332,337
(Dec 6)
profit $331,288
Richmond $2,194,974, loss
(Nov 26)
loss $882,100
St Kilda profit, $1,031,000
(Dec 6)
profit $503,000
Sydney $700,000, loss profit $65,311
West Coast profit, $2.8 million profit $2,868,178
West.B'dogs $693,364 loss
(Nov 19)
loss $554,730

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2005 Wizard Home Loans Cup
Week One – February 18-19-20

Friday, 7.40pm AEDT
Collingwood v Richmond

Docklands, (Channel Nine)
2 Friday, 7.40pm AEDT
Fremantle v West Coast
Subiaco, (Fox Footy)
3 Saturday, 2.40pm AEDT
West.B'dogs v Sydney
Docklands, (Channel Ten)
4 Saturday, 6.10pm AEDT
Hawthorn v St Kilda
Docklands, (Channel Ten)
5 Saturday, 7.40pm AEDT
Brisbane v Melbourne
Cazaly Oval, Cairns (Fox Footy)
6 Sunday, 2.40pm AEDT
Kangaroos v Geelong
Manuka Oval, (Fox Footy)
7 Sunday, 5.10pm AEDT
Carlton v Essendon
Docklands, (Channel 10)
8 Sunday, 7.10pm AEDT
Adelaide v Port Adelaide
Football Park, (Fox Footy)


Week 2 – weekend of February 26

Winner 1 v Winner 2

York Park
10 Winner 3 v Winner 4 tba
11 Winner 5 v Winner 6 Marrara Oval
12 Winner 7 v Winner 8 tba


Week 3 – weekend of March 5

Winner 9 v Winner 10

2SF Winner 11 v Winner 12 tba


Week 4 – weekend of March 12

Winner 13 v Winner 14


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