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October 24, 2002
Week 337, 8.30am Edition

Martin Windsor-Black – Pertinent Observations and other interesting trivia
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Round 1
Friday, March 28

Col v Rch, MCG (N)
Saturday, March 29
WC v PA, S
Kan v StK, MCG
Bri v Ess, BCG (N)
Syd v Ess, Hom (N)
Sunday, March 30
Ade v Fre, FP
Mel v Haw, MCG
WB v Gee, Dok

Round 2
Friday, April 4
Car v Col, MCG (N)
Saturday, April 5
Ess v Mel, MCG
StK v Ade, Dok
Fre v Syd, S (N)
PA v Bri, FP (N)
Sunday, April 6
Haw v WC, YPL
Gee v Kan, KP
Rch v WB, Dok

Round 3
Friday, April 11
Ess v Car, MCG (N)
Sat, April 12
WC v StK, S
Col v Gee, MCG
Kan v Bri, Dok (N)
PA v Haw, FP (N)
Sunday, April 13
Syd v Ade, SCG
Mel v WB, Dok
Rch v Fre, MCG

Round 4 (Easter)
Thursday, April 17
Bri v Col, BCG (N)
Saturday, April 19
Gee v Mel, KP
Haw v Syd, MCG (N)
WB v Ess, Dok (N)
Sunday, April 20
Ade v WC, FP
Fre v Kan, S
Car v PA, PP
Monday, April 21
StK v Rch, Dok

Round 5 (Anzac Day)
Friday, April 25
Ess v Col, MCG
Syd v Mel, SCG (N)
Saturday, April 26
Haw v Rch, MCG
Ade v PA, FP (N)
Kan v Car, Dok (N)
Sunday, April 27
Bri v WB, BCG
Fre v WC, S
StK v Gee, Dok

Round 6
Friday, May 2
Kan v Ade, Dok (N)
Saturday, May 3
Car v Haw, PP
Mel v WC, MCG
Col v Syd, Dok (N)
PA v Rch, FP (N)
Sunday, May 4
Gee v Bri, KP
Fre v Ess, S
WB v StK, Dok

Round 7
Friday, May 9
Haw v Kan, Dok (N)
Saturday, May 10
Rch v Ess, MCG
Ade v Col, FP (N)
StK v Car, Dok (N)
Sunday, May 11
Syd v Bri, SCG
Mel v PA, MCG
WB v Fre, Dok

Round 8
Friday, May 16
Haw v Ess, MCG (N)
Saturday, May 17
Col v WC, Dok
PA v Kan, FP
Rch v Mel, MCG (N)
Bri v Ade, BCG (N)
Sunday, May 18
Syd v Gee, SCG
Fre v StK, S
Car v StK, PP

Round 9
Friday, May 23
Ess v PA, Dok (N)
Saturday, May 24
Car v Bri, PP
Mel v Fre, MCG
WC v Rch, S (N)
Col v StK, Dok (N)
Sunday, May 25
Kan v Syd, Man
Ade v WB, FP
Gee v Haw, Dok

Round 10
Friday, May 30
PA v Col, FP (N)
Saturday, May 31
Fre v Car, S
WB v Kan, Dok
Rch v Syd, SCG (N)
Mel v Bri, BCG, (N)
Sunday, June 1
Gee v Ade, KP
Ess v WC, Dok
StK v Haw, MCG

Round 11
(Queen's Birthday)
Friday, June 6
Kan v Rch, Dok (N)
Saturday, June 7
Haw v Ade, MCG
StK v Bri, Dok (N)
Syd v Ess, Hom (N)
Sunday, June 8
PA v Fre, FP
WC v WB, S
Gee v Car, Dok
Monday, June 9
Mel v Col, MCG

Round 12
Friday, June 13
Ess v Kan, Dok (N)
Saturday, June 14
Rch v Car, MCG
Fre v Gee, S (N)
WB v Syd, SCG (N)
Sunday, June 15
Bri v WC, BCG
Ade v Mel, FP
Col v Haw, MCG

June 13-14-15
No matches

Round 13
Friday, June 27
Ess v Gee, Dok (N)
Saturday, June 28
Mel v StK, MCG
PA v Syd, FP
WB v Col, Dok (N)
Bri v Rch, BCG (N)
Sunday, June 29
Haw v Fre, YPL
WC v Kan, S
Car v Ade, PP

Round 14
Friday, July 4
StK v Ess, Dok (N)
Saturday, July 5
Fre v Bri, S
Haw v WB, MCG
Kan v Col, Dok (N)
Ade v Rch, FP (N)
Sunday, July 6
Syd v WC, SCG
Car v Mel, PP
Gee v PA, KP

Round 15
Friday, July 11
Ade v Ess, FP (N)
Saturday, July 12
Col v Fre, MCG
Rch v Gee, Dok
WC v Car, S (N)
Syd v StK, SCG (N)
Sunday, July 13
Bri v Haw, BCG
Kan v Mel, MCG
WB v PA, Dok

Round 16
Friday, July 18
Rch v Col, MCG (N)
Saturday, July 19
Car v Syd, PP
Haw v Mel, MCG
Ess, v Bri, Dok (N)
PA v WC, FP (N)
Sunday, July 20
Gee v WB, KP
Fre v Ade, S
StK v Kan, Dok

Round 17
Friday, July 25
WC v Haw, S (N)
Saturday, July 26
Mel v Ess, MCG
Kan v Gee, Man
WB v Rch, Dok (N)
Bri v PA, BCG (N)
Sunday, July 27
Syd v Fre, SCG
Ade v StK, FP
Col v Car, MCG

Round 18
Friday, August 1
WB v Mel, Dok (N)
Saturday, August 2
Fre v Rch, S
Car v Ess, MCG
Gee v Col, Dok (N)
Bri v Kan, BCG (N)
Sunday, August 3
Ade v Syd, FP
Haw v PA, MCG
StK v WC, Dok

Round 19
Friday, August 8
Mel v Gee, MCG (N)
Saturday, August 9
WC v Ade, S
Col v Bri, MCG
Rch v St, Dok (N)
Syd v Haw, SCG (N)
Sunday, August 10
PA v Car, FP
Ess v WB, Dok
Kan v Fre, MCG

Round 20
Friday, August 15
Col v Ade, Dok (N)
Saturday, August 16
Car v StK, PP
Gee v WC, KP
PA v Mel, FP (N)
Bri v Rch, BCG (N)
Sunday, August 17
Bri v Syd, BCG
Fre v WB, S
Ess v Rch, MCG

Round 21
Friday, August 22
Haw v Car, MCG (N)
Saturday, August 23
Ade v Kan, FP
Ess v Fre, Dok
Bri v Gee, BCG (N)
Syd v Col, Dok (N)
Sunday, August 24
WC v Mel, S
Rch v PA, Dok

Round 22
Friday, August 29
Col v Ess, MCG (N)
Saturday, August 30
Gee v StK, KP
Mel v Syd, MCG
WC v Fre, S (N)
WB v Bri, Dok (N)
Sunday, August 31
PA v Ade, FP
Car v Kan, PP
Rch v Haw, MCG

2003 Finals
Elimination & Qualifying

September 5-6-7
September 12-13-14
Preliminary Finals
September 19-20
Grand Final
September 27

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
PA 18 4 132 72
Bri 17 5 137 68
Ade 15 7 115 60
Col 13 9 110 52
Ess 12 9 1 105 50
Mel 12 10 100 48
Kan 12 10 99 48
WCE 11 11 98 44

Gee 11 11 95 44
Haw 11 11 92 44
Syd 9 12 1 107 38
WB 9 12 1 104 38
Fre 9 13 88 36
Rch 7 15 83 28
StK 5 16 1 79 22
Car 3 19 73 12

after finals

Premiers Brisbane
2nd Collingwood
3rd Port Adel
4th Adelaide
5th Essendon
6th Melbourne
7th Kangaroos
8th West Coast

after Round 22
W L % Pts
Ess 17 5 134 68
Bri 17 5 128 68
PA 16 6 129 64
Rch 15 7 108 60
Car 14 8 129 56
Haw 13 9 105 52
Syd 12 10 116 48
Ade 12 10 103 48

Col 11 11 107 44
WB 10 12 94 44
Mel 10 12 90 40
Gee 9 13 94 36
Kan 9 13 91 36
WCE 5 17 66 20
StK 4 18 73 16
Fre 2 20 72 8

after finals

Premiers Brisbane
2nd Essendon
3rd Richmond
4th Hawthorn
5th Port Adel
6th Carlton
7th Sydney
8th Adelaide

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
Ess 21 1 159 84
Car 16 6 135 64
Mel 14 8 118 56
Kan 14 8 196 56
Gee 12 9 1 97 50
Bri 12 10 117 48
WB 12 10 104 48
Haw 12 10 98 48

Rch 11 11 93 44
Syd 10 12 102 40
Ade 9 13 96 36
Fre 8 14 72 32
WCE 7 14 1 92 30
PA 7 14 1 84 30
Col 7 15 86 28
StK 2 19 1 70 10

after finals

Premiers Essendon
2nd Melbourne
3rd Carlton
4th Kangaroos
5th Brisbane
6th Hawthorn
7th Geelong
8th West.B'dogs

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
Ess 18 4 126 72
Kan 17 5 116 68
Bri 16 6 145 64
WB 15 6 1 119 62
WCE 12 10 107 48
Car 12 10 103 48
PA 12 10 90 48
Syd 11 11 103 44

Haw 10 11 1 96 42
StK 10 12 98 40
Gee 10 12 95 40
Rch 9 13 91 36
Ade 8 14 85 32
Mel 6 16 81 24
Fre 5 17 82 20
Col 4 18 85 16

after finals

Premiers Kangaroos
2nd Carlton
3rd Essendon
4th Brisbane
5th West Coast
6th West.B'dogs
7th Port Adelaide
8th Sydney

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
NM 16 6 117 64
WB 15 7 116 60
Syd 14 8 106 56
Mel 14 8 103 56
Ade 13 9 123 52
StK 13 9 102 52
WCE 12 10 109 48
Ess 12 10 109 48

Rch 12 10 105 48
PA 9 12 1 96 38
Car 9 13 96 36
Gee 9 13 90 36
Haw 8 14 96 32
Col 7 15 91 28
Fre 7 15 76 28
Bri 5 16 1 76 22

after finals

Premiers Adelaide
2nd North Melb
3rd West.B'dogs
4th Melbourne
5th Sydney
6th St Kilda
7th West Coast
8th Essendon

after Round 22
W L D % Pts
StK 15 7 120 60
Gee 15 7 118 60
WB 14 8 102 56
Ade 13 9 122 52
WCE 13 9 111 52
Syd 12 10 116 48
NM 12 10 112 48
Bri 10 11 1 105 42

PA 10 11 1 92 42
Col 10 12 111 40
Car 10 12 97 40
Fre 10 12 92 40
Rch 10 12 84 40
Ess 9 13 92 36
Haw 8 14 87 32
Mel 4 18 61 16

after finals

Premiers Adelaide
2nd St Kilda
3rd West.B'dogs
4th North Melb
5th Geelong
6th West Coast
7th Sydney
8th Brisbane

Thursday, October 24

Trading Places
The process, how it works

STEPHEN RIELLY in The Age newspaper describes how the process works when the trading period begins today —

<> The official, five-day (October 24-28) exchange period opens this morning.

<> Coaches and recruiters from all 16 clubs gather at Princes Park between 10.30am and 2.30pm in the Elliott stand.

<> The futures of dozens of players will be determined. Clubs meet one another for about 15 minutes each for preliminary discussions that will lead to negotiating trades and stitching up deals.

<> All paperwork determining player and draft pick swaps must be lodged with the AFL by 2pm Monday, October 28, when the exchange period closes.

<> Then, the AFL releases a revised selection order for the national draft, which will be held at 11am on November 24.

October 24

Stab Kicks ...

<> CRAIG BRADLEY celebrated his 39th birthday yesterday. The 375-match veteran of 17 VFL-AFL seasons is holidaying after participating in Australia's win against Ireland last weekend in the International Rules series. A decision whether he will play on is awaited.

<> ROBERT PYMAN and ANTHONY ALLEN were appointed on Wednesday as assistant coaches to DEAN LAIDLEY at Arden Street. Pyman, who played 16 games for the Roos between 1993 and 1995 has been at Collingwood under Mick Malthouse and carries the reputation as a top match-day strategist and opposition analyist. Allen, had a long career at VFA level and is a member of the Sandringam Team of the Century. More recently Allen worked as an assistant coach to Donald McDonald at Box Hill.

October 24

Melbourne CEO resigns

JOHN ANDERSON, the chief executive officer of the Melbourne FC since 1999 has resigned.

Anderson is the sixth club CEO to quit football in the past year, following Bernard Saundry (Western Bulldogs), Michael Easy (Kangaroos), Michael Brown (Hawthorn), Kelvin Templeton (Sydney) and, most recently, Mark Brayshaw (Richmond).

Anderson, who spent seven years with the Demons, took over the top role in 1999 following the departure of Cameron Schwab.

The Demons expect to appoint a new chief executive by the end of the year.

October 24

Council vote for Kardinia Park development

Geelong Council on Tuesday following a keenly debated issue in front of a large audience, voted 9-3 in favour to contribute $6 million over the next three years to a $26 million redevelopment of Kardinia Park.

An AFL report on the financial viability and social impact of the stadium said Geelong would have to leave its spiritual home within three to five years unless it was upgraded to AFL standard.

The Geelong FC website reports the State Government has virtually assured it will contribute $13.5 million to the upgrade, which the AFL will also fund by $2 million, the Geelong FC $4.5 million and the Geelong Council $6 million.

Councillors Heather Wellington, Rob Binnie and Linda Ristevski voted against the motion, concerned that other capitals works projects would be forgotten if the council funded the stadium. Cr Wellington labelled any move to support the proposal would be irresponsible. She said $14 million in capital works had been completed at the stadium in the last 12 years, with council contributing a significant amount. "Now we have a report that says it is aged and outdated. The question is how far does this go?" she said.

The vote was carried 9-3, pending the result of a risk assessment.

Geelong president Frank Costa welcomed the council vote and emphasised that the Kardinia Park redevelopment would benefit the whole Geelong sporting community.

Work is expected to begin on the upgrade at the end of next season. Major features of the redevelopment include a new eastern grandstand, electronic scoreboard, better toilets and conference centre.

October 24

WA Royal Commission
West Coast players named on secret tape

The West Australian reports today: Drug-taking allegations involving two West Coast Eagles footballers, which rocked the AFL club earlier this year, were raised in Perth at the Kennedy royal commission yesterday.

The club was tipped off when –- during a drug investigation –- one of the players was caught on a bugged telephone call allegedly ordering cocaine.

The names of the two players were suppressed yesterday by Commissioner Geoffrey Kennedy QC after he listened to telephone intercepts in which the names were given to AFL investigator Rick Lewis, a Victorian police officer.

The royal commission was told that Mr Lewis wanted to know what was happening – so he turned to former Victorian police officer David "Docket" Waters for help. Mr Waters, once acquitted of murder, now runs an earthmoving business.

October 24

Wednesday, October 23

Carlton board battle
Ian Collins fires a crippling broadside
"Elliott should resign with dignity"
Presidential challenger IAN COLLINS has fired the latest broadside in the battle for the Carlton Football Club calling for the embattled JOHN ELLIOTT to resign, with dignity.

The leader of the *Carlton One* ticket on Tuesday said Elliott, the Blues' president of 20 years standing, should follow the lead of fellow directors COLIN DE LUTIS, KEVIN HALL and BARRY STONES who have resigned from the board in recent days following the vote of no-confidence by the membership on October 9.

At the forthcoming extraordinary meeting of the club on November 12th, 5600 voting members will be asked to vote yes or no in favour of keeping the six remaining directors, John Elliott, vice-president Peter Kerr, Wes Lofts, Stephen Kernahan, Barry Armstrong and Greg Williams, and any replacements appointed in the interim and then will be asked to vote yes or no in favour of voting the 10 person *Carlton One* ticket to the board.

*Carlton One* are represented by: Ian Collins, Bruce Mathieson, Stephen Silvagni, David McKay, Ken Hunter, Simon Wilson, Lauraine Diggins, John Valmorbida, Graham Smorgon and Marcus Rose.

PAUL GOUGH on ** speculates the most widely anticipated result is that all of the *Carlton One* ticket will be elected along with champion players Kernahan and Williams from the current board, giving the Blues a new 12 person board of directors.

As the Diary recorded last Saturday (19th) under Carlton's constitution, its board of directors could contain as few as five members or as many as 20.

However, whichever combination of directors are elected on November 12, a third will immediately face re-election at the club's AGM on December 10.

The Age reports today that the ever-resourceful John Elliott last night foiled an attempt to further weaken his position, swiftly installing BARRY ARMSTRONG and PETER KERR from the football club board as social club directors to replace BARRY STONES and KEVIN HALL, who resigned on Monday.

In doing so, Elliott averted a possible vote to dump him as president of the Carlton Cricket and Football Social Club, which is the ground manager and, inextricably, financially linked with the football club.


Alastair Lynch will play on in 2003

Brisbane veteran ALASTAIR LYNCH has announced he will play on into his 16th season of League football.

The 34-year-old Lynch, has confirmed to Lions coach LEIGH MATTHEWS that he wants to be a part of Brisbane's assault in 2003 on a hat-trick of premierships.

Alastair kicked 74 goals in his 22 matches with the Lions this season, completing 271 League matches for a total of 515 goals, 299 behinds. He made his debut with Fitzroy in 1988, winning the Maroons best and fairest in 1993 before moving to Brisbane for the 1994 season.

Recruited from the TFL's Hobart club, Lynch was drafted in 1986 and has since played the most League games by a Tasmanian at VFL-AFL level.

October 23

Stab Kicks ...

<> RICHMOND has secured the last of its established stars after ruckman GREG STAFFORD yesterday agreed to terms for a new two-year deal ... the Tigers also confirmed the resignation of its chief executive MARK BRAYSHAW, who will pursue an opportunity in the sports and leisure industry.

<> Former Geelong veteran GARRY HOCKING has been appointed coach of the Western Jets in the TAC Cup Under 18 competition. Buddha was a playing assistant coach with North Ballarat in the VFL this season.

<> DAVID NOBLE, assistant to TERRY WALLACE at Whitten Oval for five years has taken up the task to lift Glenelg off the bottom of the ladder. The 35-year old Noble has been appointed coach of the SANFL Tigers, who have been wooden spooners in three of the past four seasons.

<> The West Australian reports the Eagles will combine an aggressive approach with a degree of caution when the five-day AFL trading period starts tomorrow. West Coast recruiting manager TREVOR WOODHOUSE said the club was keen to trade players and draft picks to secure stars from other teams but it would not rush into decisions.

<> In spite of St Kilda's hopes that they will retain the temperamental ruckman, PETER EVERITT is firming to become a Hawthorn player ... in tandem with the efforts on Everitt, the Hawks are also seeking to lure Brisbane's dual premiership ruckman CLARK KEATING to Glenferrie, to bolster the following division after the retirement of SHAUN REHN. Keating is expected to make a decision today before heading off on an overseas holiday.

October 23

Tuesday, October 22

Carlton board battle
Elliott's support evaporates
De Lutis, Hall and Stones resign
Carlton's embattled board was further reduced to only six members following the resignations on Monday of COLIN DE LUTIS, KEVIN HALL and BARRY STONES.

This follows the overwhelming rejection of the board when a no-confidence motion against the current administration was carried 1776 to 852 votes at the meeting on October 9.

The 46-year-old De Lutis who on October 3 was anointed as John Elliott's successor, received a hostile reception as one of the three speakers against the no-confidence motion and is believed to have been stung by the reaction of members.

The long-serving Kevin Hall – a board member for 25 years – and Barry Stones, a director of nine years, depart to respect the wishes of the members. In a joint statement the pair said: "The members have spoken and we have clearly heard their voice – we hope our resignation will hasten the finalisation of the club's future board structure."

Elliott is confident the remaining board members – himself, Wes Lofts, Peter Kerr, Stephen Kernahan, Greg Williams and Barry Armstrong – would be retained by registered members at the November 12 extraordinary meeting.


Mark Bickley breaks his leg in Dublin
Brad Scott to face GAA-AFL hearing

Adelaide's 33-year-old veteran MARK BICKLEY, one of Australia's best players in their come-from-behind draw on Sunday, suffered a broken bone in the lower fibula in his left leg, in the dying seconds of the Second Test against Ireland at Croke Park in Dublin.

Adelaide football manager JOHN REID said the leg was set in plaster for the flight home.

Brisbane premiership player BRAD SCOTT will face a GAA-AFL hearing in about three weeks time on a striking charge. A telephone link with GAA officials in Ireland and the AFL in Australia will be arranged. Scott punched Ireland's GRAHAM GERAGHTY several times in a second quarter flare-up which resulted in umpire SCOTT McLAREN showing Scott the red card, sending him to the bench for the rest of the game.

The most likely penalty for Scott will be suspension from next year's International Rules series.

October 22

Stab Kicks ...

<> The Herald Sun reports (22nd) that Melbourne is the latest club heading for a significant loss on the 2002 season, with estimations blowing out to $750,000 even to $1 million. Demons chief executive JOHN ANDERSON said the club had budgeted for $1.5 million in gate receipts, but had to settle for $900,000 caused by an uncharitable draw, no cash bonanza of a home game against Essendon and were forced to play two home games at Carlton's Princes Park ... more ...

<> Relationships have settled down between the Carlton club and DAVID ALLISON, who manages both MATTHEW ALLAN and ANTHONY FRANCHINA – the Blues are expected to re-sign both players ...

<> MARK BRAYSHAW is expected to step down as CEO of the Richmond FC, a post he has held for three years – Brayshaw intends to move out of football. The Age reports the Tigers are considering a dual management structure, with recently appointed GREG MILLER controlling the football side of the business and Brayshaw's successor the commercial operation.

<> Adelaide have held talks with the Kangaroos and plan to meet Roos officials again before the trading period starts on Thursday – the dealings revolve around how WAYNE CAREY will become a Crow. Carey is reported to have already bought a house in Adelaide.

October 22

Monday, October 21

International Rules
Australia wins the series 107 to 100

Australia has hung on to win the International Rules series with a thrilling draw in the second Test at a Siberian and inclement Croke Park in Dublin on Sunday afternoon. After Australia won the first Test 65-58, Ireland had to win by eight points to clinch the series or by seven to draw it and retain the trophy they won last year.

The GAA website reports: A record crowd of 71,552 for the series between the two countries attended. It emerged after the whistle that almost 78,000 tickets were pre-sold for this game, so only the weather of 6C stopped the attendance from almost reaching capacity. Roll on 2003, when hopefully the Aussies will embrace the tests in similar numbers.

It was edge of the seat stuff as the visitors reeled off 24 points to Ireland’s five in the last quarter to snatch a draw, and there was some controversy as Australian Brad Scott was sent off for punching Graham Geraghty in the second quarter. But it’s the Aussie’s series, so Ireland will be looking to restore lost pride in 2003.

Ireland 42 (1-8-12), Australia 42 (1-11-3)

After plenty of thrills and spills at a colourful Croke Park, the visiting team has once again carried off the laurels in the International Rules series between Ireland and Australia.

The Irish went into the game trailing by seven points from the first test, and they trailed by the same margin, on aggregate, at the end of this decider, 107-100.

As was the case last week, a stirring late comeback by the Aussies was enough to scrub a big lead that the Irish had worked so hard to eke out. Playing with the gale behind them in the third quarter, normally the period when the Australians cut loose, Ireland pinned back the opposition and outscored them 20-0, with a goal coming when Cormac McAnallen pulled on a loose ball in the square to finally get one past Andrew Kellaway. At 37-18 going into the last, it looked good for Ireland, but still, the record 71,552 crowd in the stadium was prepared for a big push from the Aussies, and they got it.

Defending stoutly in the opening minutes of the final quarter, all was still going to plan for the home side, but then a hopeful punt into the square was met by the towering Luke Darcy, who palmed to the net to ignite a comeback. Irish ‘keeper Stephen Cluxton will have to shoulder some of the blame for his indecision in coming off the line, and it is one of the ironies of the 2002 series that the Australians, who play their game without a goalie, had the more accomplished performer between the posts over the two tests.

Buoyed by the goal and making good use of the wind to keep Ireland hemmed into defence, the Aussies then began kicking scores for fun. Nathan Brown with two, Josh Francou and Christopher Judd all kicked overs to close the gap to just a point with only nine minutes gone, and with the traffic all one way, it seemed to be just a matter of time before Australia took the lead and closed out the contest. But credit to Ireland, they knuckled down and dominated the rest of the game - only missed chances denied them.

Eamon O’Hara stemmed the tide when he kicked a three-pointer, and then two behinds from Ciaran McManus and Graham Geraghty (a close-range free that really should have been sent over for three) put a six-point lead in place for the home side, with five minutes to go, meaning that just one more point would have secured the series on aggregate. High drama followed as the Irish came forward in waves, playing their best stuff of a patchy overall performance, and Evan Kelly’s intuitive flick under a high centre could well have nestled in the onion bag on another day. That was the last real effort Ireland had, and it was left to Australia to close out the scoring and level matters with two overs from Chris Johnson, ensuring they ended this series unbeaten.

Prior to the last quarter, matters were largely dictated by which end either team was attacking. Both countries harnessed the wind to make it very difficult for their opponent to get out of their own half and this was borne out in the scoring. Ireland exploited the elements to lead 12-4 at the end of the first quarter, but were second best in the next as they trailed 18-17. Then, McAnallen’s goal helped Ireland to that 37-18 lead going into the final period, but as before, the wind was the crucial factor.

Overall, Ireland could look on this as an opportunity lost to buck the trend of home sides not winning the series. Australia really only had one top class attacker in Nathan Brown, yet kicked more overs than the Irish and less behinds. Also, like last week, Ireland let their opponents off the hook by displaying a lack of composure in front of goal. Westmeath’s Dessie Dolan failed to learn a lesson from the first test by shooting high for a goal just after start of the match, to leave it easier for Kellaway to make the save, and on another occasion in the second quarter, Eamon O’Hara shot for goal from 25 metres when a team-mate was unmarked in the square. Indeed, poor option-taking and failure to spot opponents in space, as well as a degree of fumbling and poor handling with the greasy ball, undermined the home challenge all afternoon.

However, the results will show that the 2002 series belongs to Australia, and they deserve credit for their spirited fightback in the last quarter, when all seemed lost. Ireland too deserve praise for their gutsy showing which fell just short in the end and whatever about the result, the magnificent drama of the closing stages, and the closeness of the contests overall, have ensured that this hybrid has earned a place in the hearts of Irish fans.

Ireland v Australia
Sunday, October 20, 2002
at Croke Park, Dublin, crowd: 71,552
  1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
IRE 0.3.3 – 12 0.4.5 – 17 1.7.10 – 37 1.8.12 – 42
AUS 0.1.1 – 4 0.5.3 – 18 0.5.3 – 18 1.11.3 – 42
GOALS, 6 points: Australia: Darcy. Ireland: McAnallen
OVERS, 3 points: Australia: Brown 4, Johnson 3, Francou, Judd, Milne, Murphy. Ireland: Dolan 2, O'Hara 2, Geraghty, Joyce, McManus, Savage..
BEHINDS, 1 point: Australia:
Brown, Judd, Yze. Ireland: Kennelly 3, Geraghty 2, Giles 2, Dolan, Jer O'Sullivan, Joyce, McAnallen, McManus
Australia: Nathan Brown 0-4-1 (13), Chris Johnson 0-3-0 (9), Luke Darcy 1-0-0 (6), Christopher Judd 0-1-1 (4), Josh Francou 0-1-0 (3), Stephen Milne 0-1-0 (3), Robert Murphy 0-1-0 (3), Adam Yze 0-0-1 (1).
Ireland: Dessie Dolan 0-2-2 (8), Cormac McAnallen 1-0-1 (7), Eamon O’Hara 0-2-0 (6) Graham Geraghty 0-1-2 (5), Ciaran McManus 0-1-1 (4), Padraig Joyce 0-1-1 (4), Derek Savage 0-1-0 (3), Trevor Giles 0-0-2 (2), Tadhg Kennelly 0-0-2 (2), Brendan Jer O’Sullivan 0-0-1 (1).

Brown, Bickley, Clement, Johnson, Montgomery, A.Kellaway.
Ireland: Giles, Cluxton, Moynihan, Kennelly, Geraghty, McAnallen.
Umpires: Brian White (Ireland), Scott McLaren (Australia).
BRAD SCOTT (Aus) reported by umpire SCOTT McLAREN for striking GRAHAM GERAHTY (Ire) in the second quarter. On December 17, a panel consisting of LIAM MULVIHIL (GAA), PAT DALY (GAA) and ANDREW DEMETRIOU (AFL) heard a guilty plea to the charge by Scott. The panel suspended Scott for three International Rules matches.

Australia won the series on aggregate: 107 to 100.

A Kellaway; C Johnson, B Scott, C Judd; A Simpson, J Clement, J Francou; S Crawford, A Yze; N Brown, R Murphy, C Bradley; M Scarlett, M Bickley, S Milne. Inter-change players: B Montgomery, D Kerr, T Edwards, L Darcy, W Tredrea, C Bruce, C Cornes, A Lekkas. Red Card: B Scott (27 min); Yellow Card: A Yze (47 min).
Ireland: S Cluxton; P Christie, D S, A Lynch; C McAnallen, S Moynihan, K McGeeney; T Giles, G Canty; D Dolan, T Kennelly, BJ O'Sullivan; P Joyce, C McManus, G Geraghty. Inter-change players: J Bergin, R Cosgrove, C Holmes, E Kelly, D Meehan, E O'Hara, T S, D Savage.

Alan Richardson joins the Bulldogs

Former Collingwood defender ALAN RICHARDSON has joined the Western Bulldogs coaching panel. The 37-year-old Richo joins senior coach PETER ROHDE and former Werribee coach CHRIS BOND on the coaching staff for next season. Another assistant is still to be named. Alan Richardson in 2001 and 2002 coached the Coburg Tigers – Richmond's affiliate in the VFL competition.

October 21

Saints aim at Trent Croad

MARK STEVENS reports in the Herald Sun (20th) that St Kilda coach GRANT THOMAS is eyeing TRENT CROAD as a likely trade. Although Fremantle recently denied 22-year-old Croad is up for trade, the football industry is buzzing with the word he will definitely be on the market to the right suitor in the five-day trade period which starts Thursday and ends at 2pm on Monday October 28.

Fremantle is keen to secure both DES HEADLAND and DANIEL CHICK. There has been talk of a three-way trade that would send PETER EVERITT to Hawthorn, Chick to Fremantle and Croad to Moorabbin.

October 21

Sunday, October 20

Carlton's revolutionary share plan

Carlton members may receive end-of-year dividends from a revolutionary unlisted-share package being considered by the Carlton One presidential ticket, DAMIEN BARRETT reports in Melbourne's Sunday Herald Sun.

It is understood Carlton One hopes to raise $5 million annually from the arrangement. The share packages are believed to be valued at less than $1000 per issue.

Carlton One member and financial adviser MARCUS ROSE yesterday described the share offer to members as an extended form of membership.


International Rules
Both camps warned on discipline
70,000 expected for Second Test

Irish and Australian players have been put on a strict discipline alert for Sunday's second International Rules test at Croke Park. Upwards of 70,000 are expected to attend, making it the largest crowd to ever cheer on an Irish team in any sport.

Five players will carry yellow cards into the game, which means the smallest indiscretion will result in their dismissal out of the Test.

Ireland's Evan Kelly and Eamonn O'Hara and Australia's David Neitz, Josh Francou and Brett Montgomery were yellow-carded by the three-man Control Committee which met on Friday to review the first test.

Tadhg Kennelly (Ireland) and Cameron Ling (Australia) were both given official warnings. The Control Committee, comprised of the GAA's Liam Mulvihill and Pat Daly and the AFL's Andrew Demetriou, stressed that while the clash of two different codes inevitably led to frustrations, violence would not be tolerated.

Referees, Scott McLaren (Australia) and Brian White (Ireland) have been instructed to watch closely for off-the-ball incidents and to be especially hard on the third and subsequent players who join in melees.

The referees have also been told to visit both dressing-rooms before the game and issue a clear warning that they will not accept any foul play – Irish Independent.


from the e-mail bag ...

Subscriber PETER SHERRY believes there should be changes at the top in the AFL ...


The AFL and in  particular Mr Demeteriou have ended the season in disgrace. Not only have the AFL been demonstratively amateurish in their confidential ( I'm sorry it's not possible for any dealings with the AFL to be confidential) dealings with players and clubs but they have also broken their own rules and be shown to adopt double standards ...

The full text is in our Letters section ... more ...

October 20

Saturday, October 19

Wayne Brittain joins Richmond

Sacked Carlton coach WAYNE BRITTAIN officially became the deputy to DANNY FRAWLEY in the announcement made on Friday by the Richmond FC.

Brittain after his much publicised replacement at Princes Park by former Kangaroo coach DENIS PAGAN, puts behind him a disastrous season when the Blues won only three matches, and collected its first VFL-AFL wooden spoon.

Wayne Brittain told ** that the chance to work with Danny Frawley and new Tigers' football director GREG MILLER plus the chance to be involved with one of Victoria's biggest AFL clubs was the reason he chose to join Richmond as an assistant coach.

Brittain is highly respected and was pursued by five clubs.


Stab Kicks ...

<> ABC Online reported on Friday that DES HEADLAND's agent, WAYNE LOXLEY, will challenge the AFL to show how the star midfielder has breached the player code by insisting certain conditions if he is placed on the pre-season draft – Mr Loxley says there is no law against stating where you wish to live.

<> The AFL has drawn criticism on placing draft restrictions on DES HEADLAND and NICK DAVIS yet allowing WAYNE CAREY to freely move to the club of his choice – Adelaide. The Age reports on Saturday, AFL football operations manager ANDREW DEMETRIOU said the situation involving Carey was completely different to that of Headland – "Wayne Carey and the Kangaroos have parted company. He retired from the Kangaroos." Demetriou said.   "He hasn't compromise the draft."

<> CRAIG DONOHUE in The West Australian (19th) suggests Hawthorn star DANIEL CHICK will not face the same scrutiny that has accompanied Brisbane midfielder DES HEADLAND and Collingwood forward NICK DAVIS in their attempts to play football in their home states. Chick, who is out of contract and back in WA following the death of his brother, wants to play for either Fremantle or West Coast so he can be closer to his family, who live in Northampton. Chick's management said his requests were different because he wouldn't make any demands of other clubs if a trade didn't eventuate.

<> The ruling by the Victorian Supreme Court against a Carlton application means the meeting on November 12 will proceed and members will be asked to vote yes or no in favour of re-electing or dumping the club's current nine board members and then will vote in favour or against of electing the 10-person *Carlton One* ticket headed by IAN COLLINS. Collins said under Carlton's constitution, its board of directors could contain as few as five members or as many as 20, and will be happy happy to work with current board members STEPHEN KERNAHAN and GREG WILLIAMS, both of whom are highly regarded by the membership. After the November 12 meeting, all positions would be ratified at the AGM to be held on December 10.

<> AFL operations manager ANDREW DEMETRIOU still has his nose to the grindstone, even from Ireland where he is presently on tour with the Australian squad. Speaking on Sport 927 on Thursday, Demetriou indicated that further financial assistance would be offered to the Western Bulldogs – "they were given $1 million in season 2002 and we've already approved a million dollars again next year." The AFL website also reported, the Dogs can be expected to be audited next season along with every other club as part of a general crackdown on salary cap irregularities.

October 19

The process  continues ...

Hundreds of Footystats files are being updated with all that occurred during season 2002. A recent update is *All-Time League Match Records* – a composite of the 12,282 matches since 1897 broken down club-by-club, also highlighting the rankings and night matches played for premiership points ... more ...

October 19

Friday, October 18

Headland and Davis face investigation
JOHN McGRATH writes in The West Australian today: DES HEADLAND faces a formal AFL investigation unless he publicly retracts statements he made over attempts to move back to Perth.

In a strongly-worded letter to Headland, AFL operations manager Andrew Demetriou has given the 21-year-old a Tuesday deadline.

He said Headland must publicly confirm he would accept employment with any club which drafted him in the pre-season draft in December, irrespective of where that club was based. Headland must also provide an undertaking to the AFL that he would not, either directly or through others on his behalf, represent that he wished to only be drafted by a WA-based club, or that he required a release to a WA club in the future if drafted by a club based outside WA.

Demetriou told Headland he was in danger of being found guilty of conduct prejudicial to the draft and in breach of rule 17 of the AFL Player Rules.

Demetriou also sent a similar letter to Collingwood's Nick Davis, who wants to move to Sydney. The letter stressed that Davis could not indicate to rival clubs that he would only accept employment in Sydney.


Terrorist attack in Bali
Australian death toll might be 122

The federal Government has revised the confirmed deaths from Australia to 33, but acknowledges it holds grave fears for another 89 people. At least 180 people of all nationalities were killed.

Government officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, conceded on Thursday that well over 100 Australians were likely to have died in Saturday's bombing.

Five days after the attack human remains are still being discovered in the debris. Many of the victims were blown to pieces and may never be positively identified.


Supreme Court decides
Carlton's November 12 meeting will proceed

Justice Marilyn Warren in the Supreme Court on Thursday ruled Carlton club members had overwhelmingly lost confidence in their board and were entitled to replace the current directors if they wanted.

A spill of all positions will take place on November 12. The judgement means three members of the new board will face re-election, three weeks later at the annual general meeting on December 10.

Presidential challenger IAN COLLINS said: "The members will have their say now. The Carlton FC is at rock bottom. It should be back at the top of the tree competing with the Collingwoods and Essendons rather than at the bottom with the St Kildas and the Bulldogs."

October 18

The process  continues ...

Hundreds of Footystats files are being updated with all that occurred during season 2002. A recent update of who has played where across 106 seasons is contained in *Matches Played at 36 Venues, 1897-2002* ... more ...

October 18

Mergers reduce VFL clubs to 13

Three mergers of VFL clubs were announced on Thursday. Geelong will be the only stand-alone AFL side, with Essendon to join the Bendigo Diggers, Carlton with the Northern Bullants and the Kangaroos with Port Melbourne.

The VFL will field a 13-team competition with a final eight next year.

October 18

John Blakey to the Lions as assistant

The recently-retired JOHN BLAKEY has been appointed as an assistant coach with the Brisbane Lions, replacing SCOTT McIVOR who resigned last week.

The 359 game veteran of 18 seasons with Fitzroy and the North Melbourne Kangaroos joins former Essendon captain GARY O'DONNELL, ex-Richmond and Lions player CRAIG LAMBERT and CRAIG BRITTAIN – the brother of former Carlton coach Wayne – as assistants to LEIGH MATTHEWS.

October 18

Stab Kicks ...

<> WAYNE BRITTAIN after turning down an offer from Melbourne appears set to be named as assistant coach to DANNY FRAWLEY at Richmond – an announcement is expected as early as today ...

October 18

Statement from Kangaroos chief executive

The following is a statement from Kangaroos chief executive Geoff Walsh issued at 3.20 pm AEST, October 17, 2002 ...

I understand there have been press reports today regarding the upgrading of defender Jason McCartney's condition from serious to critical overnight.

I would just like to assure all of the Mazda Kangaroos supporters, members and other well-wishers, that while Jason's change of condition is of some concern, it is not unexpected.

Our medical department has been in regular contact with the specialists at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, and have informed us that this situation was anticipated.

The medical staff at the Alfred had been monitoring Jason closely to ensure they acted as soon as any change occurred.

As such he has received the best possible care immediately in the Intensive Care Unit and his prognosis remains positive.

Our understanding is that Jason was having some problems with his breathing yesterday, a normal reaction to burns of this nature, and that that has been behind his upgrading from serious to critical, as he now requires more personalised nursing care.

At this stage we believe Jason is still expected to be in Intensive Care for a couple of days before being moved to the Burns Unit at The Alfred.

Our medical department will maintain their contact with the hospital and keep the Club up-to-date on any changes.

I have also had the opportunity to visit fellow defender Michael Martyn today and would like to say he is doing well and is just thrilled to be back at home with his family.

Again I would just like to ask everyone to respect the privacy of both Jason and Michael's family as they come to terms with the events of the past week.

We thank everyone for their support and concern.

Geoff Walsh
Mazda Kangaroos

Note: With Sunday being a national day of mourning for those who have been so deeply affected by the events in Bali, if there are any members or supporters wishing to mark the day in some way, our chaplain, Father Gerard Dowling, will be involved in a service at St Patrick's Cathedral, East Melbourne.

He will be assisting with 11am Mass on Sunday, and there will be quite a focus at that service on the events in Bali last weekend.

Anyone wishing to attend is more than welcome. St Patrick's Cathedral is on the corner of Gisborne Street and Cathedral Place, East Melbourne.

October 18

Vale: Arthur 'Titch' Edwards

by Chris Donald

Fitzroy life member Arthur ‘Titch’ Edwards played or coached football in five of Australia’s eight states or territories in a career in football that spanned over 30 years.

Born on 20 August 1915, Edwards was the nephew of Melbourne’s 1926 premiership player Charles ‘Brom’ Streeter who was later the M.F.C. secretary.

He played his early football with Laygols and North Fitzroy then graduated to Fitzroy reserves and seniors.  He represented the VFL reserves against the VFA in 1935.

He made his senior VFL debut in Round 16 of 1936 for Fitzroy in its 97-point loss to Geelong at Corio Oval.  He was to play 28 games for the Maroons over the next five years before service in World War 2 interrupted his career. He played in a services competition in Darwin at this time and also with Port Torrens in South Australia.

His height, of 168 centimetres, and a playing weight that varied between 68 and 75 kilograms meant that roving was his best position.  However, he had stiff competition for a roving berth from Haydn Bunton, who was the greatest player he ever saw, and Alfred ‘Mick’ Sharp.

He resumed playing with Fitzroy in 1944 and captained the reserves team to
the 1944 premiership under the coaching of Charles Cameron, who he described
as his best coach.

He played his final senior game with Fitzroy in Round 16 of 1945 in a 45-point loss to North Melbourne at Arden Street.  He was awarded life membership of Fitzroy in 1945 then captain-coached the Fitzroy reserves to a two-point loss in the 1946 grand final.

He captain-coached New Norfolk in Tasmania and the TFL in representative games, Leongatha to a premiership before coaching Coorparoo and the Queensland carnival team in 1954. He also coached Edenhope, Warracknabeal, Golden Point and Doveton.  In all, Edwards estimated that he played over 400 games of football.

Edwards, with Dan Murray, formed the Fitzroy Past Players and Officials Association in 1955 and was its president.

When Len Smith was coaching Victoria at the 1961 carnival, he coached Fitzroy to a nine-point win over Carlton at Brunswick Street in Round 13 that year to give him a 100 percent winning record as a League coach.

‘Titch’ Edwards died on 15 October 2002 aged 87.


B: August 12, 1907
D: October 15, 2002

Carlton's oldest living player ANSELL CLARKE passed away on October 15 aged 95.

He was acknowledged as a brilliant rover in his day, when he played 145 games with the Blues between 1929 and 1937 before captain-coaching St Kilda from 1938-40 during which time he played 26 games for the Saints. Overall Ansell played 173 League matches and kicked 289 goals.


D: October 12, 2002

JACK DIPROSE played 19 games for North Melbourne in 1933-34. Noted as a very tough footballer, Diprose before moving to the Shinboners played in the Seconds with South Melbourne. He saw action in the Middle East and New Guinea during World War Two in the anti-aircraft division. He passed away on October 12 aged 97.

October 18



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