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December 12, 2002
Week 344,  10am Edition

Martin Windsor–Black – Pertinent Observations and other interesting trivia
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Draw 2003 ... more
Pre–season 2003 ... more

Round 1
Friday, March 28

Col v Rch, MCG (N)
Saturday, March 29
WC v PA, S
Kan v StK, MCG
Bri v Ess, BCG (N)
Syd v Car, Hom (N)
Sunday, March 30
Ade v Fre, FP
Mel v Haw, MCG
WB v Gee, Dok

Round 2
Friday, April 4
Car v Col, MCG (N)
Saturday, April 5
Ess v Mel, MCG
StK v Ade, Dok
Fre v Syd, S (N)
PA v Bri, FP (N)
Sunday, April 6
Haw v WC, YPL
Gee v Kan, KP
Rch v WB, Dok

Round 3
Friday, April 11
Ess v Car, MCG (N)
Sat, April 12
WC v StK, S
Col v Gee, MCG
Kan v Bri, Dok (N)
PA v Haw, FP (N)
Sunday, April 13
Syd v Ade, SCG
Mel v WB, Dok
Rch v Fre, MCG

Round 4 (Easter)
Thursday, April 17
Bri v Col, BCG (N)
Saturday, April 19
Gee v Mel, KP
Haw v Syd, MCG (N)
WB v Ess, Dok (N)
Sunday, April 20
Ade v WC, FP
Fre v Kan, S
Car v PA, PP
Monday, April 21
StK v Rch, Dok

Round 5 (Anzac Day)
Friday, April 25
Ess v Col, MCG
Syd v Mel, SCG (N)
Saturday, April 26
Haw v Rch, MCG
Ade v PA, FP (N)
Kan v Car, Dok (N)
Sunday, April 27
Bri v WB, BCG
Fre v WC, S
StK v Gee, Dok

Round 6
Friday, May 2
Kan v Ade, Dok (N)
Saturday, May 3
Car v Haw, PP
Mel v WC, MCG
Col v Syd, Dok (N)
PA v Rch, FP (N)
Sunday, May 4
Gee v Bri, KP
Fre v Ess, S
WB v StK, Dok

Round 7
Friday, May 9
Haw v Kan, Dok (N)
Saturday, May 10
Rch v Ess, MCG
Ade v Col, FP (N)
StK v Car, Dok (N)
Sunday, May 11
Syd v Bri, SCG
Mel v PA, MCG
WB v Fre, Dok

Round 8
Friday, May 16
Haw v Ess, MCG (N)
Saturday, May 17
Col v WC, Dok
PA v Kan, FP
Rch v Mel, MCG (N)
Bri v Ade, BCG (N)
Sunday, May 18
Syd v Gee, SCG
Fre v StK, S
Car v StK, PP

Round 9
Friday, May 23
Ess v PA, Dok (N)
Saturday, May 24
Car v Bri, PP
Mel v Fre, MCG
WC v Rch, S (N)
Col v StK, Dok (N)
Sunday, May 25
Kan v Syd, Man
Ade v WB, FP
Gee v Haw, Dok

Round 10
Friday, May 30
PA v Col, FP (N)
Saturday, May 31
Fre v Car, S
WB v Kan, Dok
Rch v Syd, SCG (N)
Mel v Bri, BCG, (N)
Sunday, June 1
Gee v Ade, KP
Ess v WC, Dok
StK v Haw, MCG

Round 11
(Queen's Birthday)
Friday, June 6
Kan v Rch, Dok (N)
Saturday, June 7
Haw v Ade, MCG
StK v Bri, Dok (N)
Syd v Ess, Hom (N)
Sunday, June 8
PA v Fre, FP
WC v WB, S
Gee v Car, Dok
Monday, June 9
Mel v Col, MCG

Round 12
Friday, June 13
Ess v Kan, Dok (N)
Saturday, June 14
Rch v Car, MCG
Fre v Gee, S (N)
WB v Syd, SCG (N)
Sunday, June 15
Bri v WC, BCG
Ade v Mel, FP
Col v Haw, MCG

June 20-21-22
No matches

Round 13
Friday, June 27
Ess v Gee, Dok (N)
Saturday, June 28
Mel v StK, MCG
PA v Syd, FP
WB v Col, Dok (N)
Bri v Rch, BCG (N)
Sunday, June 29
Haw v Fre, YPL
WC v Kan, S
Car v Ade, PP

Round 14
Friday, July 4
StK v Ess, Dok (N)
Saturday, July 5
Fre v Bri, S
Haw v WB, MCG
Kan v Col, Dok (N)
Ade v Rch, FP (N)
Sunday, July 6
Syd v WC, SCG
Car v Mel, PP
Gee v PA, KP

Round 15
Friday, July 11
Ade v Ess, FP (N)
Saturday, July 12
Col v Fre, MCG
Rch v Gee, Dok
WC v Car, S (N)
Syd v StK, SCG (N)
Sunday, July 13
Bri v Haw, BCG
Kan v Mel, MCG
WB v PA, Dok

Round 16
Friday, July 18
Rch v Col, MCG (N)
Saturday, July 19
Car v Syd, PP
Haw v Mel, MCG
Ess, v Bri, Dok (N)
PA v WC, FP (N)
Sunday, July 20
Gee v WB, KP
Fre v Ade, S
StK v Kan, Dok

Round 17
Friday, July 25
WC v Haw, S (N)
Saturday, July 26
Mel v Ess, MCG
Kan v Gee, Man
WB v Rch, Dok (N)
Bri v PA, BCG (N)
Sunday, July 27
Syd v Fre, SCG
Ade v StK, FP
Col v Car, MCG

Round 18
Friday, August 1
WB v Mel, Dok (N)
Saturday, August 2
Fre v Rch, S
Car v Ess, MCG
Gee v Col, Dok (N)
Bri v Kan, BCG (N)
Sunday, August 3
Ade v Syd, FP
Haw v PA, MCG
StK v WC, Dok

Round 19
Friday, August 8
Mel v Gee, MCG (N)
Saturday, August 9
WC v Ade, S
Col v Bri, MCG
Rch v St, Dok (N)
Syd v Haw, SCG (N)
Sunday, August 10
PA v Car, FP
Ess v WB, Dok
Kan v Fre, MCG

Round 20
Friday, August 15
Col v Ade, Dok (N)
Saturday, August 16
Car v StK, PP
Gee v WC, KP
PA v Mel, FP (N)
Bri v Rch, BCG (N)
Sunday, August 17
Bri v Syd, BCG
Fre v WB, S
Ess v Rch, MCG

Round 21
Friday, August 22
Haw v Car, MCG (N)
Saturday, August 23
Ade v Kan, FP
Ess v Fre, Dok
Bri v Gee, BCG (N)
Syd v Col, Dok (N)
Sunday, August 24
WC v Mel, S
Rch v PA, Dok

Round 22
Friday, August 29
Col v Ess, MCG (N)
Saturday, August 30
Gee v StK, KP
Mel v Syd, MCG
WC v Fre, S (N)
WB v Bri, Dok (N)
Sunday, August 31
PA v Ade, FP
Car v Kan, PP
Rch v Haw, MCG

2003 Finals
& Qualifying

September 5–6–7
September 12–13–14
Preliminary Finals
September 19–20
Grand Final
September 27

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
PA 18 4 132 72
Bri 17 5 137 68
Ade 15 7 115 60
Col 13 9 110 52
Ess 12 9 1 105 50
Mel 12 10 100 48
Kan 12 10 99 48
WCE 11 11 98 44

Gee 11 11 95 44
Haw 11 11 92 44
Syd 9 12 1 107 38
WB 9 12 1 104 38
Fre 9 13 88 36
Rch 7 15 83 28
StK 5 16 1 79 22
Car 3 19 73 12

after finals

Premiers Brisbane
2nd Collingwood
3rd Port Adel
4th Adelaide
5th Essendon
6th Melbourne
7th Kangaroos
8th West Coast

after Round 22
W L % Pts
Ess 17 5 134 68
Bri 17 5 128 68
PA 16 6 129 64
Rch 15 7 108 60
Car 14 8 129 56
Haw 13 9 105 52
Syd 12 10 116 48
Ade 12 10 103 48

Col 11 11 107 44
WB 10 12 94 44
Mel 10 12 90 40
Gee 9 13 94 36
Kan 9 13 91 36
WCE 5 17 66 20
StK 4 18 73 16
Fre 2 20 72 8

after finals

Premiers Brisbane
2nd Essendon
3rd Richmond
4th Hawthorn
5th Port Adel
6th Carlton
7th Sydney
8th Adelaide

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
Ess 21 1 159 84
Car 16 6 135 64
Mel 14 8 118 56
Kan 14 8 196 56
Gee 12 9 1 97 50
Bri 12 10 117 48
WB 12 10 104 48
Haw 12 10 98 48

Rch 11 11 93 44
Syd 10 12 102 40
Ade 9 13 96 36
Fre 8 14 72 32
WCE 7 14 1 92 30
PA 7 14 1 84 30
Col 7 15 86 28
StK 2 19 1 70 10

after finals

Premiers Essendon
2nd Melbourne
3rd Carlton
4th Kangaroos
5th Brisbane
6th Hawthorn
7th Geelong
8th West.B'dogs

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
Ess 18 4 126 72
Kan 17 5 116 68
Bri 16 6 145 64
WB 15 6 1 119 62
WCE 12 10 107 48
Car 12 10 103 48
PA 12 10 90 48
Syd 11 11 103 44

Haw 10 11 1 96 42
StK 10 12 98 40
Gee 10 12 95 40
Rch 9 13 91 36
Ade 8 14 85 32
Mel 6 16 81 24
Fre 5 17 82 20
Col 4 18 85 16

after finals

Premiers Kangaroos
2nd Carlton
3rd Essendon
4th Brisbane
5th West Coast
6th West.B'dogs
7th Port Adelaide
8th Sydney

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
NM 16 6 117 64
WB 15 7 116 60
Syd 14 8 106 56
Mel 14 8 103 56
Ade 13 9 123 52
StK 13 9 102 52
WCE 12 10 109 48
Ess 12 10 109 48

Rch 12 10 105 48
PA 9 12 1 96 38
Car 9 13 96 36
Gee 9 13 90 36
Haw 8 14 96 32
Col 7 15 91 28
Fre 7 15 76 28
Bri 5 16 1 76 22

after finals

Premiers Adelaide
2nd North Melb
3rd West.B'dogs
4th Melbourne
5th Sydney
6th St Kilda
7th West Coast
8th Essendon

after Round 22
W L D % Pts
StK 15 7 120 60
Gee 15 7 118 60
WB 14 8 102 56
Ade 13 9 122 52
WCE 13 9 111 52
Syd 12 10 116 48
NM 12 10 112 48
Bri 10 11 1 105 42

PA 10 11 1 92 42
Col 10 12 111 40
Car 10 12 97 40
Fre 10 12 92 40
Rch 10 12 84 40
Ess 9 13 92 36
Haw 8 14 87 32
Mel 4 18 61 16

after finals

Premiers Adelaide
2nd St Kilda
3rd West.B'dogs
4th North Melb
5th Geelong
6th West Coast
7th Sydney
8th Brisbane

Thursday, December 12

Carlton's financial crisis
Players agree to pay cuts
Sliding scale brings Blues under salary cap

At the 11th hour, a large group of Carlton players yesterday agreed to pay cuts which will enable the Blues to meet the $5.95 million AFL salary cap criteria for season 2003.

Carlton have until tomorrow to lodge full details with the League of the Total Player Payments (TPP) schedule for next year.

More than 20 players agreed to pay cuts that will wipe about $700,000 from the club's salary payments.

The agreement follows weeks of speculation since November 25 after the new Ian Collins-led administration took over the club, and demanded the nine highest paid players accept a 25 per cent cut.

Instead, the cuts will be on a sliding scale from 15 per cent for the highest paid down to about 2 per cent for players on the lower end. Players on basic payments of $50,000 annually cannot take reductions under the collective bargaining agreement.

The Herald Sun believes Carlton's highest-paid player ANTHONY KOUTOUFIDES will forfeit $200,000 of his $1 million-plus salary in 2003.

As part of the agreement, Carlton will retain its current 37-man list, including MATTHEW LAPPIN, who threatened to cross to Richmond, and the uncontracted ANDREW MERRINGTON, who faced the sack.

Carlton president IAN COLLINS was quoted: "Naturally we are delighted the players have put the Carlton FC first and agreed to make the necessary alterations to their playing contracts to enable this club to go into the 2003 season with the very best possible list."

The AFL website reported: The AFL Players' Association said the agreement reached between Carlton and the playing group was an acceptable resolution for the players.

Meanwhile, ruckman MATTHEW ALLAN has expressed his disappointment that his name has been linked with Carlton's disclosure of the payment of a "significant cash amount" to a player on its list for the 2002 season.

"I've done nothing untoward. It's declared in my taxable income, so I haven't done anything wrong there." Allen told Channel 10, "The only thing I suppose, in trying to help the club, it makes me look bad and I've basically done nothing wrong."

On Tuesday it was revealed that Carlton by a voluntary admission to the AFL showed the club had breached the salary cap in the 2002 season when undisclosed cash payments totalling $75,000 were made to MATTHEW ALLEN.

In a pertinent reminder to the manner the discredited John Elliott administration handled financial matters, GRANTLEY BERNARD in his daily *PULSE* page in the Herald Sun on Tuesday noted

... this quote from former Carlton president JOHN ELLIOTT from a Herald Sun feature on March 25, 2000.

Asked how much Carlton would pay to get Collingwood captain NATHAN BUCKLEY into a Blues jumper, Elliott replied: "At Carlton we don't worry about the money. We'd ask what he needed."


Stab Kicks ...

News sources of the day report —

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Carlton are set to play the ATSIC Chairman's All-Stars at the revamped Marrara Stadium in Darwin on Saturday, February 8. In the first match for indigenous footballers since the mid 1990s, the All-Stars will be coached by former Footscray and Brisbane player MICHAEL McLEAN and will be made up of players from the other 15 AFL clubs.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Adelaide will play two pre-season trial games against SANFL clubs at Norwood Oval on Friday night, February 14. The Crows will play both Norwood and Woodville-West Torrens with proceeds being from the event directed to the Farmhand Drought Appeal. Early this year more than $18,000 went to the NSW Bushfire Appeal from a similar event.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Adelaide have announced an operating profit of $1,055,133 on season 2002. Since their debut in 1991, the Crows have contributed $12,666,713 to the SANFL and its nine member clubs – this year the club gave $753,485 as part of its sub-licence agreement.

 bull5.gif - 0.9 K The West Australian reports WAFL field umpires are almost certain to throw up the ball in games next season after league general managers yesterday received a recommendation for the bounce to be abolished. Umpires in the VFL and SANFL will continue bouncing the ball in 2003 – however, the bounce now appears doomed.

At Wednesday's summit of the WAFL Commission, West Coast and Fremantle and AFL toppers RON EVANS and WAYNE JACKSON, the need for an upgraded talent pathway for young footballers in WA was the focus. Under a WAFC plan, a full-time person would be appointed to coordinate the Colts competition and associated development programs for under-18s and under-16s. The AFL have been asked to financially assist the project.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K CARL STEINFORT has been delisted by Collingwood and will nominate for next week's pre-season draft – the parting was "amicable". Geelong have shown interest in regaining Steinfort, who played 65 games with the Cats (1996-2000) before his 27 over two years with the Magpies, including the 2002 grand final.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K The Melbourne Cricket Ground has been labelled by the IAC as one of the world's worst three venues for crowd behaviour at one-day matches – the other two are in India, where the recent India-West Indies series was marred by missile-throwing, with one match in Rajkot abandoned after West Indian fielders were pelted with water bottles. Spectators have been urged to behave at Sunday's tri-series match at the MCG between Australia and England after more than 30 fans were arrested and almost 500 ejected from matches there last summer – The Australian, December 12.

December 12

Wednesday, December 11

Carlton's financial crisis
Crippling new revelation
Threat of more penalties
Blues have breached 2002 salary cap

On-going investigations by the AFL's KEN WOOD and a voluntary admission by the Carlton club has revealed undisclosed cash payments totalling $75,000 were made to ruckman MATTHEW ALLAN in season 2002.

The payments in three installments were made by a former Carlton director to Allan's agent DAVID ALLISON.

The AFL Commission must decide whether to hand out more penalties for the Allan offence as the investigation continues.

New Carlton president IAN COLLINS wrote to all players and staff last month, urging them to come forward if they were aware of any payments outside the salary cap. A club official came forward and once details of the payments were revealed, the AFL and the Australian Tax Office were advised.

Collins concedes further illegal payments could come to light as more club identities come clean and the club continues its audit of the books.

On November 23 the Blues were fined $930,000 – made up of $872,424 for breaches of the 2001 salary cap and $57,576 suspended from season 2000 irregularities. The $57,576 is payable by December 31 this year – the $872,424 by December 31, 2003.

Carlton were also fined four draft picks from the November 24 National Draft, the first pick in the December 20 Pre-Season Draft and two picks from the 2003 National Draft.

An AAP report on Yahoo! Sport said: There were potential further ramifications for Carlton beyond any punishment by the AFL, as the Australian Tax Office had taken an interest in the Carlton case and non-disclosure of income.

In earlier breaches Carlton was slapped with stiff sanctions for using an elaborate trust-fund system to make under-the-table payments to past players CRAIG BRADLEY, STEPHEN SILVAGNI and STEPHEN O'REILLY, while an investigation into payments to FRASER BROWN was continuing.

Since receiving the fine (on November 23), the cash-strapped Blues had admitted the sum of agreed 2003 players payments would put the club well over the salary cap again, prompting a call for star players to take radical pay cuts.

The pay cut issue remains unresolved though LANCE WHITNALL has agreed to a 15 per cent cut, subject to a one-year extension of his contract.


AFL gives Matthew Lappin more time

The AFL has given Carlton player MATTHEW LAPPIN until 5pm this afternoon to decide if he wishes to nominate for the Pre-Season Draft as an un-contracted, listed player.

Lappin's manger RON JOSEPH says the wily forward is ready to leave the Blues, citing disappointment in the process Carlton has used to slash player payments.

In the Pre-Season Draft, the two bottom-finishing clubs St Kilda and Richmond decided who would be first, with the Saints opting to take former Demons STEPHEN POWELL, the only player to nominate before yesterday's deadline.

Richmond has the first pick and football manager GREG MILLER says the Tigers would welcome Lappin.

Lappin reached verbal agreement to a new contract under the old Carlton board, but the new administration appear unwilling to honour the deal as it sought big pay cuts to get the club under the 2003 salary cap.

The AFL will not recognise any new Carlton contracts until the club finalises its Total Player Payments for 2003 – the deadline for the TPP is on Friday.


Stab Kicks ...

News sources of the day report —

bull5.gif - 0.9 K ALMA GREEVES, wife of football's first Brownlow medallist, Geelong's EDWARD "Carji" GREEVES, has died aged 97. Mrs Greeves passed away on Friday (6th) at Geelong Hospital. "Carji" who was also runner-up in the Brownlow on three occasions in 1925, 1926 and 1928, and was fourth in 1927 lived until 1963 when he passed away at the age of 60.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Despite taking a significant pay cut, MARTIN PIKE is happy to remain with the Brisbane Lions. The 30-year-old has played 47 games with the Lions including two premiership wins. Martin has also played with Melbourne (1993-94, Fitzroy (1995-96) and the Kangaroos (1997-2000).

bull5.gif - 0.9 K AFL toppers RON EVANS and WAYNE JACKSON will join the WA Football Commission, and West Coast and Fremantle officials in Perth today for talks which could have a big impact on the development of the game in WA.

December 11


Bali hastens end of a football tradition
CAROLINE WILSON, The Age, December 11 —

AFL head of football operations Andrew Demetriou said it would be wrong for clubs to ban overseas travel due to the threat of terrorism. "I don't think you should stop doing things if you're worried about it from a terrorist perspective," said Demetriou. "Otherwise you would be concerned about attending any big events and even playing football at the MCG.

"But the days of the end-of-season trip as we've known about them in the past, where 35 blokes go away with two or three chaperones for a traditional end-of-year drink-up, will become a forgotten thing. That's been driven by the clubs and the players."

Fremantle chief executive Cameron Schwab said: "We were within 150 metres of 12 of our players being under real threat. And our boys have been told officially that high-profile Australian sportsmen were a target in Bali.

"Now we are reviewing the role of the end-of-season trip. All the old theories about team spirit no long hold. There are more meaningful ways of bringing players together."


Tuesday, December 10

Carlton's financial crisis
Player situation is a fiasco

Both Melbourne daily newspapers have at length in recent weeks detailed Carlton's salary cap fiasco.

Today, the Herald Sun reports the dispute between the AFL Players Association and the club is now over the contractual status of up to a dozen players, with the PA arguing only one player – ANDREW MERRINGTON – is out of contract.

The Age understands MATTHEW LAPPIN – one of the nine players not asked to take a 25 per cent pay cut may become Carlton's first salary cap casualty – and that Lappin may be released from any obligation allowing him to nominate for the pre-season draft by this afternoon's two o'clock deadline.

With the Blues excluded from the pre-season draft on December 20, Richmond are in the box seat if Lappin becomes available, with St Kilda already committed to taking Melbourne's STEPHEN POWELL.

New figures yesterday showed Carlton was about $960,000 over the 2003 salary cap. President IAN COLLINS and the AFLPA are differing to the interpretation on what is an "uncontracted player".

Upwards of 18 players are unregistered with the AFL – five players who were drafted by Carlton, plus BARNABY FRENCH who was traded from Port Adelaide, and 12 players who were offered new deals.

The Age reports: According to Lappin's manager, RON JOSEPH, Carlton is not recognising the Lappin deal or those of other Carlton players who have yet to formally sign the paperwork.

The Herald Sun reports Players' Association chief executive ROB KERR saying last night, it was ridiculous to argue that a player didn't have a contract because he hadn't been registered with the AFL. "You could have ridiculous situations where clubs reach agreements with players and then terminate the agreements," Kerr said.

All clubs must lodge their playing lists with the AFL by Friday.


Drum claims election victory

The Bendigo Advertiser reports former Bendigo Diggers and Fremantle coach DAMIAN DRUM yesterday claimed victory in the Victorian Legislative Council voting for the National Party in North Western Province.

Though distribution of preferences will not be completed until tomorrow at the earliest, Drum is expected to narrowly defeat Labor's Marg Lewis, and has been appointed as deputy leader in the Upper House.

Success by Drum would deliver the Nationals the 11 seats it needs for party status in the Victorian parliament following the November 30 state election won by the Labor party.

December 10

Will the bounce disappear from our game?

The Herald Sun reports (10th) the umpire's bounce may go the same way as the drop kick and the flick pass – banished from the game.

A recently completed report into umpiring by former Adelaide chief executive BILL SANDERS has focused on the bounce and questioned its worth.

AFL umpires believe the bounce should be retained and are waiting to discover whether Sanders' recommendation is to consider banning it.

AFL Umpires' Association chief executive ROB ANDERSON said he did not know of the finding in Sanders' report. Anderson said it was important not to alter unique aspects of the game.

December 10

Stab Kicks ...

News sources of the day report —

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Adelaide and West Coast have appointed leading sportsmen as number one ticket holders. LEYTON HEWITT, the world's number one tennis player will hold the honour for the Crows for the next two years while former champion fast bowler DENNIS LILLEE will be the top membership ticket holder for the Eagles.

December 10


DANNY SOUTHERN, addressing draftees at the AFLPA
two-day draft induction camp,
December 9
Yahoo! AAP News

The most telling lesson came from former Western Bulldogs player Danny Southern, who has spent the last two years "sitting on my bum" after knee troubles ended his career at 25.

Southern told the draftees to make the most of their limited time and seek an outlet outside of football – preferably study – for the long times between playing and the longer time once football was gone.

More than 11,000 men have played senior VFL-AFL football but only 300 – two per cent – have played 200 games or more.

Forty-five per cent of those played fewer than 50 games, a point not lost on Southern, who urged the draftees to make a sacrifice they could to prolong "the time of your life".

"If you can package a decade of your life ... where you might give up the drink, or stop going out with the boys and stop chasing women around I think that can really help you," he said.

"You have to make these sacrifices to get the most out of your potential."


Monday, December 9

Carlton's financial crisis
Time running out for players
Decision must be reached today
Blues have to meet $5.93m salary cap for 2003

Carlton's pay cut crisis must reach conclusion today if the club means to effectively participate in season 2003.

LANCE WHITNALL has become the centre of the issue as the Blues await his decision to whether he will accept a pay cut of 15 per cent, or $100,000, and extend his current one-year contract.

As Carlton tries to slice as much as $1.2 million from existing 2003 contracts, Whitnall's decision could save several teammates having to make last-minute nominations for next season's pre-season draft – nominations with the AFL for the December 20 draft close tomorrow.

As many as 12 Carlton players have not been registered for season 2003. Players cannot be registered with the League until the club proves they will go into next season in line with the $5.93 million salary cap.

Meetings today between senior players and IAN COLLINS will hopefully bring matters to a conclusion.


AFL Umpires "mystified" on rule changes
Unique aspects of our game at risk

The AFL Umpires' Association (AFLUA) are mystified how the AFL Laws of the Game Committee continues to make decisions on rule changes without any input from umpires.

DARYL TIMMS reports in the Herald Sun: Umpires chief executive ROB ANDERSON said he was surprised changes to the game would even be considered without consultation.

AFL Commissioners will soon decide whether several rule changes proposed by the Laws of the Game committee –

u a three-point penalty for a rushed behind
u nine points for a goal kicked from outside 50m

would even be considered for the pre-season competition without reference to the AFLUA.

Anderson said: "I still don't understand why there is not an umpire on that committee. We don't understand that, considering it's the umpires that actually implement the rules. In fact, they are very, very knowledgeable not only about the nature of the rules but the implications of it."

Anderson also said he did not believe football needed a "one-day" style of match.

"We need to be very careful about altering the unique aspects of our game because the thing that is a valued aspect of Australian footy is that uniqueness. It is culturally important for us to preserve these things.

"I think if we are making changes to the game purely for entertainment value, we have to be very, very careful that we aren't destroying the fabric and uniqueness of it."


Stab Kicks ...

News sources of the day report —

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Sydney coach PAUL ROOS will enjoy Christmas with his American wife Tammy's family in San Francisco. He will also be trying to learn a few tricks from some of the biggest sports names in the United States, visiting – Los Angeles Lakers' coach PHIL JACKSON (the "Zen" master), NFL coach MARTY SCHOTTENHEIMER from the San Diego Chargers and their Australian kicker DARREN BENNETT. Roos will also attend leading college sports programs at the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California Los Angles (UCLA) – Daily Telegraph, December 6.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K ABC News Online reports former Kangaroos player WAYNE CAREY believes the new trend in football will be for lower salaries. Carey says once players find themselves earning more that $500,000 they become vulnerable to cost-cutting measures. "I think clubs that are struggling to make a dollar would rather a couple of players and save a little bit of money than be paying one player a huge amount of money", Carey said.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Football Victoria's 2002 census report reveals an increase of 34,025 players at the grassroots level in Victoria between 1990 and 2002 – an overall growth in that period of 26 per cent. Recruiting strategies introduced in the late 1980s to attract children and parents into football have been the drivers of this growth. Underpinned by the AFL Auskick program, player numbers have risen by 74 per cent in the 5 to 12-year age levels. Club team numbers in the under-12 category have risen by 11,950 players, up 52 per cent compared with 1990.

Retention strategies used in the 2000s however have not been as successful as those from the 1990s. Player numbers in the 13 to 19-year age levels have increased by only 13 per cent while open-age player numbers have dropped by 12.5 per cent.

December 9

Saturday-Sunday, December 7-8

Carlton's financial crisis
Breakthrough on salary cap payments
Reducing scale proposed, not 25%

A long-awaited breakthrough on the pay cuts proposed by the Carlton club appeared during talks on Friday between president IAN COLLINS and the elite group of nine senior players.

Carlton has argued it needs to slash $1.2 million from player payments for season 2003 to again avoid breaching the AFL salary cap. Contracts for next season run at $7.1 million – $1.2m more than the AFL cap of $5.9m.

Under the revamped proposal, senior players would take cuts less than 25 per cent – depending on the term of their contract.

ANTHONY KOUTOUFIDES with three years to run, would give up a higher percentage on his $1.1 million dollar salary next year, LANCE WHITNALL, on a one-year contract would give up only 15 per cent from his $600,000 in 2003, while the remaining players would be asked to take smaller cuts. Players on the minimum wage would be exempt.

The Age reports the players, based on their associations' analysis believe the Blues require only a total saving of $600,000-$700,000, counting marketing services money and the veterans' allowance.

The AFL has weighed in on Carlton's side, saying the amount required to satisfy the rules is about $1 million. The League's view is that Carlton cannot use the entire marketing allowance of $415,000 because it does not have the appropriate deals in place, an argument sure to be challenged by the players' management.

The players are expected to send their answer to the new proposal by Monday.


Carlton settle with Wayne Brittain

WAYNE BRITTAIN who was unceremoniously sacked by Carlton and replaced on September 12 by coach DENIS PAGAN has reached a settlement with the Blues, The Age reported Saturday (7th).

Brittain launched a Supreme Court action on October 7 claiming loss of salary between December 1, 2002 and November 30, 2003, which documents put at $320,000, plus "out-of-pocket expenses" of $4000 in damages.

The settlement is believed to be $200,000.

Wayne Brittain on October 19 was appointed to the Richmond FC staff as deputy to coach DANNY FRAWLEY.

Stab Kicks ...

News sources of the day report —

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Two players managed by RON JOSEPH have yet to re-sign with their clubs. LEIGH COLBERT is said to have reached terms with the Kangaroos, but is yet to sign on for 2003. MARTIN PIKE, who has played with the Brisbane Lions on a one-year deal each of the past two seasons is also uncontracted.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Adelaide have declared 2003 as a testimonial year for 34-year-old veteran NIGEL SMART. With 251 AFL games to his credit since 1991, Smart is the longest serving player of the Crows. He has also played five state-of-origin games, and 28 pre-season games in 12 years. His list of decorations include the 1997-1998 premierships, All-Australian honours in 1991, '93 and '98, deputy vice-captain in '96, vice-captain in '97, '98, '99 and 2000, and is a life member of the club.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K CAROLINE WILSON reports in The Age that ABC commentator DWAYNE RUSSELL has been told to quit his job with Channel Nine or lose his position on Melbourne's 774. The ultimatum was delivered to Russell on Thursday by ABC sport chief PETER LONGMAN following the government broadcaster's newly published editorial policy regarding conflict of interest. Russell, whose ABC contract ends in March, has completed the first of a five-year deal with Channel Nine. The ABC has not ruled out hiring Russell on a part-time basis.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K CLINTON GRYBUS will take on a higher profile with FOX Footy Channel next season. Adding to his role as anchor of the daily WHITE LINE FEVER program and host of THE WINNERS on Sunday night, Clinton will call Sunday football for FOX. Grybus will continue as a commentator of Friday and Saturday matches for 3AW, in partnership with REX HUNT. SHANE HEALY will return to Melbourne from Perth to fill the breach left by Grybus at 3AW. The Southern Cross broadcaster will add DAVID HOOKES to its footy roster, teaming him with TONY LEONARD on Saturday nights.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K The remaining staff of the Western Bulldogs club have added their names to take a voluntary pay cut to reduce its $2.8 million debt. About 40 staff voted unanimously to take the salary sacrifice at a Whitten Oval meeting earlier this week.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K The AFL has forecast 14 of the 16 clubs will make profits in 2003, recovering from a poor 2002 when half the clubs finished in the red. The AFL has ruled out providing Carlton with special assistance next year to help it through its financial dire straits, arguing other clubs would not accept the Blues receiving help for problems largely caused by impropriety.

December 7

Friday, December 6

Carlton's financial crisis
Blues reject Koutoufides' $600,000 offer

Carlton president IAN COLLINS has rejected an offer by ANTHONY KOUTOUFIDES to take a $600,000 pay cut, subject to him receiving a one-year contract extension and the sacrificed money being paid in 2006.

The Age reports Collins made it clear he believes that deferred payments are the source of Carlton's present player payment problems. The Blues have made a habit of pushing large slabs of contracts into the future.

Collins is scheduled to meet Carlton's elite senior players today, without their managers or the Players Association.


Season 2002
AFL has $25.1m turnaround
Revenue of $159.7m yields $8.8m surplus

The AFL on Thursday announced a surplus of $8.8 million on season 2002.

In spite of a downturn of attendances, revenues for the year ending October 31 jumped to $159,725,000 – of which 48 per cent will be distributed in payments to clubs. The AFL is budgeting to get $166 million in revenue in season 2003.

Last year, the League had revenue of $116,198,000, when it posted a deficit of $16.3 million.

The Age reports the AFL believes it will clear its $58 million debt, $30 million of which is tied to its purchase of the stadium at Docklands, before 2006 when the League will renegotiate its television broadcast deal.

The League has budgeted an extra $1 million for special financial assistance available to member clubs in 2003, but denies the money is set aside for the embattled Carlton club.

With $3 million in the pool for next year – up from $1 million in 2002 – the Western Bulldogs and Kangaroos will both receive $1 million after presenting sound business plans to the AFL  ... more ...


Footystats Carlton Crisis file ...

For most of 2002, the Carlton Football Club has been the subject of fierce media attention.

A new Footystats compilation covers more than 80 references to the subject and will be added to on a regular basis.

The most recent additions are at the top – the beginning is at the end, while the conclusion is still to be written ... more ...

December 6

Stab Kicks ...

News sources of the day report —

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Port Adelaide on Thursday announced a consolidated profit of $126,804 on its AFL operations in seasons 2002. The profit came after the club paid a $75,000 sub-licence fee to the SANFL, and included the performance of the Port Adelaide FC, the Port Adelaide Football and Community Club (The Port Club) and PAFC Foundation Limited ... more ...

bull5.gif - 0.9 K LEON CAMERON will play on in 2003 with Richmond – a new one-season deal will take him into his 14th year at AFL level with the Bulldogs and the Tigers. The 30-year-old Cameron played 172 games with the Bulldogs before move to Punt Road in 2000 where he had added a further 63 matches in three seasons.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K The AFL has ruled out the suggestion that League matches could be played at former venues such as the Junction Oval and Punt Road as proposed by the St Kilda club. AFL chief WAYNE JACKSON said on Thursday "the AFL won't be playing at venues other than where we're contracted to play them for the next number of years."

bull5.gif - 0.9 K Fremantle's JEFF FARMER will play season 2003 in the familiar number 33 guernsey he wore for most of his seven seasons with Melbourne. The Docker jumper came available after its previous wearer ANDREW SHIPP was delisted.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K The cash-strapped WA Football Commission facing a $34 million debt and a reduction in AFL funding will abandon key development programs unless the AFL offers financial help. The prediction came from WAFC chairman NEALE FONG who said on Thursday the commission's finances were in a "delicate position" and without AFL assistance WA football would continue to fall behind the rest of the country. Only one WA player, DANIEL WELLS, was taken in the National Draft on November 24. Each of the nine WAFL clubs will have salary caps of $160,000 in 2003, an increase of $25,000 from this year – The West Australian, December 6.

bull5.gif - 0.9 K A Melbourne judge has sentenced a 19-year-old player to a youth training centre for two years for his behaviour after a boozy night on April 19 with the Whitehorse Pioneers Football Club. SIMON VAN HOOFF pleaded guilty to 15 charges including recklessly causing serious injury, armed robbery, false imprisonment and making threats to kill. Judge Duggan said drunk young men behaving arrogantly and aggressively were a source of community fear.

December 6



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