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Week 332 — September 13-19, 2002

Update: Thursday, September 19, 08:00 AEST

2002 Match Results Tribunal 2002 Stats Update, Season 2002


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all times, Eastern
Round 1
Thursday, March 28

Rch 24.11-155 v Col 18.10-118
MCG, 7:45pm AEDT
Saturday, March 30
StK 14.5-89 v Car 10.5-65
Docklands, 2:10pm AEDT
Gee 11.10-76 v Ess 18.18-126
MCG 7:10pm AEDT
PA 11.7-73 v Kan 12.11-83
Football Park, 7:40pm AEDT
Sunday, March 31
Syd 12.15-87 v Bri 17.8-110
SCG, 1:10pm AEST
WC 21.11-137 v Fre 18.10-118
Subiaco, 3:40pm AEST
WB 12.21-93 v Ade 16.16-112
Docklands, 2:10pm AEST
Monday, April 1
Haw 15.13-103 v Mel 20.9-129
MCG, 2.10pm AEST

Round 2
Friday, April 5
Ess 16.16-112 v Rch 8.12-60
MCG, 7:45pm
Saturday, April 6
Car 4.9-33 v Syd 17.9-111
Princes Park, 2:10pm
Col 17.18-120 v WC 18.11-119
MCG, 2:10pm
Kan 16.14-110 v WB 14.13-97
Docklands, 7:10pm
Ade 16.14-110 v Gee 12.7-79
Football Park, 7:40pm
Sunday, April 7
Bri 21.22-148 v Haw 6.10-46
Gabba 1:10pm
Fre 10.16-76 v StK 11.7-73
Subiaco, 3:40pm
Mel 16.13-109 v PA 11.16-82
MCG, 2:10pm

Round 3
Friday, April 12
Car 11.9-75 v Col 7.13-55
MCG, 7:45pm
Saturday, April 13
Rch 13.18-96 v Mel 11.10-76
MCG, 2:10pm
Ade 17.12-114 v Syd 13.6-84
Football Park, 2:40pm
Kan 10.7-67 v Gee 11.9-75
Docklands, 7:10pm
Bri 17.15-117 v Ess 9.13-67
Gabba, 7:10pm
Sunday, April 14
Haw 13.11-89 v Fre 11.13-79
York Park, 1:10pm
WCE 17.11-113 v WB 11.15-81
Subiaco, 3:40pm
StK 8.8-56 v PA 20.19-139
Docklands, 2:10pm

Round 4
Friday, April 19
Ess 19.8-122 v Ade 11.15-81
Docklands, 7:45pm
Saturday, April 20
Col 15.14-104 v Haw 9.9-63
MCG, 2:10pm
Mel 21.11-137 v WC 15.13-103
Princes Park, 2:10pm
WB 12.6-78 v Bri 14.10-94
Docklands, 7:10pm
Syd 15.13-103 v Kan 14.16-100
SCG, 6:30pm
Sunday, April 21
PA 23.10-148 v Car 14.11-95
Football Park, 1.10pm
Fre 21.12-138 v Rch 11.6-72
Subiaco, 3:40pm
Gee 26.10-166 v StK 6.8-44
Kardinia Park, 2:10pm

Round 5
Thursday, April 25
Col 9.12-66 v Ess 4.9-33
MCG, 2:15pm
Friday, April 26
WB 10.21-81 v Mel 15.14-104
Docklands, 7:45pm
Saturday, April 27
WC 18.13-121 v Bri 10.15-75
Subiaco, 3:40pm
Haw 19.11-125 v Rch 12.11-83
MCG, 2:10pm
StK 8.8-56 v Syd 8.8-56
Docklands, 7:10pm
Ade 12.10-82 v PA 14.6-90
Football Park, 7:40pm
Sunday, April 28
Gee 17.9-111 v Fre 6.13-49
Kardinia Park, 1:10pm
Car 17.10-112 v Kan 19.17-131
Docklands, 2:10pm

Round 6
Friday, May 3
StK 3.10-28 v Col 16.15-111
Docklands, 7:45pm
Saturday, May 4
Fre 13.11-89 v Ess 9.8-62
Subiaco, 3:40pm
Kan 13.9-87 v Haw 24.11-155
MCG, 2:10pm
Car 9.14-68 v WB 14.12-96
Docklands, 7:10pm
Bri 21.20-146 v Gee 13.11-89
Gabba, 7:10pm
Sunday, May 5
Syd 15.9-99 v Mel 10.11-71
SCG, 1:10pm
PA 20.13-133 v WC 11.13-79
Football Park, 2:40pm
Rch 11.7-73 v Ade 14.21-105
Docklands, 2:10pm

Round 7
Friday, May 10
Ess 12.15-87 v Car 9.8-62
MCG, 7:45pm
Saturday, May 11
WC 21.13-139 v Kan 13.12-90
Subiaco, 3:40pm
Haw 20.10-130 v Gee 11.12-78
MCG, 2:10pm
Rch 13.10-88 v Syd 12.10-82
Docklands, 7:10pm
Ade 18.10-118 v Fre 13.11-89
Football Park, 7:40pm
Sunday, May 12
Bri 19.15-129 v PA 11.6-72
Gabba, 1:10pm
Mel 15.15-105 v StK 15.12-102
MCG, 2:10pm
WB 8.15-63 v Col 11.7-73
Docklands, 2:10pm

Round 8
Friday, May 17
Haw 12.17-89 v Car 12.8-80
MCG, 7:45pm
Saturday, May 18
Rch 13.16-94 v WC 10.13-73
MCG, 2:10pm
PA  20.9-129 v Gee 7.12-54
Football Park, 2.40pm
Fre 14.10-94 v Mel 13.11-89
Subiaco, 7:40pm
Col 17.12-114 v Bri 16.15-111
Docklands, 7:10pm
Sunday, May 19
Kan 16.14-110 v Ade 14.9-93
Manuka Oval, 1:10pm
WB 24.15-159 v Syd 11.24-90
SCG, 1:10pm
Ess 26.15-171 v StK 11.6-72
Docklands, 2:10pm

Round 9
Friday, May 24
PA 14.7-91 v Col 12.14-86
Football Park, 8:40pm
Saturday, May 25
Gee 17.3-105 v WB 18.9-117
Kardinia Park, 2:10pm
Mel 17.9-111 v Kan 15.17-107
MCG, 2:10pm
StK 10.12-72 v Rch 9.9-63
Docklands, 7:10pm
Syd 11.17-83 v Ess 12.13-85
Homebush, 7:20pm
Sunday, May 26
Bri 16.13-109 v Fre 11.13-79
Gabba, 1:10pm
WC 19.12-126 v Haw 14.4-88
Subiaco, 3:40pm
Car 11.9-75 v Ade 20.11-131
Princes Park, 2:10pm

Round 10
Friday, May 31
Kan 12.20-92 v Ess 12.12-84
MCG, 7:45pm
Saturday, June 1
Gee 12.17-89 v Mel 9.9-63
Kardinia Park, 2:10pm
Rch 14.14-98 v WB 17.15-117
MCG, 2:10pm
Col 14.11-95 v Syd 12.12-84
Docklands, 7:10pm
Ade 15.11-101 v Bri 14.10-94
Football Park, 7:40pm
Sunday, June 2
Haw  12.5-77 v PA 17.15-117
York Park, 1:10pm
Fre 14.12-96 v Car 10.8-68
Subiaco, 3:40pm
StK 20.7-127 v WC 11.11-77
Docklands, 2:10pm

Round 11
Friday, June 7
Kan 14.11-95 v Rch 11.18-84
Docklands, 6:45pm
Saturday, June 8
Ade 14.18-102 v Haw 8.10-58
Football Park, 2:40pm
WC 15.12-102 v Syd 13.11-89
Subiaco, 7:40pm
Ess 7.7-49 v PA 16.12-108
Docklands, 7:10pm
Sunday, June 9
Bri 16.17-113 v StK 7.10-52
Gabba, 1:10pm
Gee 15.10-100 v Car 14.12-96
Docklands, 2:10pm
WB 22.13-145 v Fre 12.8-80
Princes Park, 2:10pm
Monday, June 10
Mel 10.15-75 v Col 19.12-126
MCG, 2:10pm

Round 12
(split round)
Friday, June 14
Ess 10.12-72 v Haw 10.5-65
MCG, 7:45pm
Saturday, June 15
Car 12.16-88 v WC 12.17-89
Princes Park, 2:10pm
Syd 15.9-99 v Gee 15.11-101
SCG, 7:10pm
Sunday, June 16
Fre 12.18-90 v Col 12.7-79
Subiaco, 2:40pm

Friday, June 21
WB 19.19-133 v StK 13.8-86
Docklands, 7:45pm
Saturday, June 22
Mel 14.14-98 v Ade 10.13-73
Princes Park, 2:10pm
Bri 20.18-138 v Kan 19.9-123
Gabba, 7:10pm
Sunday, June 23
PA 23.16-154 v Rch 10.10-70
Football Park, 1:10pm

Round 13
Friday, June 28
Ess 18.12-120 v Mel 16.12-108
Docklands, 7:45pm
Saturday, June 29
Rch 7.12-54 v Gee 14.12-96
MCG, 2:10pm
PA 25.11-161 v WB 18.7-115
Football Park, 2:40pm
Col 13.15-93 v Kan 8.12-60
Docklands, 7:10pm
Bri 19-10-124 v Car 16.13-109
Gabba, 7:10pm
Sunday, June 30
Syd 20.19-139 v Fre 9.8-62
SCG, 1:10pm
WC 20.15-135 v Ade 18.9-117
Subiaco, 3:40pm
StK 11.12-78 v Haw 13.9-87
Docklands, 2:10pm

Round 14
Friday, July 5
Car 13.8-86 v Rch 12.13-85
MCG, 7:45pm
Saturday, July 6
Gee 8.17-65 v WC 4.9-33
Kardinia Park, 2:10pm
Haw 11.8-74 v Syd 9.10-64
MCG, 2:10pm
Fre 9.9-63 v PA 22.15-147
Subiaco, 7:40pm
WB 18.10-118 v Ess 17.16-118
Docklands, 7:10pm
Sunday, July 7
Mel 20.11-131 v Bri 16.14-110,
Gabba, 1:10pm
Ade 17.14-116 v Col 21.12-138
Football Park, 2:40pm
StK 13.6-84 v Kan 20.8-128
Docklands, 2:10pm

Round 15
Friday, July 12
Haw 17.14-116 v WB 14.9-93
Docklands, 7:45pm
Saturday, July 13
Kan 12.11-83 v Fre 12.10-82
Manuka Oval, 1:40pm
Col 15.9-99 v Gee 19.13-127
MCG, 2:10pm
Rch 7.13-55 v Bri 18.10-118
Docklands, 7:10pm
Ade 15.9-99 v StK 12.9-81
Football Park, 7:40pm
Sunday, July 14
Syd 13.14-92 v PA 14.10-94
SCG, 1:10pm
WC 13.12-90 v Ess 8.15-63
Subiaco, 3:40pm
Car 14.11-95 v Mel 21.13-139
Docklands, 2:10pm

Round 16
Friday, July 19
Col 13.11-89 v Rch 7.7-49
MCG, 7:45pm
Saturday, July 20
Mel 9.13-67 v Haw 14.9-93
MCG, 2:10pm
Kan 14.15-99 v PA 10.10-70
Princes Park, 2:10pm
Fre 15.10-100 v WC 11.4-70
Subiaco, 7:40pm
Ess 8.8-56 v Gee 14.11-95
Docklands, 7:10pm
Sunday, July 21
Bri 17.15-117 v Syd 12.7-79
Gabba, 1:10pm
Ade 21.12-138 v WB 14.11-95
Football Park, 2:40pm
Car 14.13-97 v StK 22.8-140
Docklands, 2:10pm

Round 17
Friday, July 26
Rch 7.11-53 v Ess 7.12-54
MCG, 7:45pm
Saturday, July 27
Haw 10.8-68 v Bri 18.16-124
MCG, 2:10pm
WC 17.12-114 v Col 8.8-56
Subiaco, 3:40pm
PA 17.14-116 v Mel 17.10-112
Football Park, 7:40pm
Syd 13.14-92 v Car 10.9-69
Homebush, 7:10pm
Sunday, July 28
Gee 12.18-90 v Ade 15.3-93
Kardinia Park, 1:10pm
StK 18.10-118 v Fre 11.13-79
Princes Park, 2:10pm
WB 21.13-139 v Kan 16.9-105
Docklands, 2:10pm

Round 18
Friday, August 2
Col 21.15-141 v Car 4.9-33
MCG, 7:45pm
Saturday, August 3
Fre 14.12-96 v Haw 4.11-35
Subiaco, 3:40pm
Ess 11.5-71 v Bri 16.12-108
Docklands, 7:10pm
PA 16.9-105 v StK 9.9-63
Football Park, 7:40pm
Gee 7.9-51 v Kan 17.13-115
Kardinia Park, 2:10pm
Sunday, August 4
Syd 15.8-98 v Ade 17.14-116
SCG, 1:10pm
Mel 14.10-94 v Rch 14.15-99
MCG, 2:10pm
WB 22.10-142 v WC 14.7-91
Princes Park, 2:10pm

Round 19
Friday, August 9
Haw 15.15-105 v Col 14.13-97
MCG, 7:45pm
Saturday, August 10
Car 5.15-45 v PA 7.12-54
Princes Park, 2:10pm
Rch 18.14-122 v Fre 10.12-72
MCG, 2:10pm
Bri 14.21-105 v WB 9.13-67
Gabba, 7:10pm
Kan 15.7-97 v Syd 22.12-144
SCG, 7:10pm
Sunday, August 11
Ade 18.16-124 v Ess 11.10-76
Football Park, 1:10pm
WC 15.10-100 v Mel 15.16-106
Subiaco, 3:40pm
StK 15.11-101 v Gee 16.6-106
Docklands, 3:15pm

Round 20
Friday, August 16
Rch 16.11-107 v Haw 13.15-93
MCG, 7:45pm
Saturday, August 17
Fre 17.15-117 v Gee 11.6-72
Subiaco, 3:40pm
Kan 17.12-114 v Car 15.5-95
Docklands, 2:10pm
Ess 19.12-126 v Col 10.11-71
MCG, 7:10pm
Bri 20.16-136 v WC 13.11-89
Gabba, 7:10pm
Sunday, August 18
PA 12.12-84 v Ade 11.10-76
Football Park, 2:40pm
Syd 12.15-87 v StK 12.8-80
SCG, 1:10pm
Mel 15.17-107 v WB 14.11-95
MCG, 2:10pm

Round 21
Friday, August 23
Haw 16.8-104 v Kan 17.17-119
MCG, 7:45pm
Saturday, August 24
Gee 7.13-55 v Bri 16.14-110
Kardinia Park, 2:10pm
Mel 11.11-77 v Syd 23.7-145
MCG, 2:10pm
WC 10.5-65 v PA 14.19-103
Subiaco, 7:40pm
WB 14.13-97 v Car 15.9-99
Docklands, 7:10pm
Sunday, August 25
Ade 13.9-87 v Rch 9.11-65
Football Park, 1:10pm
Col 11.11-77 v StK 9.12-66
MCG, 2:10pm
Ess 13.15-93 v Fre 10.12-72
Docklands, 2:10pm

Round 22
Friday, August 30
Gee 8.9-57 v Haw 11.9-75
Docklands, 7:45pm
Saturday, August 31
Col 10.13-73 v WB 17.12-114
MCG, 2:10pm
PA 13.12-90 v Bri 13.6-84
Football Park, 2:40pm
StK 18.9-117 v Mel 20.15-135
Docklands, 7:10pm
Syd 17.14-116 v Rch 11.10-76
Homebush 7:10pm
Sunday, Sept. 1
Kan 18.18-126 v WC 22.11-143
Manuka Oval, 1:10pm
Fre 12.8-80 v Ade 17.18-120
Subiaco, 3:40pm
Car 5.7-37 v Ess 12.20-92
MCG, 2:10pm

Elimination & Qualifying
September 6-7-8
1st Qualifying Final
Friday, September 6
PA 14.11-95 v Col 16.12-108
Football Park, 8.00pm
1st Elimination Final
Saturday, September 7
Ess 17.9-111
v WC 11.12-78
Docklands, 2.30pm
2nd Qualifying Final
Saturday, September 7
Bri 17.13-115
v Ade 5.14-44
Gabba, 7.30pm
2nd Elimination Final
Sunday, September 8
Mel 18.14-122
v Kan 11.18-84
MCG, 2.30pm

First Semi-Final
Friday, September 13
PA 11.17-83
v Ess 8.11-59
Football Park, 8.00pm
Second Semi-Final
Saturday, September 14
Ade 20.10-130
v Mel 17.16-118
MCG, 7.30pm

Preliminary Finals
1st Preliminary Final

Saturday, September 21
Collingwood v Adelaide
MCG, 2.30pm
2nd Preliminary Final
Saturday, September 21
Brisbane v Port Adelaide
Gabba, 7.30pm

Grand Final
September 28

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
PA 18 4 132 72
Bri 17 5 137 68
Ade 15 7 115 60
Col 13 9 110 52
Ess 12 9 1 105 50
Mel 12 10 100 48
Kan 12 10 99 48
WCE 11 11 98 44

Gee 11 11 95 44
Haw 11 11 92 44
Syd 9 12 1 107 38
WB 9 12 1 104 38
Fre 9 13 88 36
Rch 7 15 83 28
StK 5 16 1 79 22
Car 3 19 73 12

after finals

Premiers tba
2nd tba
3rd tba
4th tba
5th Melbourne
6th Essendon
7th Kangaroos
8th West Coast

after Round 22
W L % Pts
Ess 17 5 134 68
Bri 17 5 128 68
PA 16 6 129 64
Rch 15 7 108 60
Car 14 8 129 56
Haw 13 9 105 52
Syd 12 10 116 48
Ade 12 10 103 48

Col 11 11 107 44
WB 10 12 94 44
Mel 10 12 90 40
Gee 9 13 94 36
Kan 9 13 91 36
WCE 5 17 66 20
StK 4 18 73 16
Fre 2 20 72 8

after finals

Premiers Brisbane
2nd Essendon
3rd Richmond
4th Hawthorn
5th Port Adel
6th Carlton
7th Sydney
8th Adelaide

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
Ess 21 1 159 84
Car 16 6 135 64
Mel 14 8 118 56
Kan 14 8 196 56
Gee 12 9 1 97 50
Bri 12 10 117 48
WB 12 10 104 48
Haw 12 10 98 48

Rch 11 11 93 44
Syd 10 12 102 40
Ade 9 13 96 36
Fre 8 14 72 32
WCE 7 14 1 92 30
PA 7 14 1 84 30
Col 7 15 86 28
StK 2 19 1 70 10

after finals

Premiers Essendon
2nd Melbourne
3rd Carlton
4th Kangaroos
5th Brisbane
6th Hawthorn
7th Geelong
8th West.B'dogs

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
Ess 18 4 126 72
Kan 17 5 116 68
Bri 16 6 145 64
WB 15 6 1 119 62
WCE 12 10 107 48
Car 12 10 103 48
PA 12 10 90 48
Syd 11 11 103 44

Haw 10 11 1 96 42
StK 10 12 98 40
Gee 10 12 95 40
Rch 9 13 91 36
Ade 8 14 85 32
Mel 6 16 81 24
Fre 5 17 82 20
Col 4 18 85 16

after finals

Premiers Kangaroos
2nd Carlton
3rd Essendon
4th Brisbane
5th West Coast
6th West.B'dogs
7th Port Adelaide
8th Sydney

after Round 22

W L D % Pts
NM 16 6 117 64
WB 15 7 116 60
Syd 14 8 106 56
Mel 14 8 103 56
Ade 13 9 123 52
StK 13 9 102 52
WCE 12 10 109 48
Ess 12 10 109 48

Rch 12 10 105 48
PA 9 12 1 96 38
Car 9 13 96 36
Gee 9 13 90 36
Haw 8 14 96 32
Col 7 15 91 28
Fre 7 15 76 28
Bri 5 16 1 76 22

after finals

Premiers Adelaide
2nd North Melb
3rd West.B'dogs
4th Melbourne
5th Sydney
6th St Kilda
7th West Coast
8th Essendon

after Round 22
W L D % Pts
StK 15 7 120 60
Gee 15 7 118 60
WB 14 8 102 56
Ade 13 9 122 52
WCE 13 9 111 52
Syd 12 10 116 48
NM 12 10 112 48
Bri 10 11 1 105 42

PA 10 11 1 92 42
Col 10 12 111 40
Car 10 12 97 40
Fre 10 12 92 40
Rch 10 12 84 40
Ess 9 13 92 36
Haw 8 14 87 32
Mel 4 18 61 16

after finals

Premiers Adelaide
2nd St Kilda
3rd West.B'dogs
4th North Melb
5th Geelong
6th West Coast
7th Sydney
8th Brisbane

2002 CUP

1st Round
Friday, February 15
StK 16.13-109
v Mel 5.12-42
Docklands, 7.40pm AEDT
Fre 13.9-87 v WB 10.8-68
Subiaco, 9.45 AEDT
Saturday, February 16
Gee 12.7-79
v Rch 7.13-55
Kardinia Pk, 12.40 AEDT
Car 12.9-81 v WCE 17.14-116
Princes Park, 3.10pm AEDT
Bri 14.7-91 v Ade 14.9-93
Gabba, 7.40pm AEDT
Sunday, February 17
Haw 13.10-88
v Kan 9.13-67
York Park, 3.10pm AEDT
Syd 18.11-119 v Col 5.9-39
Manuka Oval, 12.40pm AEDT
PA 13.8-86 v Ess 8.10-58
Football Park, 6.10pm AEDT

2nd Round
Friday, February 22
Bri 12.8-80
Mel 10.11-71
Cairns, 7.40pm AEDT
WCE 6.11-47 v Rch 10.12-72
Subiaco, 9.45pm AEDT
Saturday, February 23
Car 13.10-88
v Gee 11.10-76
Princes Park, 12.40pm AEDT
Ess 12.16-88 v WB 18.8-116
Docklands, 3.40pm AEDT
PA 17.14-116 v Fre 7.8-50
Football Pk, 8.10pm AEDT
Sunday, February 24
Kan 16.8-104
v Syd 11.17-83
Manuka, 12.40pm AEDT
Ade 17.11-113 v StK 11.11-77
Football Pk, 2.40pm AEDT
Haw 12.13-85 v Col 10.8-68
Docklands, 6.10pm AEDT

3rd Round
Friday, March 1
Rch 14.13-97
v Car 10.11-71
Docklands, 8.40pm AEDT
WCE 14.14-98 v Gee 12.12-84
Subiaco, 9.45pm AEDT
Saturday, March 2
WB 10.12-72 v PA 16.17-113
Docklands, 2.10pm AEDT
Bri 17.6-108 v StK 7.11-53
Gabba, 7.40pm, AEDT
Fre 13.10-88 v Ess 8.7-55
Subiaco, 9.40pm AEDT
Sunday, March 3
Haw 8.9-57 v Syd 15.9-99
Princes Park, 12.40pm AEDT
Ade 22.10-142 v Mel 4.11-35
Football Pk, 3.10pm AEDT
Col 9.13-67 v Kan 19.13-127
Docklands, 6.10pm AEDT

Friday, March 8
Rch 16.11-107
v Ade 9.14-68
Docklands, 7.40pm AEDT
Saturday, March 9
PA 13.6-84
v Syd 10.10-70
Football Pk, 7.40 AEDT

Saturday, March 16
PA 10.11-71
v Rch 9.8-62
Docklands, 8.40pm AEDT

<> FOLLOW THE FINAL EIGHT ... more ...
<> 2002 RETIREMENTS ... more ...

Thursday, September 19

Stab Kicks ...

<> In early editions of the Wednesday Diary, MARK *JOHNSON* was inadvertently entered instead of MARK *BOLTON* – as having been suspended by the Tribunal for three premiership matches ...

<> The SANFL Magarey Medal for the second year in a row has been been jointly won by two players from the same club. At the count in Adelaide on Tuesday night, JADE SHEEDY and TIM WEATHERALD of the Sturt FC tied for the medal, as did RYAN O'CONNOR and TONY BROWN from the Port Adelaide Magpies last season.

<> The Age reports plans to redevelop Victoria Park, following the move of the club to Olympic Park, will be unveiled today. The State Government plans are expected for open public space and a housing estate. Sources believe Victoria Park will follow what has happened to the Brunswick Street and Arden Street ovals, the former home grounds of Fitzroy and North Melbourne, where most stands were demolished to make way for public use.

<> PAUL HASLEBY yesterday capped off a big week for the Fremantle FC when he signed a new three-year deal. The Dockers in recent days have also inked new deals with JUSTIN LONGMUIR and MATTHEW PAVLICH.

<> FABIAN FRANCIS will return to South Australia. The former Port Adelaide star was expected to be drafted by the Dockers at the end of this year, but Francis injured his knee while playing with South Fremantle in the WAFL. Francis played 109 League games including one with Melbourne in 1991, 22 with Brisbane (1993-94 and 86 with Port from 1997 to 2001.

<> Out of contract RICHMOND star forward MATTHEW RICHARDSON met with new Carlton coach DENIS PAGAN on Wednesday. DARRYL TIMMS in the Herald Sun says: the Blues are working from a hit list of about a dozen uncontracted AFL stars, including Hawks captain Shane Crawford.



Thursday Cloudy, few showers, windy 16
Friday Mostly sunny 7-20
Saturday Showers 10-16
Thursday Fine, high fire danger 24
Friday Fine 12-24
Saturday Mostly fine 13-25



James Hird slams Colonial surface
September  19 —

Essendon captain James Hird yesterday launched an unprecedented attack on Colonial Stadium's surface, saying it could shorten players' careers.

In what is the first serious attack on the much-maligned Colonial turf by an Essendon player, Hird said he was concerned about the toll the unpredictable surface would take on players' bodies. He called on the AFL to act quickly before there was a serious injury.

Hird, who is not known for making controversial stands, said he was "definitely" fearful of the toll the ground took on his body.

"I know the AFL thinks that the players are whingeing about it, but in my opinion Colonial is a ground that will shorten players' careers," Hird said on 3AW.

"It's a ground that is very, very hard to keep your footing. You don't know whether the ground is going to be hard or soft in certain places.

"The people from the old days say 'We played on muddy grounds, boggy grounds. How could that (Colonial) be worse?'

"I'd much rather play on a Junction Oval or a Moorabbin or any of those - which I have done - boggy grounds. At least you know what you're getting yourself in for.

"You can see the mud, you know you've got to slow down, you know you've got to turn and to land you don't hurt yourself.

"Whereas this ground, you think the ground is fine, you go to move and it shifts underneath you. I just think the ground, something needs to happen.

"This ground needs to be sorted out because players careers are going to be shortened and one day there's going to be a serious injury there and I'd hate to see the repercussions of that."

Hird's criticism follows evidence in last week's tribunal case involving teammate Dustin Fletcher, who said the surface "was not the best".


Approaching Milestones
2002 Preliminary Finals
(subject to selection, injury or suspension)

300 games – ALASTAIR LYNCH (Fitzroy, Brisbane, 1988-2002)
qualifies for AFL Life Membership
270 premiership matches, 24 pre-season, 6 State of Origin

ALASTAIR LYNCH – 150 games with Brisbane (1994-2002)
also 120 Fitzroy (1988-93)

MATTHEW BISHOP – 50 games with Port Adelaide (2000-02)
also 18 Melbourne (1998-99)

MATTHEW CLARKE – 50 games with Adelaide (2000-02)
also 130 Brisbane (1993-99)

50 games, umpire MICHAEL AVON (1997, 2000-02)

from research prepared by COL HUTCHINSON

Martin Windsor-Black

I wonder if Craig Bradley will continue to play with Carlton next year. 

His last game this year was in Round 19 on August 10 against Port Adelaide at Princes Park when he gathered 30 disposals 

He was 38 years 291 days which puts him 6th on the all time list.

The oldest players in VFL-AFL football since 1897 are —

43 years 48 days – Vic Cumberland (Mel/StK)
39 years 296 days – Jack Leith (Mel)
39 years 239 days – Sid Barker (Rch/Ess/NM)
39 years 180 days – Jim Flynn (Gee/Car)
39 years 95 days – Ted Rowell (Col)
38 years 291 days Craig Bradley (Car)
38 years 144 days – Les 'Flapper' Hughes (Col)
38 years 122 days – Charlie Hardy (Ess)
38 years 106 days – Teddy Rankin (Gee)
38 years 96 days – Michael Tuck (Haw)
38 years 74 days – Bill Proudfoot (Col)

Bradley will pass Jack Leith if he continues until after August 15 next year.

I was also wondering, Is Sam Mitchell's 10 best on grounds out of 11 matches he played in this year's VFL J J Liston Trophy is best ever?  (He also played 9 fine games for the Hawks)  With such a disappointing season, at least things are starting to look brighter for the future of the brown and gold.

Also this weekend's VFL Grand Final is of great interest.  If Port Melbourne win their 16th title it will be their first since defeating Preston in 1982.  If Geelong win their 8th VFA-VFL title , it will be their first since finishing ahead of South Melbourne in 1886. (116 years between titles - that would be some record!)

I cannot believe that I would wish for Collingwood to reach the Grand Final! It's down to a case of which team do I dislike the least.  Maybe it's because I still haven't forgiven Adelaide since they thrashed the Hawks in their first game in 1991, and then the 1993 Elimination final.  Go Pies!


Wednesday, September 18

Mark Bolton suspended three matches
$24,500 in fines handed out for melee

The AFL Tribunal on Tuesday fined six players a total of $24,500 for their part in a melee lasting 17 seconds in the first quarter of the semi-final at Football Park on Friday night.

Essendon's MARK BOLTON was suspended for three premiership matches when he was found guilty of engaging in rough play, when he made contact to the head of Port Adelaide's ROGER JAMES in the first quarter.

Port Adelaide v Essendon
<> MARK BOLTON (Ess) for unduly rough play against ROGER JAMES (PA) in the first quarter. The Tribunal found Bolton guilty and suspended him for three premiership matches.
<> From video, AFL investigations officer Rick Lewis cited eight players for their involvement in a melee during the first quarter – Port Adelaide's BRETT MONTGOMERY, MATTHEW BISHOP, JOSH CARR and DAMIEN HARDWICK, Essendon's JOE MISITI, PAUL BARNARD, GARY MOORCROFT and JAMES HIRD. All players pleaded not guilty at the Tribunal. Misiti and Montgomery were cleared of charges. The Tribunal found the other six players guilty and imposed fines totalling $24,500 – Damien Hardwick $8000, James Hird $5000, Paul Barnard $3500, Gary Moorcroft $3000, Matthew Bishop $3000, Josh Carr $2000.


National AFL Rising Star Award
Nick Riewoldt wins 2002 honour

St Kilda's NICK RIEWOLDT is the 2002 National AFL Rising Star. The winner was announced on Tuesday night at Melbourne's Grand Hyatt Hotel prior to the naming of the All-Australian team.

All but one of the seven All-Australian selectors named Riewoldt as the best young player of season 2002. The 19-year old won with 34 votes from a maximum of 35 votes he could poll, finishing clear of West Coast's CHRIS JUDD on 29 votes and Hawthorn's LUKE HODGE on 12 votes.

Full details ... more ...


The All-Australian team of season 2002 was announced at Melbourne's Grand Hyatt Hotel on Tuesday night —

B: Chris Johnson (Bri), Matthew Pavlich (Fre), Glenn Archer (Kan)
HB: Brett Montgomery (PA), Justin Leppitsch (Bri), Ben Hart (Ade)
C: Jason Akermanis (Bri), Simon Black (Bri), Adem Yze (Mel)
HF: Michael Voss (Bri, capt), Warren Tredrea (PA), Brad Johnson (WB)
F: Nathan Brown (WB), David Neitz (Mel), Luke Darcy (WB)
Ruck: Matthew Primus (PA, v-c), Josh Francou (PA), Ben Cousins (WC)
IC: Shane Crawford (Haw), Nigel Lappin (Bri), Mark Ricciuto (Ade) Adam Simpson (Kan)
New: Johnson (Bri), Pavlich (Fre), Montgomery (PA), Yze (Mel), Darcy (WB), Francou (PA), Simpson (Kan).

The selection panel was: Gerard Healy, Rod Austin, Andrew Demetriou, Robert Walls, Chris Mainwaring, Neil Kerley and Kevin Bartlett. AFL chief Wayne Jackson was non-voting chairman.


<> COACH WATCH — TERRY WALLACE has withdrawn his application to coach Sydney, leaving the way clear for the naming of PAUL ROOS – the Swans are expected to make an announcement on Thursday – Wallace is likely to take a media post with Southern Cross stations 3AW and 2UE ...

<> Sydney's Daily Telegraph reports today that a million-dollar class action on behalf of more than 50 punters was filed on Tuesday in the Federal Court against the Canterbury-Bankstown rugby league club. The claim is said to seek damages against the club for breaching their duty of care. The Bulldogs on August 23 were fined $500,000 and stripped of 37 premiership points for breaches of the NRL salary cap, plummeting them overnight from title favourites to wooden spooners.

<> The AFL on Monday granted the North Melbourne-Kangaroos access to $3 million in special funding to ease financial pressures – $2 million as the club's share of the sale of Waverley Park and a further $1 million from the league's special assistance fund.

<> THE MEDICAL ROOM – Port Adelaide defender DARRYL WAKELIN has received a clearance from his fractured cheekbone and is expected to play in Saturday's preliminary final in Brisbane ... Essendon skipper JAMES HIRD had surgery on Tuesday to repair a cracked kneecap, an injury he first suffered when he was 18 and requires surgery every two or three years ...

<> DAVID ROUND has won the Grogan Medal as the best and fairest player of the season in the AFL Queensland competition. The Southport ruckman polled 22 votes to just head off the 1999 medallist BRAD JONES from Redlands. David is in his first season in Queensland after moving from playing with Williamstown in the VFL. He is the son of South Melbourne-Sydney great BARRY ROUND, the 1981 Brownlow winner.



<> Diary reader JOHN BUNTON responds to the criticism aimed at Windy Hill.

Well, well, well ...

Let's have a shot at Essendon again. What is it about the Bombers
that all and sundry must have a go at them given any excuse.

Under achievers? What a load of garbage. They are probably the greatest achievers ever. After all, 16 premierships! Eight Brownlow medals!

Surely Collingwood must be the greatest underachievers – nine
grand finals from 58 to 90, with eight losses and a draw and losing
the replay.

Peter Coatman hits the nail right on the head in his comments. What can one add? Except perhaps, that no one recognised the threat of Brisbane in 2001, when they were virtually unbeatable in the second half of the season, with a dream run home They gave warning when they beat Essendon about half-way through and then had a dream run home.

Love your diary.  It's great reading and I look forward to it.




Tuesday, September 17

Stab Kicks ...

COACH WATCH — PAUL ROOS on Monday delivered an impressive vision of the next three to five years to the Sydney FC board – the appointment of the Swans' coach is expected to be announced on Thursday ... former West Coast and Kangaroo defender DEAN LAIDLEY has firmed as a favourite to take on the Kangaroos' job at Arden Street – Dean is currently an assistant coach at Collingwood ... predictions are that former coaches RODNEY EADE and TERRY WALLACE are headed for roles in the media for 2003 ...

<> ABC Sport News reported Adelaide's ANDREW McLEOD has been cleared on major damage to his right ankle and is set for Saturday's preliminary final against Collingwood – McLeod missed training on Monday.

<> Crow coach GARY AYRES has received a *please explain* from League football operations manager ANDREW DEMETRIOU — Ayres must respond in writing by Friday setting out the reasons for his clash with a spectator following Saturday night's win at the MCG.

<> The video review on Monday of semi-finals resulted in no new charges being laid – the scrutiny will continue today. Only one player is scheduled for tonight's Tribunal hearing – MARK BOLTON (Ess) for engaging in rough play on ROGER JAMES (PA) in the first quarter of Friday's semi at Football Park.

<> The Kangaroos are expected to issue fines against several players for damaging a room at Crown Casino on the night of their defeat by Melbourne in the Elimination Final on September 8 – the playing group contacted Crown and have paid for the damage caused.

<> The Age reports Carlton is under investigation for possible salary-cap breaches. Meanwhile, the Blues have given written permission for displaced coach WAYNE BRITTAIN to hold talks with other clubs interested in acquiring his services.

<> Fremantle and JUSTIN LONGMUIR have agreed to terms for a new three-year contract expected to be signed with days. Longmuir's decision came late on Monday after new Carlton coach DENIS PAGAN made an 11th-hour bid to lure him – The West Australian, Sept. 17 ...

<> DARRYL WAKELIN trained promisingly with Port Adelaide on Monday at Alberton Oval – competing for marks in end-to-end drills. Port's key defender has missed four matches with a fractured right cheekbone suffered in the Showdown with Adelaide on August 18.

<> The National AFL Rising Star Award winner will be named today in Melbourne, with St Kilda's NICK RIEWOLDT the hot favourite.
The All-Australian team for 2002 will also be named today ...
check the Events Diary ... more ...

<> Reacting to the 24 per cent drop in attendances and the prospect of a $2 million loss this year, the AFL has telegraphed it will sharply reduce prices for finals in 2003. In its thinking, the League plans to offer a greatly reduced Family Ticket, which for the current series would have cost a family $119.50 for last Friday night's Port-Essendon semi-final at Football Park. Ticket details will be revealed next June.

<> Seats costing $65-$75 are selling well for Saturday's preliminary at the MCG – a crowd of 65,000 is expected.

<> Box Hill midfielder SAM MITCHELL, who played nine AFL matches for Hawthorn this year, blitzed the field to win the VFL's JJ Liston Trophy in the count conducted last night in Melbourne. Mitchell polled 31 votes to win by 12 from Coburg defender DEAN TALBOT ... voting details ... more ...

<> LUKE DARCY of the Western Bulldogs took out Melbourne's Triple M-FM *Most Valuable Player Award* at a glittering function conducted at Crown Casino on Monday night. Darcy wins the unbelievable Ford XR8 Ute valued at more than $38,000. Luke with 19 votes pipped Sydney's PAUL WILLIAMS by one votes ... voting details ... more ...



<> Two subscribers, PETER COATMAN and BILL HODGES air their views. Peter directs his thoughts to what DARREN CARTWRIGHT of The Courier-Mail suggested –

"As the the field narrows to just four, the question stands – are Essendon the biggest under-achievers of all time?

DARREN CARTWRIGHT writes in The Courier-Mail: They finished on top of the ladder for three consecutive years (1999-2000-2001) and have just one flag to show for it."

Of course I'm biased, but the question is meaningless. Since the national competition was created in 1987, very few minor premiers have won the flag. Essendon are among the few exceptions, doing it twice (1993 and 2000). For some reason or reasons - more finals, greater travel, increased pressure? - it seems to be harder than it used to be to go from finishing top at the end of the home-and-away season to winning the flag - just ask Port Adelaide.

Would the media consider Essendon to be under-achievers if, say, they'd done in 1999-2000-01 what they did in 1992-93-94, i.e. one minor premiership and flag in the middle of two lean, injury-ravaged years when they didn't make the finals? Yet, objectively, they'd be more, not less, deserving of criticism if that was the case. In the 2001 GF, and all through 2002, the Bombers had too many players hit by injury. The 1999 prelim was a disaster, yes, but even the most avid Bombers fan doesn't take it for granted that we would have flogged the Roos in the GF. They were coming off a bitter disappointment of their own.

Speaking of the Roos, 7 consecutive prelim finals for 2 flags isn't on the face of it a great record, either, but is anyone calling them
under-achievers?  What about Carlton between 1986 and 1997? Those teams contained a fair swag of the players considered to be among Carlton's greatest-ever (admittedly not all of them for the whole period, but most were together for some good part of it) - Kernahan, Bradley, Silvagni, Williams, J. Madden, to name 5 - but could only win two flags out of 4 GFs over those 11 years.

And this year? Brisbane are a shoo-in for the flag, barring some major disaster befalling them. The media will go into raptures, declaring them the greatest side ever. I'd instead remind people that Brisbane have had an absolute dream run with injuries this year - better than Essendon's in 2000 - and yet still managed to lose 5 home-and-away games. Most of the other back-to-back flag sides of the modern era (e.g. Carlton 81-82, Essendon 84-85, Hawthorn 88-89 - Adelaide 97-98 are the exception) did much better than that in their second season. History shows that - provided they've good reasonable players to start with - the side with the best injury record is the one that wins the flag.

When Brisbane has a bad injury run, like Essendon's and Carlton's this year, and finishes in the bottom half (as they did in 1998, with pretty much the same core team they have now), will Darren Cartwright declare them to be over-rated?



BILL HODGES and I exchanged thoughts, and I suggested it must be a financial strain on some to attend finals in Melbourne. I wrote Bill – I wonder what I paid when I stood behind the MCG goals at the scoreboard end and I saw Dick Reynolds play his last match in 1951 ... Bill responded —

I have attended all the Melbourne finals, Kevin.

But I have to say that they just do not have the same atmosphere as twenty or even ten years ago.

Yes non Melbourne teams are here to stay and I have no problem with that.  I think the programming of matches and the cost is a major issue.

It is $70.00 to go this Saturday which is OK for one person but if you are a family, well that is a different story.  Also the delay of an hour before it comes on the TV here is a major disincentive for many to attend.

When you stood behind the goals at the finals, three games were played that day.   Under 19's, reserves and senior.  There was football from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.   Now there is only one game, no reserves.  You do feel cheated.

Kevin, football is in trouble.  Do we have the people at the top the turn things around?  There must be a balance between the business of football and the sport of football.  This balance must be restored so the game can continue to prosper.



To what both Bill and Peter wrote, have you further thoughts?



The Origin of *WOODEN SPOON* ...

<> CLINTON GRYBUS asked me to follow through on a question posed by a Fox Footy viewer – the term "wooden spoon" has featured prominently in a few of Fox Footy's discussions – for obvious reasons, i.e. Carlton's historic last positioning on the ladder. However – does anybody at Fox Footy actually know how this strange expression "wooden spoon" actually originated? I would be very interested to find out!

One would suppose that *wooden spoon* has come to us through time and was derived from one being scolded or chastised with a readily available kitchen implement – a wooden spoon – it became the ultimate sporting insult.

There is however a basis for the term which was recorded at Cambridge University in the early 1800s. The leaders in mathematics would receive a gold or a silver spoon, with those at the lower end of the scale receiving a wooden spoon.

A lengthy, but informative string of passages found on the Internet is contained in a special file ... more ... and we all now know where *wooden spoon* came from.


Monday, September 16

AFL face $2 million loss on finals
Bombers: under-achievers?

Collingwood, the club everyone loves to hate, may become the saviour for the AFL, who stand to lose $2 million on this year's finals series.

The Magpies are the only Melbourne club who can make the grand final, with Brisbane, Port Adelaide and the Adelaide Crows threatening to make the last Saturday in September the first non-Victorian grand final

The Age on Monday quotes WAYNE JACKSON saying non-Victorian clubs have cut finals revenue and while the grand final would be a sell-out, two non-Victorian clubs might not attract the same crowd on the day.

As the the field narrows to just four, the question stands – are Essendon the biggest under-achievers of all time?

DARREN CARTWRIGHT writes in The Courier-Mail: They finished on top of the ladder for three consecutive years (1999-2000-2001) and have just one flag to show for it.



<> COACH WATCH — PAUL ROOS is due to make his formal presentation to the Sydney FC board today ... Kangaroo chairman ALLAN AYLETT says he'll give MALCOLM BLIGHT a call, just to have a chat ...

<> Adelaide coach GARY AYRES will come under the scrutiny at an AFL football operations meeting this week after a heated clash with a spectator, as he made his way down through the crowd on to the ground from the coaching box following Saturday night's semi at the MCG . Ayres is under a suspended $5000 fine from an incident at Kardinia Park in Round 17. As usual, there will be more than two sides to every story. On Saturday night, Ayres said that he was pushed from behind.

<> Fox Footy viewers in the Eastern states on Sunday afternoon were treated to a live telecast of the WAFL preliminary final. The coverage from Perth, with commentators GLENN MITCHELL and PHIL LAMB will continue next Sunday when 30,000 are expected at Subiaco Oval for the WAFL Grand Final between East Perth and West Perth. The Royals will meet the Falcons who outlasted Subiaco yesterday, winning 12.15-87 to 10.9-69.

Sunday, September 15

Lions, Port, Pies and Crows remain
Adelaide by 12pts in amazing second semi
Big dipper of finals eliminates the Demons

The prospect of the first non-Victorian AFL grand final moved closer when Adelaide eliminated Melbourne in an extraordinary Second Semi-Final played on Saturday night at the MCG for a crowd of 51,533 – Adelaide 20.10-130, Melbourne 17.16-118.

The Crows looked certain winners when they kicked 8.2-50 and thundered to a 40 point lead at quarter-time after the biggest opening of all Second Semi-Final's played since 1901. Yet, by three-quarter time after Melbourne in a staggering comeback kicked eight unanswered goals, Adelaide looked gone when they trailed by 22 points. The Crows in the last quarter then produced a turnaround of their own.

Adelaide's 12 point victory returns them to the MCG next Saturday afternoon to play Collingwood in the First Preliminary Final. At night, Brisbane and Port Adelaide will vie for the right to go into the September 28 grand final.



<> What a curious Saturday afternoon is was – turned Fox Footy on at two o'clock and watched the first few minutes of the Port-Bombers clash to see vision for the first time of what the radio commentators made all the fuss about the previous night ... I wonder if we'll still get a regular Saturday afternoon fix of an AFL (even a VFL) match of the past in the same time slot, between-the-seasons — hope so ...

<> A new file for your pleasure has been added to Footystats –
Best Quarters of all time, 60 points and over* ... more ... with the detail gained from the new software feature *Footy Works* from Sorensen Technologies. There is a beaut entry under the second quarter. On Saturday May 31, 1941, Melbourne at Victoria Park kicked a whopping 11.1 in the second quarter (to the Pies 4.2) and went on to win a very high scoring match 26.11-167 to Collingwood 19.13-127. The next Saturday, the Demons went across to the Western Oval where the Scraggers took a leaf out of the Redlegs book and duly kicked 11.1 to 1.5 in the second term. Footscray set it up well and went on to win, 20.12-132 to 14.20-104 – it was the second of only four defeats that Melbourne would suffer that season, as they went on to win their third successive premiership. The Bulldogs that year finished in the middle of the pack two spots out of the final four at 6th place. After 18 rounds Carlton, Melbourne and Richmond finished equal top with 14 wins – in the Grand Final the Demons beat Essendon (who had finished fourth) for its fifth VFL pennant.

<> There's always a parallel – New Carlton coach DENIS PAGAN can move into the spotlight that once beamed on TOM HAFEY. Remembering that in 1976, T-shirt Tom replaced MURRAY WEIDEMAN who had coached Collingwood it its wooden spoon of 1976. Within a season, Hafey lifted the Pies to two Grand Finals in 1977.

<> COACH WATCH — TERRY WALLACE is reported to have said on 3AW on Saturday, he has had further discussions with the Sydney Swans in the past 48 hours ... PAUL ROOS, together with Sydney assistant coaches JOHN LONGMIRE and STEVE MALAXOS were at North Port Oval on Saturday afternoon when Port Melbourne (the Swans' VFL aligned club) absorbed a last quarter charge from Coburg to narrowly win the VFL Preliminary final by three points, 13.10-88 to 12.13-85. Port enter their first playoff since their last VFA Grand Final in 1993 – they will meet Geelong the winner of the Second Preliminary against Werribee.



Friday night
(Dew 3) best, C.Cornes, N.Stevens, K.Cornes), ESSENDON 8.11-59 (Barnard 2) best, M.Johnson, Peverill, J.Johnson, Reports: <> MARK BOLTON (Ess) for unduly rough play against ROGER JAMES (PA) in the first quarter. The Tribunal found Bolton guilty and suspended him for three premiership matches.
<> From video, AFL investigations officer Rick Lewis cited eight players for their involvement in a melee during the first quarter – Port Adelaide's BRETT MONTGOMERY, MATTHEW BISHOP, JOSH CARR and DAMIEN HARDWICK, Essendon's JOE MISITI, PAUL BARNARD, GARY MOORCROFT and JAMES HIRD. All players pleaded not guilty at the Tribunal. Misiti and Montgomery were cleared of charges. The Tribunal found the other six players guilty and imposed fines totalling $24,500 – Damien Hardwick $8000, James Hird $5000, Paul Barnard $3500, Gary Moorcroft $3000, Matthew Bishop $3000, Josh Carr $2000.
Friday night at Football Park: 27,661.
Port advance to the Second Preliminary Final against Brisbane at the Gabba on Saturday night. Essendon's season concludes.

Saturday night
ADELAIDE 20.10-130
(Stevens 4) best, Goodwin, Johnson, Edwards, MELBOURNE 17.16-118 (Neitz 5.0, Johnstone 4, Vardy 3) best, Johnstone, Neitz, Bizzell.
Saturday night at MCG: 51,533.
Adelaide advance to the First Preliminary Final against Collingwood at the MCG on Saturday afternoon. Melbourne's season concludes.

Further details – Stats Update and Match Results ...



<> Keen Kangaroos fan and Footystats subscriber PAUL MENOTTI asks where does the recently retired JOHN BLAKEY sit on the list of longest-serving players? —

426 – Michael Tuck (Hawthorn, 1972-91)
403 – Kevin Bartlett (Richmond, 1965-83)
378 – Simon Madden (Essendon, 1974-92)
375 – Craig Bradley (Carlton, 1986-2002)
366 – Bernie Quinlan (Footscray, Fitzroy, 1969--86)
359 – John Blakey (Fitzroy, NM-Kangaroos, 1985-2002)
356 – Bruce Doull (Carlton, 1969-86)
356 – Paul Roos (Fitzroy, Sydney, 1982-98)
350 – Doug Hawkins (Footscray, Fitzroy, 1978-95)
336 – John Rantall (SM, NM, Fit, 1963-80)
333 – David Cloke, (Richmond, Collingwood, 1974-91)
333 – Kevin Murray (Fitzroy, 1955-64, 1967-74)



Saturday, September 14

Port break through to knock out Bombers

Port Adelaide broke through for its first win in an AFL final when it defeated Essendon by 24 points in the First Semi-Final in front of a disappointing crowd of 27,661 at Football Park on Friday night – Port 11.17-83, Essendon 8.11-59.

A fierce first quarter left many players bruised and bloodied with 100-gamer ROGER JAMES forced to the Port Adelaide bench for much of the match. Essendon's MARK BOLTON went into the book of umpire GAVIN DORE for unduly rough play on James and will face the AFL Tribunal on Tuesday night. Other incidents are certain to be scrutinised during Monday's video review.

After a sluggish first half when they trailed the Bombers by two goals at the long break, JOSH CARR and KANE CORNES sparked Port in the third quarter which brought a match-winning splurge of 6.4 to one goal.

Port Adelaide will travel to Brisbane next weekend to take on the Lions in the Second Preliminary Final. The other preliminary will be between Collingwood and the winner of Adelaide and Melbourne in tonight's Second Semi-Final to be played at the MCG.



<> COACH WATCH – TERRY WALLACE is expected to be among those considered to fill the shoes of Denis Pagan. An Arden Street sub-committee of chairman ALLEN AYLETT, chief executive GEOFF WALSH and director TIM HARRINGTON started looking at options on Friday ... a meeting of the parties on Friday failed to resolve the issues surrounding the sacking of coach WAYNE BRITTAIN from Carlton – the matter may end up in court ...

<> West Coast chief executive TREVOR NESBITT has publicly admitted deep concern about their players using recreational drugs. In Saturday's front page lead in The West Australian (Sept 14), Nesbitt said the Eagles had monitored the drug-use issue constantly since it came to a head with senior players in the 1992-94 premiership era.

<> Richmond will delist JASON TORNEY because of salary cap pressures. Torney, who has played 47 of the past 49 matches was one of only two Tigers short-listed for All-Australian honours. Richmond meanwhile, are battling to retain the out-of-contract MATTHEW RICHARDSON who has been asked to accept a drastically reduced deal.

<> Sydney have formally appointed COLIN SEERY to the post of Chief Executive, replacing the departed KELVIN TEMPLETON who resigned.

<> The AFL Players' Association has named its Most Valuable Player Award, the LEIGH MATTHEWS trophy. The current coach of the Lions is recognised as the best player of any era of the game and was the first recipient of the AFLPA award in 1982. The 2002 award will be announced on Grand Final eve at the Sofitel in Melbourne and telecast by Fox Footy.

<> Voting in the WAFL Sandover Medal has been added to the files – thanks to GLENN MITCHELL of ABC Radio 720 Perth for his help on this matter ...

Lions, Port, Pies and Crows remain
Port break through for first finals win
Crows by 12pts in amazing second semi



250 games NIGEL SMART (Ade) 1991-2002 ... 150 games TYSON EDWARDS (Ade) 1995-2002 ... 100 games RUSSELL ROBERTSON (Mel) 1997-2002 ... 100 games ROGER JAMES (PA) 1997-2002 ... 50 games RHETT BIGLANDS (Ade) 1997-2002 ...

Highest Score:

20.10-130, ADELAIDE v Melbourne
Biggest Margin: 24pts, PORT ADELAIDE v Essendon
Best in Goals: 5.0 – DAVID NEITZ (Mel) v Adelaide
Lowest Score: 8.11-59, ESSENDON v Port Adelaide
Best Quarters: 1st: 8.2-50 ADELAIDE v Melbourne
2nd: 7.6-48 MELBOURNE v Adelaide
3rd: 8.5-53 MELBOURNE v Adelaide
4th: 6.5-41 ADELAIDE v Melbourne

Official AFL crowds   —

27,661 1SF – Port Adelaide v Essendon – Football Park
51,533 2SF – Adelaide v Melbourne – MCG
79,194 2002 – (Season 2001 – 113,936)


<> Port in its 5th attempt posted its first win in an AFL final ... Port kicked 6.4-40 to register its best third quarter in 10 games against Essendon ... no other new match records were noted ... STUART DEW (PA) reached 150 goals in game 98 ... 100 games ROGER JAMES (PA) 1997-2002 ... the attendance of 27,661 was the lowest to a First Semi-Final since 43,458 watched the West Coast-Melbourne match in 1990 at Waverley Park ... lowest crowds to recent AFL finals –

21,767 1996-2SF(n)-BCG Bri 26.14-170 v Car 10.13-73
21,964 1996-2QF(n)-BCG Bri 15.11-101 v Ess 15.10-100
24,045 1999-2SF(n)-BCG Bri 19.12-126 v WB 10.13-73
25,925 2000-2EF(n)-BCG Bri 15.20-110 v WB 10.16-76
26,112 1999-2QF(n)-BCG Bri 20.18-138 v Car 8.17-65
27,661 2002-1SF(n)-FP PA 11.17-83 v Ess 8.11-59
29,147 1993-2EF-P NM 11.3-69 v WC 17.18-120

<> Adelaide's 8.2-50 was the best opening quarter of all Second Semi's dating back to 1901 – it topped the 7.5-47 kicked by Melbourne against Carlton in 1941 ... the Crows posted the biggest comeback of the season to win from a three-quarter time deficit of 22pts ... Melbourne kicked their biggest half of the season – 7.6-48 in the second term and 8.5-53 in the third quarter ... no other new match records were noted ... 250 games NIGEL SMART (Ade) 1991-2002 ... 150 games TYSON EDWARDS (Ade) 1995-2002 ... 100 games RUSSELL ROBERTSON (Mel) 1997-2002 ... 50 games RHETT BIGLANDS (Ade) 1997-2002 ...


Friday, September 13

Appeals Board
Dustin Fletcher appeal dismissed

The AFL Appeals Board on Thursday dismissed an appeal against the two-match suspension imposed by the Tribunal on Tuesday night.

In a hearing lasting two hours, a claim that the reporting umpire, Mathew James, had not followed correct procedure was disregarded. The Appeals Board ruled that even if there had been a defect in the procedure, the board was still able to make a ruling on the case unless the procedural irregularity would result in an unfair hearing.

The ruling will cause Fletcher to miss tonight's First Semi-Final against Port Adelaide at Football Park, and a Preliminary Final next week – should the Bombers advance in the premiership series.


Club best & fairest awards
Corey McKernan wins Carlton trophy

COREY McKERNAN polled 182 votes to defeat vice-captain ANDREW McKAY by 16 votes for the Robert Reynolds trophy for the season in the count conducted at Docklands Stadium on Thursday evening.

Leading votes —
182 – Corey McKernan
166 – Andrew McKay
146 – Craig Bradley
141 – Simon Beaumont
140 – Lance Whitnall.

Other awards announced:
Best First Year Player: BRET THORNTON
Best Players' Encouragement Award: LUKE LIVINGSTON.



<> COACH WATCH — DEAN LAIDLEY has thrown his hat in the ring for any coaching vacancy – the 35-year-old Laidley, played 151 games (1987-97) with West Coast and North Melbourne, and has been mentioned for consideration as a replacement for Denis Pagan at Arden Street ... PETER ROHDE has made a formal presentation to the Western Bulldogs and is in the mix together with Laidley, BRIAN ROYAL and Adelaide's NEIL CRAIG ... retired Bulldog TONY LIBERATORE has written to all 16 clubs offering himself for any assistant positions that arise ...

<> IAN COLLINS formally launched his challenge for the Carlton FC presidency on Thursday at Docklands Stadium. Under the *Carlton One* banner, Collins boasts the support of former players STEPHEN SILVAGNI, DAVID McKAY, KEN HUNTER, as well as prominent Melbourne businessman GRAHAM SMORGON and hotelier BRUCE MATHIESON. At his press conference, Collins aimed his strongest criticisms to JOHN ELLIOTT, for his personal behaviour and general business practices in that, "Elliott's autocratic style and public image have tarnished the club's reputation and position."

<> The Kangaroos' financial woes were highlighted again on Thursday when it was revealed that the club's top 10 players had been asked to take a 10 per cent pay cut. Those asked to take a cut include captain Anthony Stevens, vice-captain Glenn Archer, Leigh Colbert and Shannon Grant – CAROLINE WILSON, The Age, Sept. 13 ...

<> Only 16,000 of 53,000 seats have been sold for tonight's semi-final at Football Park – only 50,000 are tipped for Saturday night's semi at the MCG. The standard $45 entry at the MCG tomorrow compares with $17 for a home-and-away fixture. Fans can pay as much as $55 for the best MCG seats for the Second Semi-Final, while Grand Final prices range from $120 to $135. A family of four attending one game at the MCG in each week of the finals would pay more than $800 – SHAUN PHILLIPS, Herald Sun, Sept. 13 ...


IAN COLLINS, challenger for the Carlton FC presidency,
by PAUL GOUGH,, September 12 —

However he saved his strongest criticisms of Elliott for his personal behaviour and general business practices – with Elliott currently facing allegations of allowing a company he was a director of to trade while insolvent.

"Elliott's autocratic style and public image have tarnished the club's reputation and position."



<> Subscriber PETER COATMAN has responded to PAUL CRANE's comments of Thursday ...

I don't quarrel with Paul's analysis of the reasons why crowds for the first week of the finals weren't that great (interestingly, Paul Salmon played in front of a larger crowd than turned up the last time he played in an Ess-WCE final, although that 1995 clash was at Waverley, which Bomber fans generally disliked). In regards to crowd size, Paul's analysis was very similar to that of "Leaping Larry L" on the AFL website.

However, I can't let one of Paul's comments go unchallenged: "... the all-powerful Essendon who courtesy of another lovely AFL arrangement were playing at home..."

The 'lovely AFL arrangement' was that Essendon finished 5th and WCE 8th, and therefore the Dons were entitled to a home final, same as the other 3 first-week finalists who finished higher on the ladder than their respective opponents. No quarrel there from anybody other than Paul. Sure, the Weagles had a legitimate complaint about playing interstate in R22 only 6 days before their final, but none about where the final was played.


Footystats Diary, September 13-19, 2002 — Week 332
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Channel Nine, Fox Footy Channel, and 2KY

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How the Final Eight works
Week 1 – Elimination & Qualifying
1st Qualifying — 1 v 4
Port Adel (1) v Collingwood (8)
1st Elimination — 5 v 8
Essendon (5) v West Coast (8)
2nd Qualifying — 2 v 3
Brisbane (2) v Adelaide (3)
2nd Elimination — 6 v 7
Melbourne (6) v Kangaroos (7)
Week 2 – Semi Finals
Loser 1QF v Winner 1EF
Port Adelaide v Essendon
Loser 2QF v Winner 2EF
Adelaide v Melbourne
Week 3 – Preliminary Finals
Winner 1QF v Winner 2SF
Collingwood v Adelaide
Winner 2QF v Winner 1SF
Brisbane v Port Adelaide
Week 4 – Grand Final

Winner 1PF v Winner 2PF


Friday. September 27 Grand Final Parade
Saturday, September 28 AFL Grand Final presenters:
Premiership Cup: Kevin Bartlett
Norm Smith Medal: Peter Knights
John Coleman Medal: Tony Modra
Jock McHale Medal: member of Reynolds family
Monday, September 30 Richmond best & fairest award
Colonial Stadium
Wednesday, October 2 Essendon best & fairest award
Crown Palladium
Thursday, October 3 Kangaroo best & fairest award
Crown Palladium
Friday, October 4 * Adelaide best & fairest award
Park Convention Centre, West Lakes

* Collingwood best & fairest award
Crown Palladium

* Geelong best & fairest award
Colonial Stadium

* Melbourne best & fairest award
Crown Showroom

* Port Adelaide best & fairest award
Adelaide Convention Centre

*St Kilda best & fairest award
Colonial Medallion Club

*Sydney best & fairest award
Grand Harbour Ballroom, Star City

*West Coast best & fairest award
Burswood Grand Ballroom
Saturday, October 5 *Brisbane Lions best & fairest award
Brisbane Convention Centre

*Fremantle best & fairest award
Fremantle Oval

*Hawthorn best & fairest award
Crown Palladium
Sunday, October 6 Western Bulldogs best & fairest award
Crown Palladium
October 13 & 20 Australia v Ireland, Croke Park, Dublin
October 23-28 Pre-trading exchange period
Sunday, November 24 National Draft
Tuesday, December 17 Pre-Season & Rookie Draft



Mon, October 7 8.30pm: Richmond, Jack Dyer Medal
9.30pm: Essendon, W.S. Crichton trophy
Tues, October 8 8.30pm: Kangaroos, Syd Barker Medal
9.30pm: Adelaide, Malcolm Blight Medal
Wed, October 9 8.30pm: Geelong, Carji Greeves Trophy
9.30pm: Collingwood, Copeland Trophy
Thurs, October 10 8.30pm: Melbourne, Keith 'Bluey' Truscott award
9.30pm: Port Adelaide, John Cahill Medal
Fri, October 11 8.30pm: St Kilda, Trevor Barker award
9.30pm: Sydney, Bob Skilton Medal
Sat, October 12 8.30pm: Brisbane Lions, Merrett-Murray Medal
9.30pm: West Coast
Sun, October 13 8.30pm: Fremantle, BankWest Club Champion
9.30pm: Hawthorn, Peter Crimmins Award
Mon, October 14 8.30pm: Western Bulldogs, Charlie Sutton Medal
9.30pm: Carlton, Robert Reynolds Trophy



Herald Sun Mazda
Player of the Year
48 – LUKE DARCY (West.B'dogs)
41 – SIMON BLACK (Brisbane Lions)
38 – JOSH FRANCOU (Port Adelaide)
35 – SHANE CRAWFORD (Hawthorn)
35 – PAUL HASLEBY (Fremantle)
The Age
Player of the Year
MICHAEL VOSS (Brisbane Lions)
Player of the Year
51 – LUKE DARCY (West.B'dogs)
42 – JOSH FRANCOU (Port Adelaide)
42 – SIMON BLACK (Brisbane Lions)
36 – BRENT HARVEY (Kangaroos)
35 – MATTHEW PRIMUS (Port Adelaide)
34 – BEN JOHNSON (West.B'dogs)
Footballer of the Year
19 – JOSH FRANCOU (Port Adelaide)
— winner on countback ...
19 – SIMON BLACK (Brisbane Lions)
19 – NATHAN BUCKLEY (Collingwood)
17 – BRENT HARVEY (Kangaroos)
17 – NICK RIEWOLDT (St Kilda)
16 – WARREN TREDREA (Port Adelaide)
15 – PETER BELL (Fremantle)
15 – MATTHEW PAVLICH (Fremantle)
14 – ANDREW McLEOD (Adelaide)
14 – BRAD SCOTT (Brisbane Lions)
14 – MICHAEL GARDINER (West Coast)
14 – LUKE DARCY (West.B'dogs)
ABC 720 Perth
Geoff Christian Medal
22 – MATTHEW PAVLICH (Fremantle)
19 – MICHAEL GARDINER (West Coast)
19 – PETER BELL (Fremantle)
18 – BEN COUSINS (West Coast)
18 – TROY SIMMONDS (Fremantle)
14 – PAUL HASLEBY (Fremantle)
12 – TROY COOK (Fremantle)
Sandover Medal
33 – ALLISTER PICKETT (Peel Thunder)

27 – RYAN TURNBULL (East Perth)
27 – DANIEL WELLS (Peel Thunder)

23 – DARREN BOLTON (Peel Thunder)
23 – RICHARD KELLY (Perth)
22 – GRANT HOLMAN (East Perth)
22 – ANDREW SHIPP (Perth)
21 – CHRIS BOSSONG (Perth)
21 – * KRIS MILLER (East Fremantle)
20 – LUKE TOIA (Subiaco)
Triple M Football
Most Valuable Player
19 – LUKE DARCY (Western Bulldogs)
18 – PAUL WILLIAMS (Sydney)

16 – NATHAN BROWN (Western Bulldogs)
16 – SHANE CRAWFORD (Hawthorn)

15 – WARREN TREDREA (Port Adelaide)
15 – SIMON BLACK (Brisbane)
15 – JOSH FRANCOU (Port Adelaide)
15 – BRENT HARVEY (Kangaroos)
J J Liston Trophy
31 – SAM MITCHELL (Box Hill)
19 – DEAN TALBOT (Coburg)
18 – MARK BRADLEY (Bendigo)
14 – DANIEL CLARKE (Frankston)
14 – BEN ATKIN (Tasmania)
14 – ADRIAN FLETCHER (Williamstown)
14 – * BEN BEANS (Tasmania)
13 – CHAD LIDDELL (Sandringham)
National AFL
Rising Star
34 – NICK RIEWOLDT (St Kilda)
29 – CHRIS JUDD (West Coast)
12 – LUKE HODGE (Hawthorn)
10 – SHAUN BURGOYNE (Port Adelaide)
5 — MARK COUGHLAN (Richmond)
5 — JAMES KELLY (Geelong)
4 — TY ZANTUCK (Richmond)
3 — JASON CLOKE (Collingwood)
1 — JAMIE CHARMAN (Brisbane)
1 — JORDON McMAHON (West.B'dogs)


BLAKEY, John 359 games, 109 goals,
Fitzroy 1985-92, NM-Kangaroos 1993-2002
BOOTSMA, Brad 23 games, 7 goals, Fremantle 2000-01
DUNKLEY, Andrew 217 games, 11 goals, Sydney 1992-2002
EASTAUGH, Simon 29 games, 2 goals, Essendon 1998-99, Fremantle 2000-02
FEBEY, Steven 258 games, 40 goals, Melbourne 1988-2002
HUDSON, Paul 245 games, 479 goals
Haw 1990-96, WB 1997-2001, Rch 2002
KELLY, Paul 234 games, 200 goals, Sydney 1990-2002
KICKETT, Dale 181 games, 64 goals
Fit 1990, WCE 1991, StK 1992, Ess 1994, Fre 1995-2002
KNIGHTS, Matthew 279 games, 141 goals, Richmond 1988-2002
LIBERATORE, Tony 283 games, 95 goals, Fsc-West.B'dogs 1986-2002
LOEWE, Stewart 321 games, 595 goals, St Kilda 1986-2002
McGRATH, Tim 226 games, 18 goals,
North Melb 1989-91, Geelong 1992-2002
MERENDA, Mark 101 games, 88 goals,
Richmond 1994-2000, West Coast 2001-02
NORRISH, Jason 148 games, 25 goals,
Melbourne 1993-94, Fremantle 1995-2002
REHN, Shaun 167 games, 62 goals
Adelaide 1991-2000, Hawthorn 2001-02
SCHWARZ, David 173 games, 243 goals, Melbourne 1991-2002
SHOLL, Brad 171 games, 46 goals
North Melb 1993-94, Geelong 1995-2002
SNELL, Jason 62 games, 62 goals, Geelong 1996-2002
SZILLER, Stephen 156 games, 41 goals
St Kilda 1995-2000, Richmond 2001-02
TAYLOR, Richard 140 games, 57 goals,
Hawthorn 1992-2000, West Coast 2001-02
WOODS, Tony 173 games, 36 goals
Collingwood 1992-94, Hawthorn 1995-2002